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Trump must contend with a mobilized religious left, new research finds
With the 2020 presidential election on the near horizon, Notre Dame sociologist Kraig Beyerlein discusses what he and his co-researcher learned about the political engagement of U.S. congregations -- and how that may impact results on Nov. 3. (2020-09-17)

Study shows the social benefits of political incorrectness
Using politically incorrect speech can incite controversy but also brings social benefits: It's a powerful way to appear authentic. Researchers at Berkeley Haas found that replacing even a single politically correct word or phrase with a politically incorrect one -- 'illegal' versus 'undocumented' immigrants, for example -- makes people view a speaker as more authentic and less likely to be swayed by others. (2019-09-05)

UC political scientist reveals surprising answers about religious freedom
Can political conservatives accept inclusive religious freedom rights when viewing similar issues from another perspective? (2018-09-27)

Some faiths more likely to turn to religion for answers to science
When it comes to seeking answers to questions about science, evangelical and black Protestants and Mormons are more likely than the general population to turn to religion, according to a new study. (2017-10-16)

The internet may be secular, but religious americans aren't worried, baylor survey shows
Despite the pervasive use of the Internet in everyday life, most Americans report they never use it to find religious or spiritual content, and most never use it to share religious views, according to the Baylor Religion Survey. (2017-09-14)

Religious people more likely to oppose reproductive technologies
As new and more effective human reproductive genetic technologies develop, people of faith are more likely to disapprove of these tools than nonreligious people, a new Rice University study found. (2017-04-25)

Evangelicals are more skeptical of evolution than of climate change
Evangelicals are more skeptical of evolution than of climate change, according to new research from Rice University. (2016-12-13)

Catholics more committed to workplace than evangelicals are, study finds
Catholics are more emotionally committed to their workplaces than are Evangelicals -- and people with strong attachments to God, regardless of their faith group, are more committed to their jobs when they work for smaller companies, according to a Baylor University study. (2016-12-12)

Mixtec evangelicals
A new book by UCSB scholar examines the impact of globalization on an indigenous group in Mexico. (2016-11-03)

Highly religious Americans are less likely to see conflict between faith and science
Highly religious Americans are less likely than others to see conflict between faith and science. (2015-10-22)

Nearly 70 percent of evangelicals do not view religion, science as being in conflict
Media and popular culture might portray religion and science as being at odds, but new research from Rice University suggests just the opposite. (2015-03-13)

AAAS awards 10 'Science for Seminaries' grants
The American Association for the Advancement of Science has awarded grants to 10 Christian seminaries for pilot programs integrating science into core theological curricula. (2014-10-08)

Community religious beliefs influence whether wives work outside home, Baylor study finds
Married women who live in communities in which a higher proportion of the population belongs to conservative religious traditions -- such as evangelical or Mormon -- are more likely to choose not to work outside the home, even if the women are not members of those faith groups, according to a Baylor University study. (2014-08-06)

Study examines religious affiliation and social class
Philip Schwadel, a sociologist of religion at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, examines whether evangelical Protestants are improving in social class, as 20th-century theologian H. Richard Niebuhr predicted. He finds that younger generations are upwardly mobile in terms of education and income. He also finds that America's working- and lower-class people are becoming less likely to join any religious organization. (2014-06-12)

Sunday school teachers as 'culture warriors': Lay leaders wield political clout, Baylor
Volunteer lay leaders serve as political opinion leaders within churches, with considerable power to deepen -- or bridge -- gaps between religion and politics, according to a Baylor University study. (2014-05-19)

Religious and scientific communities may be less combative than commonly portrayed
One of the largest surveys of American views on religion and science suggests that the religious and scientific communities may be less combative than is commonly portrayed in the media and in politics. (2014-02-17)

Misconceptions of science and religion found in new study
The public's view that science and religion can't work in collaboration is a misconception that stunts progress, according to a new survey of more than 10,000 Americans, scientists and evangelical Protestants. (2014-02-16)

Supernatural experiences trigger religious donations, Baylor study shows
People who have had what they believe to be supernatural experiences are more likely to be (2013-10-22)

UC research takes first look at catalyst behind evangelicals' forays into today's culture wars
Political science research links the Southern Baptist Convention's abortion politics to other hot-button issues such as free speech. (2013-08-26)

