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Discovery May Boost Effectiveness Of Chemotherapy
Researchers at the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center have made a discovery that may explain why some cases of breast cancer and other forms of cancer are resistant to chemotherapy. (1998-12-21)
"Super" Aspirin Does Super Job In Fighting Heart Attacks
Individuals whose heart attack was treated with a type of blood-thinning drug had a 30 percent reduced risk of dying within four days, according to a study of more than 30,000 heart attack patients. (1998-12-21)
Christmas Travellers Are Warned Of Malaria Risks
People planning to travel to malarial areas during their Christmas break are warned in this week's BMJ to seek expert advice now on which malaria drugs are most effective for the region they are visiting, and to ensure that they comply with this advice. (1998-11-26)
Physicians Slow To Adopt Newer Drugs For Atrial Fibrillation
American physicians treating patients with atrial fibrillation are slow to incorporate newer medications into their practice, according to a study from the Massachusetts General Hospital. (1998-10-26)
The Dangers Of Advertising Drugs On The Internet
Dr. Uwe Tröger and Professor Frank Meyer from University Hospital in Magdeburg in Germany write that new electronic media such as the internet are used by dubious companies to distribute drugs uncontrollably and that the only effective means of preventing such activities would be with an international initiative. (1998-10-16)
Drug Treatments For Asthma May Cause Erosive Tooth Damage
Elizabeth O'Sullivan and Martin Curzon from the Department of Paediatric Dentistry at Leeds Dental Institute warn that drug treatments for asthma, in a powdered form, may be causing tooth erosion in children. (1998-09-18)
The Use Of Antimicrobial Drugs In Developing Countries Must Be Limited To Avoid Producing Untreatable Diseases
Professor Hart from the University of Liverpool and Dr Kariuki of the Kenya Medical Research Institute review the progress of antibacterial resistance in diseases including pneumococcal meningitis, tuberculosis and typhoid fever. (1998-09-04)
Vertex Researchers Report Three-Dimensional Atomic Structure Of JNK3 Enzyme; Report In Structure
Vertex Pharmaceuticals researchers have solved the three- dimensional atomic structure of the JNK3 enzyme, a research advance that may pave the way for new drugs to treat epilepsy and stroke. (1998-08-14)
Lack Of Data For New Heart Drugs Is Causing Concern
One of the researchers who exposed the danger of using albumin in patients suffering from serious burns or shock is concerned about the inadequate data on the safety of six new drugs to treat high blood pressure. (1998-08-05)
"Green Chemistry" Cleans Up Environment And Renders Synthetic Drugs
Chemists at the University of Florida are perfecting ways to take industrial waste and turn it into new medical compounds that have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of some prescription drugs. (1998-07-16)
Adverse Drug Reactions Are Under Reported
General practitioners under-report to the Committee on Safety of Medicines suspected adverse reactions to newly marketed drugs, find Dr Richard Martin from the Drug Safety Research Unit at Southampton and colleagues from the School of Medicine at the University of Southampton. (1998-07-10)
Anti-Migraine Drugs Might Cause More Pain Than Relief For Those With Heart Disease
As if lowering risk factors for heart attack isn't headache enough, researchers report that migraine sufferers with established heart disease shouldn't take certain anti-migraine medications. (1998-07-06)
Should Drugs Be Used In The Treatment Of Obesity: A Point-Counterpoint Discussion
Two authoritative obesity experts debate whether the benefit of anti-obesity drugs outweigh their potential medical risks. (1998-01-29)
Grapefruit Juice Used To Squeeze More Out Of Medications
Researchers, led by a team from the University of Michigan Medical Center, have isolated a pair of substances in grapefruit juice that cause greater absorption of certain drugs in the human body. (1997-11-19)
Drug Improves Survival For Certain Heart Attack Patients
After a heart attack, drugs called (1997-11-12)
Chemotherapy Testing Device
Vanderbilt University Medical Center investigators are testing a device that measures leukemia patient's individual responses to chemotherapy drugs - a technique that could one day help physicians devise more targeted treatment plans. (1997-10-22)
OHSU Scientists Discover Mice Lacking Dopamine Receptor Are Supersensitive To Alcohol, Cocaine And Methamphetamine
Scientists at Oregon Health Sciences University have discovered that mice lacking a certain brain cell receptor for the chemical messenger dopamine are supersensitive to alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamine. (1997-09-18)
Research Finds Some Antihypertension Drugs May Help Prevent Cell Damage
Three of the most widely prescribed drugs used to treat hypertension may do more than reduce blood pressure. (1997-09-02)
Substance from Grapefruit Juice May Make Medications Safer
Grapefruit juice reduces the normal variations between individuals in the metabolism of many drugs to virtually the same level, researchers report. (1997-05-15)
Children Can Be Weaned Of Anti-Rejection Drugs
Children with liver transplants can safely discontinue taking their immunosuppressant medication when clinically warranted, according to a study at the University of Pittsburgh. (1997-05-09)
Virginia Tech Researchers Designing Light-Activated Molecules As New Anticancer Drugs
Virginia Tech faculty members and students in chemistry and biology are building new molecules to act as anticancer agents. (1997-04-15)
Epilepsy Drugs Can Lead To Unplanned Pregnancy
A Johns Hopkins study has found that more than 1 in 5 neurologists and obstetricians had patients with epilepsy who developed unwanted pregnancies because their anti-epilepsy drugs interfered with their birth control pills (1996-10-01)
Researchers Find Possible New Route to Making Cancer Cells Vulnerable
Researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Duke University Medical Center have shown how drugs that stop organ transplant rejection also partially reverse drug resistance in certain cancer cells. (1996-08-02)
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