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Could game theory optimize PPE stock management during the COVID-19 pandemic?
Could game theory optimize PPE stock management during the COVID-19 pandemic? (2021-02-01)

Countries led by women haven't fared significantly better in the COVID-19 pandemic
Countries led by women have not fared significantly better in the COVID-19 pandemic than those led by men- it may be just our Western media bias that makes us think they have! (2020-12-31)

$1 million to support manufacturing of COVID-19 treatments, vaccines at uOttawa, Ottawa Hospital
Researchers from the University of Ottawa and The Ottawa Hospital have been awarded $1,050,000 million from the Canada Foundation for Innovation to support facilities for manufacturing innovative treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. (2020-11-09)

Capital funding of health care in Canada is critical, yet declined in last 20 years
Capital funding of health care, used to build new hospitals, redesign or upgrade existing facilities and invest in new technologies, has declined in Canada over the last 20 years, according to an analysis in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) (2020-06-22)

NCRI data shows increase in cancer research funding following five years of growth
Analysis of the NCRI's 18 partner organizations shows that cancer research funders in the UK have increased their collective spend, for the first time spending over £700 million in the year 2018/19. This follows five years of spending increases and the highest level of funding since NCRI started collecting data in 2002. (2020-02-04)

Industry funding of patient groups lacks governance and transparency
Industry funding of patient groups is common in many high income countries, but few patient groups have formal policies that govern corporate funding and financial transparency is inadequate, warn experts in The BMJ today. (2020-01-22)

Analysis reveals extent of drug industry funding of UK patient organizations
From 2012 to 2016 the drug industry donated over £57 million to UK patient organizations, with priority given to a small number of organizations supporting commercially high profile conditions like cancer, reveals an analysis published by The BMJ today. (2019-05-22)

Women are more successful at crowdfunding than men, says ESMT Berlin study
Women have higher success rates at crowdfunding scientific projects than men, according to new research from ESMT Berlin. The study suggests that the 'crowd' may apply different decision-making criteria than traditional funding agencies. (2019-03-07)

Cost-effective and transparent spending promotes species recovery
Initiatives like the US Endangered Species Act have successfully prevented the extinction of many species worldwide. (2018-10-18)

Align funding with innovations in health care to improve patient outcomes
To encourage innovation in health care, governments need to move away from current siloed funding to funding that encourages collaboration among providers in managing patients who need care in a variety of settings, argue the authors of an analysis in CMAJ. (2018-08-13)

Health and social care changes 'paving way for fewer services' warn experts
Current reforms to health and social care services, and radical redesign of the local government finance system, may signal the end of the NHS and local government in England as we know them, warn experts in The BMJ today. (2017-09-27)

Industry to play critical role in funding neurosurgery research
With federal funding increasingly restricted, industry will play a critical role in funding neurosurgery research, according to a report by three prominent neurosurgeons in the journal World Neurosurgery. (2017-08-09)

Women entrepreneurs still lag behind men in accessing new business funding
Women entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to access venture capital funding for start-up businesses and remain much less likely to attract funding than male entrepreneurs, according to a new study published in Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance. (2017-07-25)

Clinical trial examines maternal depression strategy at head start
Maternal depression disproportionately affects low-income and minority women. So is a problem-solving intervention at Head Start efficacious at preventing depressive symptom episodes among at-risk, low-income mothers? (2017-06-14)

Bladder Cancer Funding Analyzer launched on bladder cancer website
Bladder Cancer (BLC) is proud to announce the launch of the Bladder Cancer Funding Analyzer (BCFA) on the BLC website. It is a free service that is part of a new suite of online features that have been designed to serve the needs of the bladder cancer research community. (2017-02-16)

UVA School of Medicine sees huge increase in federal research funding
Federal funding for UVA's medical research surged from $101.2 million in 2015 to more than $126 million in 2016, according to new figures. (2017-01-26)

JAD's Alzheimer Funding Analyzer now includes Alzheimer's Association grants
The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (JAD) is pleased to announce that its Alzheimer's Funding Analyzer (AFA) now includes all Alzheimer's Association (AA) grants in addition to grants from other funding bodies. AFA is a free service that is part of a suite of online features integrated into the JAD site to meet the needs of the Alzheimer disease (AD) research community. (2016-12-19)

New board seeks expertise of Walter and Eliza Hall Institute director
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute director Professor Doug Hilton is one of eight people appointed to an expert advisory board created to guide priorities for the Australian Government's Medical Research Future Fund. (2016-04-04)

Parkinson's Disease Funding Analyzer launched on Journal of Parkinson's Disease website
The Journal of Parkinson's Disease (JPD) is proud to announce the launch of the Parkinson's Disease Funding Analyzer on the JPD website. It is a free service that is part of a new suite of online features that have been designed to serve the needs of the Parkinson's disease research community. (2016-03-31)

FASEB releases funding recommendations
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) released funding recommendations for five of the nation's research agencies for fiscal year (FY) 2017. The proposed funding levels are presented in the annual report. 'Federal Funding for Biomedical and Related Life Sciences Research FY 2017.' (2016-03-01)

