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Number of science and engineering graduate students up in 2014
The number of science and engineering graduate students at US academic institutions rose by 3 percent between 2013 and 2014, owing largely to a 13.1 percent increase in foreign graduate enrollment. (2016-04-01)
Louisiana Tech University professor awarded NSF CAREER grant
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Dr. Marisa Orr, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Louisiana Tech University, a five-year, $500,000 Early Career Development (CAREER) grant to support her research in engineering education and effective student decision-making. (2016-02-25)
Louisiana Tech professor honored for contributions to underground technology industry
Dr. Tom Iseley, professor of civil engineering and construction engineering technology and director of the Trenchless Technology Center at Louisiana Tech University, has been selected a 2016 UCTA MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by the Underground Construction Technology Association (UCTA) and Underground Construction magazine. (2016-02-16)
Louisiana Tech University engineering professor receives state professionalism award
Dr. Beth Hegab, lecturer for industrial engineering and program coordinator for engineering and technology management at Louisiana Tech University, has received the 2016 Engineering Faculty Professionalism Award from the Louisiana Engineering Foundation. (2016-01-22)
Eleven NUS scientists and engineers among the world's most influential scientific minds
Eleven scientists and engineers from the National University of Singapore have been recognised as among the world's most prominent scientific minds, according to the Highly Cited Researchers 2015 report published by Thomson Reuters. (2016-01-14)
Immigrants play increasing role in US science and engineering workforce
From 2003 to 2013, the number of scientists and engineers residing in the United States rose from 21.6 million to 29 million. (2016-01-13)
Engineering academic elected a Fellow of the IEEE
A University of Bristol academic has been elected a Fellow of the world's largest and most prestigious professional association for the advancement of technology. (2015-12-01)
Report: African-Americans still underrepresented in the physical sciences
African-American students remain underrepresented in physical science and engineering disciplines, according to a new report from the American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center. (2015-11-23)
Researchers aim to regenerate human knees and limbs by 2030
On Veteran's Day the University of Connecticut announced the launch of its new grand research challenge: regeneration of a human knee within seven years, and an entire limb within 15 years. (2015-11-11)
UA engineering professor wins Air Force grant for supersonic aerodynamics research
University of Arizona engineering professor Jesse Little receives $900,000 US Air Force grant to investigate supersonic air flows for designing the next generation of high-speed aircraft. (2015-10-27)
Researchers aim to make privacy second nature for software developers
Researchers from academia, and Microsoft, and Intel are developing training that will educate software developers on regulatory requirements related to user privacy. (2015-10-20)
Immigrants play increasing role in US science and engineering workforce
From 2003 to 2013, the number of scientists and engineers residing in the US rose from 21.6 million to 29 million. (2015-10-05)
OU School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering recognized for diversity and inclusion
The School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering in the Gallogly College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma was recently selected as one of only five universities in the nation to participate in a special Transforming Engineering Culture to Advance Inclusion and Diversity program. (2015-10-01)
NYU researcher develops unique delivery system for dual gene and drug therapies
The National Science Foundation recently funded research at New York University aimed at developing an engineered protein-lipid system that simultaneously delivers genes and drugs for the potential treatment of multi-drug resistant cancer cells. (2015-09-10)
Protein-engineered gels mimic body's own functions
The US Army Research Laboratory's Army Research Office recently awarded an NYU professor a grant to advance protein-engineered, environmentally responsive hydrogels that could replicate biochemical processes currently found only in nature. (2015-08-11)
NYU Engineering professor honored for study of energy expenditure in robotic systems
The Design Engineering Division of American Society of Mechanical Engineers will award New York University's Joo H. (2015-08-04)
Cost-saving ultrasound degassing now possible in continuous processing of aluminum melt
Having proved that ultrasound degassing of molten aluminum alloys is cleaner, greener and cheaper than current methods, a team of scientists from Brunel University London working within a European consortium has now taken the breakthrough a step further. (2015-07-08)
Tiago Falk receives award from Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society
Professor Tiago H. Falk of the INRS Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre has received the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society Early Career Achievement Award in recognition of the outstanding scientific contributions the young researcher has made over the past five years. (2015-06-18)
What can people and bees teach us about collective behavior?
