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Hurricane Maria study warns: Future climate-driven storms may raze many tropical forests
A new study shows that damage inflicted on trees in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria was unprecedented in modern times, and suggests that more frequent big storms whipped up by warming climate could permanently alter forests not only here, but across much of the Atlantic tropics. (2019-03-25)
NASA's Aqua Satellite sees Tropical Cyclone Veronica develop off western Australia's coast
NASA's Aqua satellite provided a view of Tropical Cyclone Veronica after it developed off the northern coast of Western Australia. (2019-03-20)
NASA's Aqua Satellite finds Tropical Cyclone Idai in Mozambique Channel
Visible imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed the center of Tropical Cyclone Idai in the Mozambique Channel. (2019-03-11)
Tropical Cyclone Haleh weakening in NASA-NOAA satellite imagery  
Tropical Cyclone Haleh continues to weaken while being battered by outside winds. (2019-03-07)
Hurricane Maria had a significant impact on HIV care outcomes
Hurricane Maria in San Juan, Puerto Rico had a significant impact on HIV outcomes among people living with HIV and a history of substance use, particularly increased viral load and decreased CD4 counts. (2019-03-06)
NASA's infrared vision reveals Tropical Cyclone Haleh's power
Tropical Cyclone Haleh maintained an eye as NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead and collected temperature information on the storm and the ocean waters it was moving through. (2019-03-05)
Super Typhoon Wutip's 25 mile-wide eye seen by NASA-NOAA satellite
Tropical Cyclone Wutip has strengthened into a powerful super typhoon and NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite snapped a visible image of the storm that revealed a clear eye. (2019-02-25)
NASA-NOAA satellite looks at large-eyed Tropical Cyclone Oma
Tropical Cyclone Oma is a large hurricane with a big eye. (2019-02-20)
In disasters, Twitter influencers get out-tweeted
A first-of-its-kind study on Twitter use during 5 of the costliest US natural disasters offers potentially life-saving insights. (2019-02-13)
NASA catches the 1-day life of Tropical Cyclone Neil
Tropical Cyclone Neil had a short life in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean. (2019-02-11)
Landslides triggered by Hurricane Maria
Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico on 20 September 2017 and triggered more than 40,000 landslides in at least three-fourths of Puerto Rico's 78 municipalities. (2019-02-07)
NASA finds a pinhole eye in Tropical Cyclone Funani
Visible-light imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed the development of a small eye in Tropical Cyclone Funani as the storm rapidly intensified into a major hurricane in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2019-02-07)
NASA satellite shows Tropical Cyclone Gelena near Madagascar
A visible-light image from NASA's Terra satellite revealed Tropical Cyclone Gelena was strengthening off the northeastern coast of Madagascar. (2019-02-07)
NASA catches development of Tropical Cyclone Gelena
Visible-light imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed the development of Tropical Depression 13S into a tropical storm. (2019-02-06)
NASA looks at Tropical Storm Funani's rainfall
Tropical Storm Funani (formerly classified as 12S) continued to affect Rodrigues Island in the South Pacific Ocean when the GPM satellite passed overhead and analyzed its rainfall. (2019-02-06)
NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite catches development of Tropical Cyclone 12S
Tropical Cyclone 12S has developed east of the African island nation of Madagascar. (2019-02-05)
Hurricane Katrina's aftermath included spike in heart disease hospitalizations
Hospitalizations for cardiovascular disease rose precipitously in Orleans and Jefferson parishes after Hurricane Katrina. (2019-01-31)
Relying on karma: Research explains why outrage doesn't usually result in revolution
New research from Professors Rosalind Chow and Jeffrey Galak examines how people respond to two types of injustices: when bad things happen to good people, and when good things happen to bad people. (2019-01-14)
Satellite sees Tropical Cyclone Cilida north of Mauritius
Tropical Cyclone Cilida appeared as a large and powerful hurricane on imagery from NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite on Dec. (2018-12-21)
NASA-NOAA Satellite catches the eye of rapidly intensifying Tropical Cyclone Cilida
Tropical Cyclone Cilida appeared much more organized on satellite imagery as it moved across the southwestern Indian Ocean and continued to rapidly intensify. (2018-12-20)
Seeing double: Tropical Cyclone Kenanga same strength as other storm
The Southern Indian Ocean is seeing double. Tropical Cyclone Kenanga was one of two storms at Category 2 hurricane strength in the Southern Indian Ocean on Dec. (2018-12-20)
Hurricane Maria gave ecologists rare chance to study how tropical dry forests recover
