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Helping stroke survivors recover communication skills
The Cleveland Speech and Hearing Center and CWRU have established two groups to help people with aphasia, an acquired language impairment due to a neurological event (such as a stroke) that causes the loss of part of the ability to understand and use language. (2000-11-29)

Human-computer interaction gets a helping hand, eye and voice
Computers are one step closer to (2000-07-24)

You may be an aggressive driver and not know it
You may be an aggressive driver and not know it. Researchers have found that those angry drivers who indicate they don't have a problem with driving anger can be just as angry and dangerous on the road as those who know they are aggressive drivers, according to a study conducted by psychologist Rebekah S. Lynch, Ph.D., of Colorado State University and other researchers. Their findings will be presented at the 107th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in Boston. (1999-08-23)

Computerized map responds to speech and gestures
Penn State researchers have developed a prototype system to help visitors locate campus parking lots and buildings by talking with a computer-controlled map that responds not only to the spoken word but also to natural hand gestures. (1999-08-19)

Child witnesses more relaxed and give better information via video link
New research shows that children are more likely to give accurate information via a video link than if they are questioned face-to-face in a court of law. (1999-08-06)

Monkey Do, Monkey See ... Pre-Human Say?
Human speech derives from a gestural communication system facilitated by a neural circuit found in both monkeys and humans, two neuroscientists propose. They describe a group of neurons in the brains of monkeys that discharge when the monkey grasps or manipulates an object -- and when it sees an experimenter making similar actions. They say these (1998-08-18)

Good Manners Put The Brakes On "Road Rage"
A major cause of anger while driving is the inconsiderate and discourteous behaviour of other road users - not blatant law- breaking. If drivers adopted better road manners much of Britain's reported 'road rage' could be eradicated. (1998-06-10)

Similarities Found In Human, Chimp Brains; Columbia, Mount Sinai, NIH Scientists Find Region That Controls Language Identical In Both Species
Neuroscientists have found that a region of the brain thought to control language is proportionately the same size in humans and chimpanzees, disproving a theory that the brain section was enlarged only in humans. The finding supports the hypothesis that chimps may have more complex communication skills than previously thought. (1998-01-08)

Researchers Documnet And Nurture Development Of A Language: Rare Opportunity Presented To Witness Human Capacity For Communication
When linguist Judy Shepard-Kegl was asked to assist with educational programs for deaf children in Nicaragua, she had no idea she would end up documenting the birth of a language. What she found in Nicaragua were deaf children in the process of developing a sign language and the never-before-presented opportunity to study a language as it came into being. (1996-07-11)

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