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Yale BioHaven Entrepreneurship Seminar series launched
Yale Office of Cooperative Research and Connecticut United for Research Excellence (CURE) launch the Yale BioHaven Entrepreneurship Seminars series on Tuesday, December 13 from 4 to 5 p.m. in the Anlyan Center auditorium of Yale Medical School, 300 Cedar Street. (2005-11-23)

Ethnicity and culture shape but do not define entrepreneurship
Ethnicity is a contributing, but not over-riding, factor in an entrepreneur's approach to business. (2005-09-15)

Investors beware: Private equity funds don't always live up to their reputation
Contrary to common belief, Private Equity does not consistently outperform the S&P 500. (2005-08-23)

NSF awards Rensselaer first-of-its-kind grant for fuel cell research education
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as part of its continued expansion of energy research, today announced a $4.8 million novel interdisciplinary program to train doctoral students in fuel cell science and engineering. The program is supported by a $3.2 million, first-of-its-kind fuel cell research education grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) combined with a $1.6 million investment by Rensselaer. (2005-06-21)

NJIT small biz expert Bruce Kirchhoff supports high tech for jobs
Urban leaders who would like to create new jobs and better revenues may want to think high tech. That's the advice of Bruce Kirchhoff, PhD, distinguished professor of management at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), who believes there are many good reasons today for businesses to turn high tech and for the government to support their efforts. (2005-06-20)

Parent/child businesses stronger than those of cousins and colleagues
Family businesses with a parent/child management team were more cohesive and had less conflict than other family and non-family businesses. (2005-04-26)

Institute for OneWorld Health awarded Skoll Foundation's Social Entrepreneurship Award
The Institute for OneWorld Health today announced that it has been awarded a 2005 Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship in the amount of $615,000 over three years. Based in San Francisco, OneWorld Health is the first nonprofit pharmaceutical company in the U.S. and develops new medicines to cure infectious diseases that disproportionately affect the poorest people in the world. (2005-03-21)

National technology study shows universities are accelerators for new business and job growth
Governor M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut released a study conducted for the state that has far-reaching implications for national job growth, economic development and education. (2005-03-20)

UK biotechnology business plan competition now open to students in the US and Canada
The Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) is an innovative academic business plan competition that raises awareness of the commmercialization of ideas from the biosciences for postgraduate students and postdoctoral scientists. (2004-07-07)

UCF Technology Incubator wins national incubator of the year award
The University of Central Florida Technology Incubator earned the industry's highest honor today, April 26, when it was named the 2004 Technology Incubator of the Year by the National Business Incubation Association. (2004-04-26)

From research to product - Case's Scott Shane explores the rise of university spinoffs in new book
Giants like Google, Lycos and Genentech began in the labs and minds of university researchers, who eventually spun off their brainstorms into venture companies that grew into major businesses. (2004-04-26)

Center to focus on entrepreneurial education as academic discipline
Developing entrepreneurial education as an academic discipline is the goal of a center being established by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Development is in its initial stages following the award of a $4.5 million grant in December from the E. Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City, Mo. (2004-03-19)

CHF announces 2004-2005 academic fellowships
CHF offers six academic-year fellowships (September-May) to support scholars in residence. The application deadline for all 2004-2005 academic-year fellowships is 15 January 2004. (2004-01-05)

UCSD students hold annual conference on entrepreneurship
More than 40 speakers will participate in a day-long conference at UC San Diego on Saturday, October 18. The event is sponsored by VentureForth, a student organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and leadership skills among non-business students at the university. (2003-10-14)

Schwab foundation names Victoria Hale a social entrepreneur for 2004
Victoria Hale, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of the Institute for OneWorld Health, San Francisco, Calif., U.S.A., has been selected as one of 10 of the world's most (2003-08-26)

Cities vital for new businesses, says management professor
Despite the proliferation of electronic communication, a company's physical location - especially in a city - is extremely important in attracting new businesses and supporting entrepreneurship in the new economy, say researchers. (2003-06-23)

CEnIT seed grant grows a helping hand
Researchers at Louisiana Tech are testing personal digital assistants - PDAs - as a way to support diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders. (2003-06-12)

Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center leads group buying PPL'S cloning, stem cell business
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and other investors have formed Regenecor Holdings, Inc., to acquire PPL Therapeutics, Inc., in Blacksburg, Va., a wholly owned subsidiary of PPL Therapeutics Plc of Scotland. The deal includes the transfer of all PPL's regenerative medicine business assets and intellectual property, including patents associated with the creation of the world's first double-knockout pigs. Xenotransplantation, stem cell research and polyclonal antibodies are PPL's programs involved in the deal. (2003-04-09)

Purdue, Roche seek entrants in $100,000 Life Sciences Business Plan Competition
An entrepreneurial competition at Purdue University will award total prizes of $100,000 for business plans that describe the path to market for products and technologies in the life sciences, biotechnology and biomedicine. (2002-12-19)

Conference addresses America's future in nuclear engineering and research
The future of education in nuclear sciences and engineering brings a large contingent of experts to New York's Capital Region Monday, Oct. 28, for a major conference at the Desmond Hotel and Conference Center. (2002-10-24)

Two plans win Northeastern University's business plan competition
Northeastern University's Center for Technological Management and Entrepreneurship last night announced two winners of this year's $60K Business Plan Competition. (2002-05-22)

Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers to speak at NSF on terrorism and the economy
An eminent scholar and one of the government's leading economists will give the first talk in a series of distinguished lectures organized by National Science Foundation's (NSF) Directorate of Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences. R. Glenn Hubbard, Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers Hubbard's will speak on (2002-01-17)

National lottery could teach us how income improves health
Most people in the United Kingdom have taken part in a world-leading, multi-billion pound trial of a major health determinant. Unfortunately, most are unaware the trial exists and no-one knows the results. (2001-12-20)

New master's program will focus on physics entrepreneurship
CWRU's Department of Physics will launch its two-year Master's Program in Physics Entrepreneurship this fall, becoming one of the first universities in the country to train physicists as businessmen. (2000-05-11)

Students at Rensselaer design 'smart' parking lot
Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., have designed a (1999-12-07)

Ohio State researcher receives award for biomedical research
Mauro Ferrari, director of the Biomedical Engineering Center at The Ohio State University, is one of two researchers to receive the first Wallace H. Coulter Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He was given the award in recognition of his pioneering work in the field of biomedical nanotechnology. (1999-10-26)

Teaching Entrepreneurship To Engineering Students
First year results of an innovative program, called the Technology Venture Coop program, to teach entrepreneurism to Stanford engineering students that includes finding them summer jobs with high tech start-ups (1997-02-18)

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