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Improving Traffic Safety From The Local/Short-Haul Trucker's Perspective
Local/short-haul truck drivers identify a number of safety issues in their work, including lack of education among the driving public about how to interact with trucks, stress caused by time pressure making deliveries, inattention caused by scheduling demands, and poor roadway and dock designs. (1999-02-01)
Testing Conditions For Testing
A unique testing machine that examines samples as they are being tested at high temperatures and pressure, has been built by Bristol based Instron (UK). (1998-12-01)
New Hypothesis Proposed For Cause Of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Researchers propose a new theory for the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) -- one that blames the illness on a low-level viral infection and on the body's own immune response. (1998-10-29)
Athletes In Training Cautioned: Learn To Relax
Heavy training takes a toll on even the toughest athletes -- illness, depression, fatigue -- but new research points to a solution far removed from sweaty locker-rooms: a collection of quiet, gentle stress management techniques such as relaxation tapes and journal writing. (1998-10-27)
Social Support, Hope May Help Relieve Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Strong social relationships with family and friends may play a powerful role in helping patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) improve, researchers have found. (1998-09-29)
Some CFS Patients Benefit From Low-Dose Steroid, But Side Effects Too Risky
Low doses of the steroid hydrocortisone can cause slight improvement in some chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms but at the risk of inducing adrenal suppression. (1998-09-22)
Testosterone Decreases HIV Fatigue, Improves Mood
Testosterone injections can reduce fatigue and improve mood among men who test positive for HIV, including those with full-blown AIDS, report researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. (1998-08-15)
Allergy-Linked Fatigue May Stem From Nasal Congestion, Interrupted Sleep
New research from Penn State's College of Medicine finds that people with perennial allergies may attribute their daytime fatigue to causes such as the side effects of medications, when, in fact, the fatigue may be a result of nasal congestion and associated sleep fragmentation. (1998-07-14)
Extreme Fatigue Increases Risk Of Blood Clot Formation
In the months before a heart attack, many people feel extremely tired. (1998-05-22)
Ultrasound Method Diagnoses Stress Before Bridges Crack
This news item (as it appeared in the NIST Update newsletter of May 11, 1998) tells how NIST scientists are using ultrasound to measure the stresses on pin and hanger assemblies found on bridges. (1998-05-11)
Defining Psychiatric Medicine
The 8th edition of the classic textbook, Synopsis of Psychiatry, has been published, written by the late Harold I. (1998-04-02)
Do Deaths Of Babies From Birth Asphyxia Vary Depending On When They Are Born?
Deaths of babies from birth asphyxia seem to be more common at night and during months when annual leave is popular. (1998-02-27)
Collection Of Damaged Goods Aids In Aircraft Research
A cracked fencing foil. A fractured garlic press. A broken diaper pin. (1998-02-23)
Simple Test Predicts Poor Outcome In Heart Failure
The health of a person's heart may be found by looking in the blood, according to a report in today's Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association. (1998-01-13)
Aerospace Engineer Finds "Hot" New Ways To Detect Fatigue In Aging Aircraft
University of Cincinnati aerospace engineer Peter Nagy reported at two conferences this summer on the use of heat in detecting early signs of fatigue in aging aircraft. (1997-08-11)
Early Warning Signs Of Depression
The initial stage of a major depression, which recurs in 50 percent to 85 percent of all patients who experience a first episode, is like a stealth bomber. (1997-06-05)
Penn Researchers First To Link Differences In Brain Structure To Minor Depression In The Elderly
Minor depression in late life is often trivialized and left untreated, partly because scientists have not established a biological basis for the disorder. (1997-05-15)
Short, Vigorous Workouts May Reduce Depression, Increase Vigor
Preliminary results from a major study on depression suggest that short but strenous workouts -- as little as 8 minutes at a time -- can temporarily but dramatically reduce symptoms of depression, a Duke researcher has found. (1997-04-17)
Eating After Exertion May Be A Key To Speeding Body's Recovery
A post-exercise meal containing amino acids and carbohydrates may speed your body's recovery and enhance peak-performance levels, according to University of Illinois scientists (1997-03-13)
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