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The decline in crime rates is explored in ASA's magazine, Contexts
Skyrocketing violent crime rates obsessed Americans for decades. Over the past ten years, however, crime rates have been dropping. What has happened, and what can we learn? The context and possible explanations for the recent decline in crime are explored in an article by Richard Rosenfeld, University of Missouri at St. Louis, in the inaugural issue of Contexts, the American Sociological Association's newest publication. (2002-03-28)

$1.6 million award funds partnership for Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act assistance
The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Department of Psychiatry has received a grant of $1,579,163 from The California Endowment, the state's largest health foundation, to assist in the implementation of Proposition 36, the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act(SACPA)of 2000. (2002-03-22)

Concern over new UK legislation to detain people with dangerous severe personality disorders
Recent UK government proposals to reduce the risks posed by people with (2001-12-06)

HIV patients more likely to accept a drug regimen if they trust in the physician, Yale researchers find
A study of HIV-infected prisoners shows that they are more likely to accept antiretroviral therapy (ART) if they have trust in the treatment, their physicians and in medical institutions, highlighting the important role that trust plays in HIV therapy, Yale researchers report. (2001-10-30)

Real-world job training can cut the odds of returning to prison, UW study finds
The right kind of job training -- in a realistic business setting and coupled with personal counseling -- can cut in half the odds of returning to a life of crime, University of Washington researchers have found. (2000-04-30)

Health of women prisoners
A study of women prisoners in a British Columbia correctional facility finds most would agree to have Papanicolaou smear tests. (2000-03-06)

Societal changes major cause of recent drop in crime rates
Long-term societal changes, more than any one presidential initiative, have resulted in the dramatic decrease in crime rates during the last two decades, researchers say. (1999-08-09)

Youths From Father-Absent Homes More Likely To Be Incarcerated
SAN FRANCISCO - Males who grow up without a father in the household are at twice the risk of being incarcerated when compared with youth from intact families, according to new findings to be presented Friday, August 21 at the ASA's Annual Meeting. The odds of incarceration for youths from stepparent families are even higher. (1998-08-20)

Doctors Scale Prison Walls To Help Women At Risk For AIDS Stay Out Of Jail
Having a regular doctor and continuous medical care from inside prison to the outside reduces risky behavior for spreading HIV and keeps women out of jail, according to Brown studies presented at the 12th World AIDS Conference and related events in Geneva, Switzerland. (1998-07-02)

Past Trauma Compels Unsafe Sex In Many Drug-Abusing Women
A study of HIV-positive African American women incarcerated for abusing crack cocaine has shown that most shared childhood and adult histories of sexual and physical abuse, which in turn engendered feelings of powerlessness that led to unsafe sex and a greatly increased risk of HIV infection. (1998-06-24)

New Research Finds Better Pregnancy Outcomes Among Imprisoned Women
Babies born to women who were in prison while pregnant appear to have healthier birthweights as a group than infants born to women imprisoned at some other time, according to a unique new study. (1997-09-30)

Researchers Link Smoking During Pregnancy To Conduct Disorder In Boys
Women who smoke more than half-a-pack of cigarettes a day during pregnancy are significantly more likely to have a son with conduct disorder than mothers who did not smoke, report researchers from thenly slight rearrangement of an intact ecosystem's food web can directly influence the atmosphere ent. y (1997-07-14)

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