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Cytokine levels could predict immunotherapy problems
Researchers at UT Southwestern have identified blood-based biomarkers that may help identify those patients at greatest risk of developing autoimmune side effects from the treatment. (2018-10-31)
Cooling 'brains on fire' to treat Parkinson's
A promising new therapy to stop Parkinson's disease in its tracks has been developed at The University of Queensland. (2018-10-31)
Relapsed leukemia flies under immune system's radar
A study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. (2018-10-31)
Are we immune to the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing scissors?
By studying immune responses to CRISPR-Cas9 in humans, researchers from Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin have found widespread immunity to the Cas9 protein. (2018-10-30)
The Mincle receptor provides protective immunity against Group A Streptococcus
Group A Streptococcus (GAS) causes invasive infections that result in high mortality. (2018-10-30)
Anti-cancer virus fits tumor receptor like a 'key in a lock'
For the first time, scientists reveal how a promising drug candidate for cancer therapy interacts with receptors on tumors. (2018-10-29)
Mouse study suggests vaccine strategy for immunocompromised patients
A study led by Som Nanjappa at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine identifies a cellular target that may improve efficacy in vaccines designed to protect immunocompromised individuals from potentially deadly opportunistic infections. (2018-10-26)
Repeated interferon stimulation creates innate immune memory
The innate immune system may be able to be trained to react to viral infections more efficiently by repeated exposure to anti-viral signaling molecules. (2018-10-25)
Chemotherapy drug paclitaxel also acts as an immune response modulator
By finding that the cancer drug also activates a key cellular receptor in the innate immune system, a study at the Center for Research in Inflammatory Diseases (CRID), in Brazil, may lead to new treatment strategies. (2018-10-24)
Study reveals how gene activity shapes immunity across species
By sequencing genes from over a quarter of a million cells across six mammalian species, researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and collaborators, have shown how genes in the immune response have varied activity between cells and species. (2018-10-24)
Covert tactics used by bacteria to trick human immune system
Comparing two strains of Salmonella -- one that causes disease in humans and the other in reptiles -- researchers discovered a covert way that the human-affecting bacteria essentially tricks the immune system into not attacking. (2018-10-23)
Actin cytoskeleton remodeling protects tumor cells against immune attack
Cancer cells have evolved multiple escape strategies to circumvent the body's immune defenses such as the attack by Natural Killer (NK) cells which normally swiftly kill abnormal cells by releasing cytotoxic products. (2018-10-23)
Pancreatic cancer genetic marker may predict outcomes with radiation therapy
scientists find that a gene involved in the immune system called IDO2 plays a significant role in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), the most common type of pancreatic cancer. (2018-10-22)
First immunotherapy success for triple-negative breast cancer
New research led by Queen Mary University of London and St Bartholomew's Hospital has shown that by using a combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy the body's own immune system can be tuned to attack triple-negative breast cancer, extending survival (2018-10-20)
Bioelectronic medicine treatment effective for lupus, pilot clinical trial shows
Results shared at ACR/ARHP annual meeting highlight non-invasive therapy reduces pain and fatigue associated with lupus. (2018-10-20)
Scientists identify critical cancer immunity genes using new genetic barcoding technology
Mount Sinai Scientists developed a novel way to barcode and track different CRISPRs by utilizing synthetic proteins built from combinations of smaller proteins, called epitopes. (2018-10-19)
Researchers describe novel immune syndrome
Researchers from Australia and Japan have discovered a new human immunodeficiency syndrome in two patients on separate continents. (2018-10-18)
ANU researchers find new disease
Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have discovered a new genetic disease and a method for detecting more unexplained medical conditions. (2018-10-18)
The dual and unknown function of the immune system
A new study led by CNIC researcher Andrés Hidalgo and published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine shows that in addition to its defense function and the associated damage to affected tissues, the immune system also plays an important role in the day-to-day function of healthy organs. (2018-10-18)
Infection biology: Staying a step ahead of the game