Study: Many evangelicals are ambivalent about homosexuality and civil unions for gays
Tolerance toward gays and lesbians is growing within the evangelical community -- long a stronghold against homosexuality -- with many expressing ambivalent views about the issue, according to a Baylor University study. (2013-08-12)

Study: Generational changes cause drop in US support for school prayer
The study maps a general decline in advocacy for school prayer starting in the mid-1970s and accelerating as skeptical Baby Boomers became ascendant through the 1980s. (2013-01-03)

How devout are we? Study shows evangelicals surge as Catholics wane
The drop in intensity could present challenges for the Roman Catholic Church, the study suggests, both in terms of church participation and in Catholics' support for the Church's social and theological positions. (2012-11-27)

New research studies policy divergence, voter polarization in elections
Estimating the distribution of voter preferences and the extent of policy divergence between the candidates' platforms, economics professors Stefan Krasa and Mattias Polborn are able to separate observed changes in voter behavior into those driven by voter radicalization versus those due to increased policy differences between the two parties. (2012-08-06)

US believers favor international action on climate change, nuclear risk: UMD poll
A majority of Americans professing belief in God favor cooperative international efforts to combat climate change and the spread of nuclear weapons - branding it a moral obligation - says a new University of Maryland study. The nearly 1,500 Americans surveyed include large numbers of Catholics and Evangelicals. (2011-12-07)

Rice study identifies 4 types of evangelicals in American leadership
Lindsay found that most evangelical leaders fit into one of four categories when it comes to their decision-making: pragmatic, heroic, circumspect and brazen. (2010-08-25)

For cancer cells, genetics alone is poor indicator for drug response
Researchers have discovered that the genetic identity of a tumor cell is an incomplete predictor for how it will respond to certain treatments. In the case of one particular new and highly touted cancer treatment, genetically identical cancer cells responded differently. These variations resulted from random cell-to-cell differences, such as how many protein copies each cell had at the time of treatment. What's more, these nongenetic characteristics were passed on to subsequent generations of cells, establishing a transient heritability. (2009-04-12)

New study looks to define evangelicals and how they affect polling
The way the evangelical movement is defined has profound implications for where evangelicals fit into the political spectrum, according to a study by sociologists at Rice University and the University of Texas-Austin. (2008-09-23)

Roots of Fundamentalism traced to 16th-century Bible translations
The English Reformation -- heyday of religious change -- spurred a fundamentalist approach to Bible reading, according to new research by a Harvard professor. (2007-11-07)

Scientist-evangelical Alaska expedition
The historic collaboration between leading scientists and Evangelicals to protect the environment, spearheaded by the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School and the National Association of Evangelicals continues this week with a trip to Alaska. (2007-08-29)

New book provides unprecedented look at role of religion over a lifetime
A new book by University of New Hampshire Professor Michele Dillon provides an unprecedented portrait of the dynamic role religion plays in the everyday experiences of Americans over the course of their lifetime. (2007-05-16)

RAND study finds religiosity can be an important tool in preventing the spread of HIV-AIDS
HIV-positive people who say religion is an important part of their lives are likely to have fewer sexual partners and engage in high-risk sexual behavior less frequently than other people with the virus that causes AIDS, according to a study issued today by the RAND Corp. As a result, people with HIV who have stronger religious ties are less likely to spread the virus, according to the study by the nonprofit research organization. (2007-04-03)

Women priests will 'save church from sinking'
Whether or not ordained women have had a significant impact over the past decade, they will save the church from sinking in the future, according to ESRC-sponsored research at the University of Manchester. (2006-11-25)

Sectarianism is problem for religious right political partnerships according to new survey at UCSD
Members of groups that comprise the (2006-05-31)

Major UNC study shows evangelical Christians not lock-step supporters of conservative politics
Stereotyping blacks, women, Jews, Hispanics, the handicapped and numerous other groups can land loose-lipped people in the soup of political incorrectness faster than one can say, (2000-05-12)

New Study: Evangelicals Most Active Christian Group Politically, Socially
Evangelical Christians are worried about the United States, feel threatened by current trends in U.S. culture and vote most often with the Christian Coalition, according to a new study (1996-12-21)

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