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Nature of immune cells in the human brain disclosed
Researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and Amsterdam UMC have disclosed the nature of how T cells protect the brain against harmful viruses. (2018-11-02)
Key gene find could enable development of disease-resistant crops
Discovery of a gene that helps plants control their response to disease could aid efforts to develop crops that are resistant to infection, research suggests. (2018-11-02)
SQZ cell engineering technology shows key advantages for developing cell therapies
SQZ Biotech characterized the biological impact of electroporation, a commonly used cell engineering method, with the SQZ cell therapy platform which utilizes a microfluidic cell squeezing technique to engineer cells. (2018-11-01)
Glutamine metabolism affects T cell signaling and function
The cellular nutrient glutamine launches a metabolic signaling pathway that promotes the function of some immune system T cells and suppresses others, Vanderbilt researchers have discovered. (2018-11-01)
New study takes first step toward treating endometriosis
Researchers at Northwestern Medicine have taken the first step in bioengineering the human uterus to treat endometriosis, uterine-factor infertility and endometrial cancer. (2018-11-01)
New study finds unique immunity genes in one widespread coral species
A new study led by researchers at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science found that a common coral species might have evolved unique immune strategies to cope with environmental change. (2018-11-01)
Prenatal exposure to malaria may determine disease susceptibility early in life
Prenatal exposure to malaria considerably alters the newborn's innate immune response (i.e. its first line of defence), particularly when the placenta has been infected, according to a study led by ISGlobal, the Clinical Research Unit of Nanoro (CRUN) and the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp (ITM). (2018-11-01)
LJI investigators discover how protein pair controls cellular calcium signals
wo studies recently published by La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) investigators Patrick Hogan, PhD, and Aparna Gudlur, PhD -- one paper appearing early this year in Cell Reports and the other in the October 31, 2018, issue of Nature Communications -- report how a calcium-sensing protein called STIM1 signals that it's time to initiate calcium retrieval and then relays that message to its partner, the calcium channel ORAI. (2018-10-31)
Two-cells-in-one combo therapy could bolster leukemia treatment
A cancer therapy based on fusing two types of cells into a single unit shows promise in strengthening existing treatments for acute myeloid leukemia. (2018-10-31)
Cytokine levels could predict immunotherapy problems
Researchers at UT Southwestern have identified blood-based biomarkers that may help identify those patients at greatest risk of developing autoimmune side effects from the treatment. (2018-10-31)
Nanostraws deliver molecules to human cells safely and efficiently
Miniscule nanostraws could help solve the problem of how to deliver precise doses of molecules directly into many cells at once. (2018-10-31)
Unique type of skeletal stem cells found in 'resting zone' are actually hard at work
Skeletal stem cells are valuable because it's thought they can heal many types of bone injury, but they're difficult to find because researchers don't know exactly what they look like or where they live. (2018-10-31)
Cooling 'brains on fire' to treat Parkinson's
A promising new therapy to stop Parkinson's disease in its tracks has been developed at The University of Queensland. (2018-10-31)
Relapsed leukemia flies under immune system's radar
A study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. (2018-10-31)
Are we immune to the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing scissors?