Trypanosoma brucei, which causes sleeping sickness, evades the immune system by repeatedly altering the structure of its surface coat. (2018-10-18)
Scientists develop DNA molecule that may one day be used as 'vaccine' for prostate cancer
Researchers from City of Hope have developed a synthetic DNA molecule that is programmed to jump-start the immune system to eradicate genetically distinct types of prostate cancer. (2018-10-18)
Pathogens may evade immune response with metal-free enzyme required for DNA replication
New study shows that some bacterial pathogens, including those that cause strep throat and pneumonia, are able to create the components necessary to replicate their DNA using a ribonucleotide reductase enzyme that does not require a metal ion cofactor. (2018-10-18)
A new mechanism in the control of inflammation
Researchers at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC) have discovered a new inflammation control mechanism that shows how the damage caused by the immune response can be controlled. (2018-10-18)
Childhood abuse linked to increased arthritis risk in adulthood
In a survey-based study of 21,889 adults in Canada, severe and/or frequent physical abuse during childhood and frequent childhood exposure to intimate partner violence were linked with higher risks or arthritis during adulthood arthritis, even after controlling for a range of factors. (2018-10-17)
Exposure to malaria before birth may boost childhood immunity
Pamela Odorizzi and colleagues have discovered that human fetal immune cells can proliferate in response to malaria infection in pregnant women, a finding that helps to demystify fetal immunity and potentially has implications for malaria control programs. (2018-10-17)
Machine-learning driven findings uncover new cellular players in tumor microenvironment
New findings presented today by CytoReason reveals possible new cellular players in the tumor microenvironment that could impact the treatment process for the most in-need patients -- those who have already failed to respond to ipilimumab (anti-CTLA4) immunotherapy. (2018-10-16)
This RNA-based technique could make gene therapy more effective
MIT biological engineers have devised a way to regulate the expression of messenger RNA once it gets into cells, giving them more precise control over gene therapy treatments for cancer and other diseases. (2018-10-16)
A bad influence: the interplay between tumor cells and immune cells
Research at Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah (U of U) yielded new insights into the environment surrounding different types of lung tumors, and described how these complex cell ecosystems may in turn ultimately affect response to treatment. (2018-10-16)
Immune health maintained by meticulously ordered DNA
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers have revealed how immune health is maintained by the exquisite organisation skills of a protein called Pax5. (2018-10-15)
Cancer stem cells use normal genes in abnormal ways
University of Colorado Cancer Center study shows that CDK1 directly interacts with Sox2 to keep cancer cells 'stemmy.' (2018-10-12)
Calm the immune system, halt premature birth
Cytokines, small proteins that alert the body to infection and cause inflammation, have been found in the amniotic fluid of many women who gave birth prematurely. (2018-10-12)
Link between gut flora and multiple sclerosis discovered
In multiple sclerosis, a defective response of the body's own immune system leads to brain tissue damage. (2018-10-11)
The significance of water in a promising biomarker against cancer
The UPV/EHU's Department of Physical Chemistry and the Biofísika Institute have conducted a multidisciplinary study of the Tn antigen that appears in 90 percent of cancers. (2018-10-11)
Clay supplements in dairy cows improve immune response to aflatoxin challenge, study says
In the fight against aflatoxin, dairy producers often turn to sequestering agents such as clay to reduce transference of the toxin into milk. (2018-10-11)
Synapse 'protection' signal found; helps to refine brain circuits
The developing brain is constantly forming new connections, or synapses, while discarding others. (2018-10-10)
Clues to lupus's autoimmune origins in precursor cells
Recent Emory research sheds light on precursor B cells and their role in the development of systemic lupus erythematosus/SLE. (2018-10-10)
Supercharged natural killer cells may hold promise for cancer
A type of 'supercharged' immune cell could be mass-produced to help fight cancer. (2018-10-08)
Immunotherapy effective against hereditary melanoma
Individuals with an inherited form of skin cancer often have a poor prognosis. (2018-10-08)
Recovering from a heart attack? Hold the antibiotics
An international team of researchers has shown in mice that a healthy gut microbiome is important for recovery after a heart attack. (2018-10-08)
New function of a key component in the immune system discovered
The complement proteins that circulate in our blood are an important part of our immune system. (2018-10-05)
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