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EARTH: Is there really a minerals crisis?
China sent the high-tech industry and markets reeling when it blocked exports of raw rare earth minerals. The sudden severing of rare earths supply was a frightening prospect as the minerals are key ingredients in high-tech products. Governments around the world saw the ban as a kind of wake-up call and started looking at ways to develop their own mineral resources -- for rare earths as well as basic industry metals like copper and zinc. (2011-07-11)

Methane levels 17 times higher in water wells near hydrofracking sites
A study by Duke University researchers has found high levels of leaked methane in well water collected near shale-gas drilling and hydrofracking sites. The scientists collected and analyzed water samples from 68 private groundwater wells across five counties in northeastern Pennsylvania and New York. (2011-05-09)

Natural gas from shale contributes to global warming
Natural gas extracted from shale formations has a greater greenhouse gas footprint -- in the form of methane emissions -- than conventional gas, oil and coal over a 20 year period. This calls into question the logic of its use as a climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, according to Robert Howarth and colleagues, from Cornell University in New York. Their work is published online in Springer's journal, Climatic Change Letters. (2011-04-12)

Research digs deep into the fracking controversy
The research will be presented April 14 at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Seattle. (2011-04-11)

'Fracking' mobilizes uranium in marcellus shale
University at Buffalo researchers have found that hydraulic fracturing or (2010-10-25)

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