By studying immune responses to CRISPR-Cas9 in humans, researchers from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin have found widespread immunity to the Cas9 protein. (2018-10-30)
Flexible, stable and potent against cancer
Linking therapeutically active molecules to specific antibodies can help to pilot them to their designated targets and minimize side effects--especially when treating tumors. (2018-10-30)
The Mincle receptor provides protective immunity against Group A Streptococcus
Group A Streptococcus (GAS) causes invasive infections that result in high mortality. (2018-10-30)
New platform based on biology and nanotechnology carries mRNA directly to target cells
Tel Aviv University's Prof. Dan Peer and his team have developed a biological approach to directing nanocarriers loaded with protein 'game changers' to specific cells. (2018-10-29)
Anti-cancer virus fits tumor receptor like a 'key in a lock'
For the first time, scientists reveal how a promising drug candidate for cancer therapy interacts with receptors on tumors. (2018-10-29)
Secrets of mighty cancer killing virus unlocked by Otago researchers
University of Otago researchers have used high-resolution electron microscopy images to reveal how an anti-cancer virus interacts with tumor cells, increasing its potential to save lives. (2018-10-29)
Imaging collaboration sheds new light on cancer growth
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers have uncovered new insights into how the normal controls on cell growth are lost in cancer cells, leading to rapid tumour expansion. (2018-10-28)
Turning cells against pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer is infamously resistant to treatment options because the tumor is often surrounded by cells which are ''tricked'' into protecting it. (2018-10-26)
Interleukin IL-22, a new target to inhibit the progression of liver disease
Naglaa Shoukry, Ph. D., and her team have made a significant breakthrough in their research aiming to limit the progression of liver disease. (2018-10-26)
Mouse study suggests vaccine strategy for immunocompromised patients
A study led by Som Nanjappa at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine identifies a cellular target that may improve efficacy in vaccines designed to protect immunocompromised individuals from potentially deadly opportunistic infections. (2018-10-26)
Repeated interferon stimulation creates innate immune memory
The innate immune system may be able to be trained to react to viral infections more efficiently by repeated exposure to anti-viral signaling molecules. (2018-10-25)
Belgian researchers discover a novel method to block immunosuppression in cancer
Belgian research groups from the UCLouvain and WELBIO, VIB and Ghent University, and the biotechnology company argenx elucidated the three-dimensional structure of an assembly of proteins operating on cells that dampen immune responses. (2018-10-25)
Chemotherapy drug paclitaxel also acts as an immune response modulator
By finding that the cancer drug also activates a key cellular receptor in the innate immune system, a study at the Center for Research in Inflammatory Diseases (CRID), in Brazil, may lead to new treatment strategies. (2018-10-24)
Study reveals how gene activity shapes immunity across species
By sequencing genes from over a quarter of a million cells across six mammalian species, researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and collaborators, have shown how genes in the immune response have varied activity between cells and species. (2018-10-24)
Suppression of DKK3 protein thwarts pancreatic tumor progression and prolongs survival
Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have shed new light on why pancreatic tumors are so resistant to therapy. (2018-10-24)
Vaccine shows promise against widespread chicken disease
A new vaccine strategy could offer protection to millions of chickens threatened by a serious respiratory disease, research shows. (2018-10-23)
Covert tactics used by bacteria to trick human immune system
Comparing two strains of Salmonella -- one that causes disease in humans and the other in reptiles -- researchers discovered a covert way that the human-affecting bacteria essentially tricks the immune system into not attacking. (2018-10-23)
'Mushrooms' and 'brushes' help cancer-fighting nanoparticles survive in the body
For a number of innovative and life-saving medical treatments, from organ replacements and skin grafts to cancer therapy and surgery, success often depends on slipping past or fending off the body's immune system. (2018-10-23)
Actin cytoskeleton remodeling protects tumor cells against immune attack
Cancer cells have evolved multiple escape strategies to circumvent the body's immune defenses such as the attack by Natural Killer (NK) cells which normally swiftly kill abnormal cells by releasing cytotoxic products. (2018-10-23)
Revealing the molecular mystery of human liver cells
A map of the cells in the human liver has been created by University Health Network Transplant Program and University of Toronto researchers, revealing for the first time differences between individual cells at the molecular level which can have a profound impact on their behaviour in tissue, tumours and disease. (2018-10-22)
Immunotherapy effective as first-line treatment for advanced head and neck cancer
Immunotherapy on its own is better than aggressive chemotherapy as a first-line treatment for advanced head and neck cancer, according to surprising new data from a major phase III clinical trial. (2018-10-22)
Cellular trash cans reveal the roles of proteins in disease
A novel technology for profiling protein turnover and degradation offers new insight into diagnosis and understanding the molecular basis of autoimmunity, cancer, neurodegeneration and other disorders (2018-10-22)
Scientists identify critical cancer immunity genes using new genetic barcoding technology
Mount Sinai Scientists developed a novel way to barcode and track different CRISPRs by utilizing synthetic proteins built from combinations of smaller proteins, called epitopes. (2018-10-19)
Researchers describe novel immune syndrome
Researchers from Australia and Japan have discovered a new human immunodeficiency syndrome in two patients on separate continents. (2018-10-18)
ANU researchers find new disease
Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have discovered a new genetic disease and a method for detecting more unexplained medical conditions. (2018-10-18)
The dual and unknown function of the immune system
A new study led by CNIC researcher Andrés Hidalgo and published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine shows that in addition to its defense function and the associated damage to affected tissues, the immune system also plays an important role in the day-to-day function of healthy organs. (2018-10-18)
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