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Yale researchers find wide gap in satisfaction between sick and healthy patients under managed care
Managed care patients with chronic illnesses are twice as likely to report dissatisfaction with their care than healthier patients, while both types of patients are equally satisfied with fee-for-service plans, Yale researchers say. Consequently, chronically ill patients may be less able to share in the benefits of managed care than their healthier counterparts, said Benjamin Druss, M.D., assistant professor of psychiatry and public health at Yale School of Medicine. (2000-01-17)

Lower death rate in Oregon hospitals linked to better care
An analysis of decreasing mortality rates of heart failure patients in Oregon hospitals from 1991 to 1995 indicates that improved quality of care is the major factor. Oregon Health Sciences University researchers are the first to examine causes of this national trend in declining hospital mortality rates. (1999-09-24)

Nurses Need Greater Support To Prevent Poor Patient Care
An editorial in this week's BMJ examines claims of poor quality of care by nurses within the UK. Professor Hugh McKenna from the University of Ulster writes that the staff should not be blamed for poor care, rather it is the system that does not allow them to care that is at fault. (1998-11-19)

Nurses Can Safely Manage Half Of Out Of Hours Calls In Primary Care
Val Lattimer and colleagues from the University of Southampton report on their trial to assess the safety and effectiveness of nurse telephone consultation in out of hours primary care. They found that the system halved the out of hours workload of general practitioners and was at least as safe as the existing service. (1998-10-16)

Astronomical Costs Of New Medical Technology
Researchers from the University of Michigan's School of Public Health outline three obstacles policy-makers may encounter as they consider new laws and other measures designed to curb the cost of health care. (1998-08-14)

General Practice Management Of Diabetes Can Be As Good As Hospital Care
Dr. Simon Griffin from the University of Southampton reports that selected primary care teams, when supported by a central computerised prompting system (for both doctor and patient) were able to achieve standards of care for diabetes patients as good or better than hospital outpatient follow up, at least in the short term. (1998-08-07)

Study Analyzes Managed Care's Impact On Congestive Heart Failure Treatment
Oregon Health Sciences University researchers have found a high percentage of elderly Oregon heart failure patients in Medicare managed care plans are admitted to hospitals through emergency rooms.But once admitted, short-term patient outcomes appear no different for managed care patients than for patients with other types of insurance. (1998-06-12)

Book For Parents On Choosing Quality Child Care
To help parents make sensible and trustworthy choices in the potentially overwhelming world of child care options, Cornell University Professor Moncrieff Cochran and wife, Eva Cochran have co-authored a new handbook that gives parents the tools to collect and assess information on child care. (1997-10-02)

Managed Care Affecting Generalist And Specialist Physician Income Differently
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago report that primary care physician's income grew more rapidly in states with the highest managed care growth compared to states with the lowest managed care growth. In contrast, specialist incomes, in particular those of radiologists, anesthesiologists, and pathologists grew most rapidly in states with the lowest managed care growth and least rapidly in states with the highest managed care growth. (1997-05-01)

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