To counteract the damage hurricanes have caused to their canopies, trees appear to adjust key characteristics of their newly grown leaves, according to a year-long field study presented at the British Ecological Society's annual conference today. (2018-12-18)
Clemson researchers: Trees grow more efficient leaves to compensate for hurricane damage
When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last year, ecologists at Clemson's Belle W. (2018-12-18)
NASA-NOAA satellite tracking Tropical Cyclone Kenanga
Tropical Cyclone Kenanga was at hurricane-force when NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite grabbed a visible image of the storm in the Southern Indian Ocean on Dec. (2018-12-18)
NASA's GPM observes heavy rainfall in intensifying Tropical Cyclone Owen
As expected, tropical cyclone Owen recently intensified as it moved over the Gulf of Carpentaria and NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's GPM core satellite found very heavy rainfall occurring within the revived storm. (2018-12-13)
Maria's far-reaching effects on Puerto Rico's watersheds and forests
Scientists at the National Science Foundation (NSF) co-located Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) and Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) sites in Puerto Rico spent the past year evaluating the impacts of Hurricane Maria, a powerful category 5 storm that struck Puerto Rico head-on in September 2017. (2018-12-12)
NASA provides new look at Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria
Two new NASA research efforts delve into Hurricane Maria's far-reaching effects on the island's forests and on its residents' energy and electricity access. (2018-12-10)
Houses in hurricane strike zones are built back bigger
A study of hurricane-hit areas of the United States has revealed a trend of larger homes being built to replace smaller ones in the years following a storm. (2018-12-10)
UNH researchers find unexpected impact of hurricanes on Puerto Rico's watershed
Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have found unprecedentedly high levels of nitrate, an essential plant nutrient, in streams and watersheds of Puerto Rico for a year after two consecutive major hurricanes in 2017. (2018-12-10)
Food system organizations must strengthen their operations to safeguard against potential threats
Food systems face growing threats as extreme weather events become more common and more extreme due to climate change. (2018-12-06)
NASA's IMERG analyzed Tropical Storm Usagi's rainfall
When Tropical Cyclone 33W, also known as Usagi strengthened to hurricane intensity as it approached Vietnam from the South China Sea it dropped a lot of rain. (2018-11-29)
NASA's GPM shows small area of heavy rain in Tropical Storm Man-yi
Once a typhoon, Man-yi has weakened to a tropical storm as it continues to track through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean, far to the east of Taiwan. (2018-11-26)
Houston's urban sprawl increased rainfall, flooding during Hurricane Harvey
Princeton and University of Iowa researchers found that Houston's urban landscape directly contributed to the torrential rainfall and deadly flooding of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. (2018-11-14)
Climate simulations project wetter, windier hurricanes
New supercomputer simulations by climate scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have shown that climate change intensified the amount of rainfall in recent hurricanes such as Katrina, Irma, and Maria by 5 to 10 percent. (2018-11-14)
NASA analyzed Tropical Cyclone Alcide's rainfall before dissipation
Tropical Cyclone Alcide dissipated over the weekend of Nov. 11 and 12 in the Southern Indian Ocean. (2018-11-13)
NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Alcide reach hurricane strength
NASA's Terra satellite provided a visible image of a more organized Tropical Cyclone Alcide in the Southern Indian Ocean after it reached hurricane-force. (2018-11-07)
Undeterred, gulf fish spawn despite hurricane
Even a Category 4 hurricane doesn't kill the mood for coastal fish -- and that's good news for all species, as well as for a multibillion-dollar recreational fishing industry. (2018-11-06)
Study: Culture strongly influences coping behaviors after natural disasters
Demographic and cultural differences strongly influence the coping styles young people use when they're affected by a natural disaster, and these disparities should be taken into account when providing services to help them recover from these traumatic experiences, University of Illinois social work professors Tara M. (2018-11-02)
NASA sees Hurricane Oscar transitioning to extratropical low
Hurricane Oscar has transitioned into an extra-tropical low pressure area in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean. (2018-11-01)
Monitoring air pollution after Hurricane Maria
When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017, the storm devastated the island's electrical grid, leaving many people without power for months. (2018-10-31)
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