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Remote Cloud Observatory Tracks El Niño Changes
Perhaps the largest El Niño of the century is currently underway, and a team of scientists is remotely watching the sky, hoping that they can learn from this event. (1997-12-18)

1998 To Bring Slightly Below-Average Hurricane Season Says Colorado State Researcher; El Niño Expected To Disappear Before Season Begins
Colorado State University's team of noted hurricane forecasters issued their first forecast for the 1998 hurricane season. (1997-12-05)

Strongest El Nino In History Dampers '97 Hurricane Season; Colorado State's Gray Says Still Most Active Three-Year Period
Noted hurricane forecaster Professor William Gray issues a report Wednesday (Nov. 26) that outlines reasons why the strongest El Nino in history flattened his team's predictions for an above-average hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin. Although the season was below average, it was still enough to produce the most active three-year span of hurricanes on record. (1997-11-26)

Dealing With Natural Disasters: A New Model
Public Private Partnership 2000 (PPP 2000), a unique alliance of Federal, private-sector, and non-profit agencies, is redefining society's approach to handling earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, wildfires and other natural disasters. (1997-11-07)

El Nino Major Factor In Slightly Reduce '97 Hurricane Forecast; Colorado State's Gray Says More Storms May Form In Higher Latitudes
In releasing an updated forecast for the 1997 hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin, Colorado State University's Professor William Gray and his team have slightly reduced their predictions. The strength of El Nino has prompted the team to reduce its forecast slightly, with 11 named storms, six hurricanes and two intense hurricanes for the year. (1997-08-06)

USGS National Wetlands Research Center's Findings Presented At Global Change Seminar
Scientific findings of the USGS's National Wetlands Research Center were presented at a U.S. Global Change Research Program seminar Thursday, covering research on the relationship of global climate change to coastal wetlands. (1997-07-11)

Above-Average Hurricane Season Forecast Stands; Colorado State's Gray Says Global Climate Factors Point To More Active Storm Era
Noted hurricane forecaster William Gray releases his prediction for hurricane activity in the Atlantic Basin. Gray, a professor at Colorado State University, predicts above-average activity for 1997, with 11 tropical storms, 7 hurricanes and three intense hurricanes (1997-06-06)

New Findings Blame Jump In Hurricane Toll On Coastal Growth, Not Climate Change
A new study indicates that recent U.S. hurricane damages do not reflect any unusual increase in hurricane strength or frequency, but rather a continued flocking of Americans to vulnerable coastal locations. The shift could spell trouble if more hurricanes make landfall in coming years, as they did before 1970. (1997-05-22)

U.S. Still Plagued By Low Rates Of Disaster Insurance Coverage
Researchers say that their findings in a 1978 landmark National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded study of risky behavior still holds true nearly two decades later -- most people are reluctant to purchase insurance against natural disasters because theybelieve such events will not happen to them (1997-05-19)

Research Team Sticks With Prediction Of Above-Average Hurricane Year; Colorado State University's Gray Says More Active Storm Period Brewing
Colorado State University's team of noted researchers predict an above-average hurricane season in 1997 in its April forecast, released today. (1997-04-04)

Fran Underscores Objectives Of Myrtle Beach Media Tour
Soon after Hurricane Fran roared through North Carolina, investigators with Duke University's Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines were already surveying storm damage by air and on foot at battered developed beach areas like Topsail Island and Figure Eight Island (1996-09-13)

Mountains Play Major Role In Midwestern Winters
Mountains play a loftier role in the earth's weather than once thought. In fact, the interaction between mountain ranges and the jet stream may be the primary factor in determining where severe winter storms drop their loads of snow and ice, a University of Illinois researcher says. (1996-09-04)

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