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Surgically Inducing A Heart Attack May Help Reduce Symptoms In Those WithEnlarged Hearts, Scientists Say
Injecting alcohol into the walls of the heart and deliberately inducing a heart attack can ease the symptoms of a genetic enlargement of the heart, report researchers. (1998-10-26)

List Of MAK And BAT Values 1998 Published - Ethanol And Sidestream Smoke Classifications Revised As Well
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) has published the List of MAK and BAT Values 1998. It contains suggestions on the maximum concentration of chemical substances in the workplace air ( (1998-09-29)

New Tests Show
A motor fuel made from corn, paper, wood chips and other biomass waste products produces significantly fewer noxious emissions, according to just released test results, and is being proposed by the Department of Energy to be added to its list of officially recognized alternative fuels. (1998-08-23)

Yeast Rises To A New Occasion
A tiny, one-celled organism that turns agricultural wastes into ethanol may be the key to providing car drivers with an inexpensive, clean-burning fuel. (1998-08-20)

Red Wine Consumption And Heart Disease
To test the protective effect of wine on the heart, volunteers were fed three drinks per day of red or white wine or an equivalent amount of phenolic extract from red wine for two weeks. Low density lipoprotein resisted oxidation in the red wine or phenolic group but not in white wine drinkers. Accompanying editorial (Waterhouse et al) points out that the protective mechanism remains conjectural. (1998-08-17)

Are Doctors Ever Off Duty - Even When They've Had A Few To Drink?
Dr David Cressey, an anaesthetist from the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield recounts his dilemma when confronted with a medical emergency at a sporting event, at which he had been drinking. Three other authors discuss what doctors should do when faced with such a situation. (1998-05-15)

Keep Off The Grass - Reduce Air Pollution
CSIRO and Monash University scientists have found that lawns and grasslands release vast quantities of pollutants into the air. (1998-04-20)

Ethanol Causes Pollution, Too, Argonne Scientists Say
While the use of ethanol as an automobile fuel additive improves air quality by reducing hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions, it also increases the release of certain other pollutants, according to research by scientists at Argonne National Laboratory. (1997-11-03)

Researchers Develop Superior Method For Producing Butanol
Butanol producers may return to the corn fields following a dramatic improvement in the fermentation process that is making the corn-based version of the chemical more than 60 percent cheaper to produce than with traditional fermentation processes. (1997-09-05)

New Link To Alcohol-Related Liver Damage Identified
Alcoholics can develop severe liver damage after taking acetaminophen, a widely used analgesic, but how alcohol and acetaminophen act together in the liver to cause severe, sometimes fatal, damage is poorly understood. Now researchers at White River Junction Veterans Administration Medical Center and Dartmouth Medical School have implicated a second protein culprit in liver injury that may result from the combination of acetaminophen and alcohol. (1997-05-01)

KU Researcher Adds A Dose Of Sugar To Diesel Fuel
A University of Kansas researcher develops a recipe for an alternative diesel fuel using agriculture resources. The recipe begins with a liberal dose of sugar. The primary goal is to demonstrate technology that can convert farm byproducts and surplusgrains into sugar for use as the primary component in fuel for diesel engines (1996-11-14)

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