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What's Making A Weird Glow At The Centre Of A Twister?
Researchers have been starting fires inside tornadoes in a lab in New Zealand. They hope their experiment will explain strange weather phenomena such as ball lightening, often associated with tornadoes. (1999-05-19)

UV Rays, Fire And Flame Retardants To Be Reviewed For Possible Listing As Carcinogens, NTP Announces
UVA, UVB and UVC, the three wavelength groups of ultraviolet light found in sunlight and in varying amounts in artificial light from such devices as sun lamps and sun beds, will be reviewed for possible listing in the federal government's Tenth Annual Report on Carcinogens. (1999-05-19)

Cold Burn Takes Sting Out Of Bioweapons
Bleaches or chemicals used to clean sensitive electronics contaminated with biowarfare agents, often damage the equipment. Now researchers in New Mexico have come up with a less damaging technique that burns off surface contaminants with atomic oxygen. They hope the technique may eventually be used to decontaminate people's skin. (1999-03-24)

Harbor Branch Scientists Discover Bioluminescent Octopus
The discovery of bioluminescence in a deep-sea octopus has been making big news in the scientific world. Appearing on the cover of the March 11 issue of Nature and the March 13 issue of Science News, this octopus is providing new insight into how animals evolve the ability to make light. (1999-03-15)

Research Answers Burning Questions About Pollution
Purdue University researchers are blazing the trail in the use of lasers to detect and measure pollutants in burning fuel, and their efforts could lead to more fuel-efficient, cleaner-burning jet engines. (1998-09-17)

New Study Highlights Hazards On Hormone Disrupting Chemicals
A new report gives a basis for the differencies in sexual development between different organisms and the role of hormones. The aim is to explain the role of chemicals with regard to endocrine disrupting properties in different organisms. (1998-09-14)

Fire On The Move
In an experiment about to be reported in Physical Review Letters, Weizmann Institute physicists have created controllable flames that may help detect fires aboard spacecraft and airplanes. (1998-09-08)

Persistent Organic Pollutants, The Danger Is Not Over
Despite substantially reduced emissions of most well known persistent organic pollutants, e.g. PCBs and dioxins, the danger is far from over. The toxic substances are still present in the environment and in our bodies. Moreover, a number of similar pollutants have recently been discovered in the environment, according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. (1998-08-18)

From Synagogues To Security Devices, New Optical Design Casts A Different Light
Science and religion seldom interact ‹ in fact, they are most often at odds. But now a mechanical engineer at Washington University in St. Louis has modified the design of the traditional see-through mirror to enhance the synagogue experience for Orthodox Jews. The design also has commercial and residential uses. (1998-04-10)

MGH/Shriners Team Develops Survival Estimates For Burn Patients
Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Shriners Burns Hospital have developed a system for objectively estimating the probability of death in patients with severe burn injuries. The formula, based on three risk factors, can help physicians, patients and family members make decisions about the care of critically burned people. (1998-02-05)

Electrically Based Technologies Heat Up The Cleanup Market
Two technologies developed at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that promise faster, cheaper and more effective cleanup of certain contaminated soils now are available commercially. (1997-09-10)

'FLARE' For Fire Research Leads To New Detector
Purdue University engineers have developed a new type of fire detector that senses temperature to detect flames, and that has several advantages over conventional smoke detectors. (1997-08-21)

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