Newly funded research will study both bees and humans to try to determine how individual variation and behavioral plasticity interact to shape group performance. (2015-06-16)
NSF awards $12 million to spur an engineering education revolution
To solve 21st century technological challenges, society will rely upon today's undergraduate engineering and computer science programs and their ability to prepare diverse communities of students with professional skills. (2015-06-15)
Two INRS researchers inducted into the Canadian Academy of Engineering
Professors Sonia Aïssa and Federico Rosei (both Senior Members of IEEE) of the Centre for Energy, Materials and Telecommunications of INRS are now among the Canadian engineering elite, after being elected by their peers as Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE). (2015-06-04)
University of Houston receives $1.2 million for STEM scholarships
Two departments at the University of Houston have received a combined $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation to support scholarships for students in engineering technology and computer science. (2015-06-03)
How to turn a basic electronics lab into a low-cost, advanced telecommunications one
A piece of work by the NUP/UPNA-Public University of Navarre on how to turn a basic electronics lab into a low-cost, complete telecommunications lab has received the best paper award in the category of 'Innovative Materials, Teaching and Learning Experiences in Engineering Education' at the 6th IEEE Global Education Conference. (2015-05-14)
POSTECH signs MoU with Seoul National University Hospital, Korea's leading medical center
A memorandum of understanding was signed on April 20 between Pohang University of Science and Technology and Seoul National University Hospital as an open innovation initiative to create synergy by combining their respective strengths -- POSTECH's research capacity in life sciences and engineering related fields with SNUH's competence in biomedical science. (2015-04-23)
OU engineering professors among nation's best 'Young Investigators'
Two University of Oklahoma College of Engineering professors in the Advanced Radar Research Center are recipients of the prestigious Young Investigator award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. (2015-04-16)
Brunel tackles 'boring science' with grant for women engineers to teach robot lessons at school
Female students at Brunel University London will teach schoolchildren to program robots in a new bid to balance the gender divide in STEM subjects. (2015-04-15)
Six from CCNY named NSF Graduate Research Fellows
Danielle G. Rivera, a master of Science in biology major at The City College of New York and five recent CCNY graduates have been awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships. (2015-04-07)
Use of transplanted regulatory T cells could provide relief for inflammatory diseases
With a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, a team of researchers -- including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute professor Juergen Hahn -- will investigate the potential of using transplanted regulatory T cells to reduce inflammation in diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, which currently has no known viable treatment options. (2015-03-18)
Tortuosity for fluid flow in 2-dimensional pore fractal models of porous media
Studies on tortuosity, which is one of the key parameters to characterize the transport properties of porous media, were recently published in FRACTALS. (2015-03-05)
DARPA contract to fund exploration of hard-to-find information on the web
DARPA awarded NYU data scientists a contract to develop methods to locate and explore hard-to-find information on the web surface and on the deep web, which is not indexed by standard search engines. (2015-02-25)
Would you take dieting advice from a friend?
Is a new diet or exercise program working for a friend? (2015-02-13)
Researchers investigate the communications behind swarming
New research seeks to investigate the directional information flow underlying collective animal behavior. (2015-02-10)
Training the next generation of power engineers
We need a new generation of power engineers to build and operate a smart grid that incorporates renewable energy sources, advances in control systems, communications, signal processing and cybersecurity. (2015-01-15)
Comics plus engineering equals a national award
A University of California, Riverside assistant professor who is an expert on the science of superheroes will receive an award from a national engineering organization that was previously won by military leaders, a congressman, a Secretary of Defense and astronauts, including Neil Armstrong. (2014-12-17)
Report: More Hispanics earning bachelor's degrees in physical sciences and engineering
A new report from the American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center has found that the number of Hispanic students receiving bachelor's degrees in the physical sciences and engineering has increased over the last decade or so, passing 10,000 degrees per year for the first time in 2012. (2014-12-03)
University of North Texas College of Engineering joins research consortium
The University of North Texas College of Engineering has joined the Cold-Formed Steel Research Consortium, which brings together leading research teams from across North America to provide the world's most comprehensive research on cold-formed steel structures. (2014-11-05)
Making lab-grown tissues stronger
Lab-grown tissues could one day provide new treatments for injuries and damage to the joints, including articular cartilage, tendons and ligaments. (2014-10-30)
GW School of Engineering and Applied Science inducts 6 members into hall of fame
The ceremony took place Oct. 23 and highlighted six alumni who have excelled in their field. (2014-10-29)
Grant to help commercialize silicon surgical blades
A UC Davis engineering professor has received a grant of $200,000 from the National Science Foundation 'Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research-Technology Translation' program to move his silicon-based blades towards commercial development as surgical and shaving tools. (2014-09-15)
New and updated mobile apps for NSB Science and Engineering Indicators
The National Science Board today announced the launch of Science and Engineering Indicators (SEI) for Android. (2014-08-26)
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