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New hope for declining U.S. honeybee population
USDA researchers may be able to stem the dramatic decline in the U.S. honeybee population. Writing in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the researchers report on a safe gel formulation containing formic acid that kills 70 - 100 percent of the parasitic mites that have decimated bee colonies. (1999-09-28)

Russian Queens Bee-Little Mites' Impact
Federal scientists hope to establish a Russian dynasty throughout the United States--one populated by the progeny of Asian-hatched honeybees, renowned for their resistance to mites. (1998-08-06)

Summer Science: Where Have All The Honeybees Gone? UD 'Bee Guy' Asks Why--From America To The Amazon
If the backyard isn't buzzing this summer, blame it on mites and the diseases they carry, says Dewey Caron, UD's 'bee guy,' who braves apiaries from America to the Amazon. Golden honeybees are essential for pollinating wild plants and up to 90 percent of all U.S. crops, says Caron, chairperson of the Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS). Unfortunately, tracheal and varroa mites are wiping out entire bee colonies. (1998-07-01)

New Scientific Findings To Be Presented At Regional Meeting Of World's Largest Scientific Society, June 17 - 20
Medical isotopes and agricultural chemistry are among the topics that will be discussed here June 17 - 20 at the 53rd Northwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world's largest scientific society. (1998-06-03)

Careful Honeybee Breeding Combats Tracheal Mite Pests
A study at Ohio State University has shown that selective breeding helps honeybees develop resistance to tracheal mites, pests that beekeepers normally control with insecticide. The research indicates that with a combination of selective breeding and other natural controls, beekeepers may maintain healthy hives without relying on chemical controls. (1998-01-20)

Honeybees In The Wild Nearly Gone In North America
North American wild honeybees have been virtually wiped out by an unusually harsh winter, a soggy spring and two blood- sucking mites. (1996-07-11)

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