Alzheimer funding analyzer launched on Journal of Alzheimer's Disease website
The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (JAD) is proud to announce the launch of the Alzheimer's Funding Analyzer (AFA) on the JAD website. It is a free service that is part of a new suite of online features that have been designed to serve the needs of the Alzheimer disease (AD) research community. (2016-02-11)

DFG welcomes Imboden Report on the Excellence Initiative
President Peter Strohschneider say the report is 'a clear call for targeted funding of top-level research at universities' and 'Sets the course for new federal-state initiative'. (2016-02-05)

Performance-based funding in community colleges hinders success of at risk students
A new study from the University of Houston College of Education indicates that performance-based funding (PBF) for Texas community colleges could disproportionately penalize colleges that predominately serve students from disadvantaged backgrounds. (2015-01-16)

Less than 1 percent of UK public research funding spent on antibiotic research in past 5 years
Less than 1 percent of research funding awarded by public and charitable bodies to UK researchers in 2008 was awarded for research on antibiotics, according to new research published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. (2014-07-24)

Cancer Research UK's new funding scheme to nurture future world-leading scientists
A new funding scheme will support mid-career scientists looking to take the next steps in their careers, at a point when funding opportunities can be limited. (2014-07-02)

DOE awards $100 million for innovative energy research
U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced the awarding of $100 million for Energy Frontier Research Centers to accelerate the scientific breakthroughs needed to build the 21st-century energy economy. (2014-06-19)

Addressing the physician shortage: Recommendations for medical education reform
Recommendations recently published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine prepared by the Health Policy Education Subcommittee of the Society of General Internal Medicine outline how to reform the GME system to support the development of a physician workforce that can provide high quality, high value, population-based, and patient-centered health care, aligned with the dynamic needs of America's healthcare delivery system. (2014-05-27)

Study: Targeted funding can help address inequities in early child care programs
The quality of early child care and education programs is influenced both by funding and by the characteristics of the communities in which the programs operate, new research from Oregon State University shows. (2014-05-15)

FASEB releases its FY 2015 funding report
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology has released its annual research funding recommendations to Congress, Federal Funding for Biomedical & Related Life Sciences Research FY 2015. (2014-02-27)

£3m drug safety center investment
The Medical Research Council (MRC) Centre for Drug Safety Science at the University of Liverpool has received three million pounds of new funding from MRC to allow it to continue reducing the impact of adverse reactions to medicinal drugs. (2014-01-29)

Researchers propose alternative way to allocate science funding
Researchers in the United States have suggested an alternative way to allocate science funding. The method, which is described in EMBO reports, depends on a collective distribution of funding by the scientific community, requires only a fraction of the costs associated with the traditional peer review of grant proposals and, according to the authors, may yield comparable or even better results. (2014-01-08)

New analysis shows that physician scientists are less likely to be engaged in biomedical research than in past
A new analysis published in The FASEB Journal describes the declining participation of physician scientists in biomedical research. (2013-12-11)

NSF report details increase in business research and development
According to a recent study published by the National Science Foundation (NSF), businesses spent more on research and development in 2011 than they did in 2010. Companies spent $294 billion on R&D performed in the United States during 2011, compared with $279 billion during 2010. Data are from the Business and R&D and Innovation Survey, which is co-sponsored by NSF and the U.S. Census Bureau. (2013-09-20)

European Research Council awards significant funding to a University of Eastern Finland researcher
Associate Professor Annele Virtanen at the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Eastern Finland has been granted substantial funding by the European Research Council within its call for Starting Grants. (2013-08-08)

UI research funding tops $400 million for fifth year
The University of Iowa topped $400 million in external research funding for the fifth consecutive year, fueled by gains in corporate, industry, and philanthropic funding that helped offset cutbacks in federal research funding amid tight budgets and the government-mandated sequestration. Total share of external funding for fiscal 2013 was $424 million, and researchers landed a record 2,130 grant and contract awards. (2013-07-11)

Scientists may have received millions in duplicate funding
Funding agencies may be paying out duplicate grants, according to an analysis completed at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech and led by Harold R. Garner, a professor in the departments of biological science, computer science, and basic science. The study points to the possibility that millions of dollars in funding may have been used inappropriately. (2013-01-30)

Survey shows breakthrough medical research relies heavily on NIH funding
A survey highlighting the correlation between today's cutting edge medical research and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding was released today at the 54th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology, the preeminent medical meeting for physicians and scientists in hematology that draws more than 20,000 attendees from around the world. The survey, representing responses from 1,040 abstract presenters from the US and abroad, demonstrates how critical NIH funding has been to the success of science and medicine. (2012-12-10)

CardioScape: European Society of Cardiology & European Union to recommend transnational funding strategies for cardiovascular disease research
The Cardioscape project will conduct a survey of the European cardiovascular research landscape, identify funding gaps, highlight where coordination could be improved, and help prioritize future areas of research. (2012-11-21)

FASEB releases new resource showing local impact by district of NIH-funded research
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology has released a new series of factsheets ( describing the value of National Institutes of Health funding in congressional districts around the country. (2012-10-02)

Groundbreaking cancer research receives massive funding boost
Research into a ground-breaking treatment for bowel cancer at Queen's University Belfast has received a massive funding boost from Cancer Research UK. (2012-01-11)

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