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NIEHS And U.C. Davis Researchers Find Protein That May Be Key To Non-Hormonal Family Planning And Treatment Of Infertility
Researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and U.C. (1998-09-30)
Sperm Protein May Hold Clues For Fertility And Contraceptives
A protein found on the surface of the sperm of all mammals appears crucial for the union of the sperm and egg, and for movement of the sperm into the animal's oviduct, announce researchers at the University of California, Davis. (1998-09-17)
The Postcoital Test Is An Ineffective Infertility Investigation
Dr Guid Oei and colleagues from the Netherlands and Australia report their findings in the first randomised controlled trial of infertility investigations regarding the postcoital test. (1998-08-21)
Hopkins Researchers Urge Regular Chlamydia Testing For All Sexually Active Teenage Women
All sexually active adolescent females should be tested by family doctors not once but twice a year for chlamydia infection, a significant preventable cause of pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility in women in the United States, say Johns Hopkins researchers. (1998-08-12)
Home Samples May Help Reduce Prevalence Of Chlamydia
Urogenital infections caused by Chlamydia are common and may cause female infertility and ectopic pregnancy. (1998-07-03)
Poetically Timed With Spring, Budding Yeast Yield Possible Insight Into Male Fertility--And Infertility
Budding yeast in a UC San Francisco lab are yielding possible insight into a key step leading to the creation of human sperm. (1998-04-23)
Discovery By Fertility Specialist Offers Promise Of Reducing Multiple BirthsTied To Fertility Treatment
Preliminary research by a fertility specialist at the University at Buffalo shows for the first time that a hormone whose role in fertility was thought to be limited to triggering ovulation also can support growth of a developing egg follicle during fertility treatment. (1998-03-13)
Age-Based Screening Is Cost-Effective Method To Control Chlamydial Infection
Screening all women younger than 30 years of age may be the most cost-effective method of stopping or limiting chlamydial infections and their consequences according to an article in the February 15 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine. (1998-02-17)
Women Younger Than 30 Need To Be Screened For Chlamydia
Inexpensive screening of all sexually active young women under 30 for Chlamydia trachomatis infection would vastly reduce infertility and the costly medical complications of this sexually transmitted disease, according to results of a Johns Hopkins study. (1998-02-15)
Bible Story May Include First Report Of Anorexia
The biblical story of Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel, may describe the first documented case of anorexia nervosa and its associated infertility. (1998-01-21)
Chlamydia Vaccine Developed At UMass
University of Massachusetts scientists are among those who have formulated a vaccine that prevents the disease chlamydia, the leading cause of female infertility in this country. (1998-01-07)
Study Paints New Picture Of Y Chromosome As A Safe Haven For Male Fertility Genes
For decades scientists thought that the human Y chromosome, the male sex chromosome, was nothing more than a smaller, less stable version of its partner, the X (the sex chromosome present in both females and males). (1997-10-23)
Endometriosis Symptoms Improve Dramatically After Surgery For Most Women UB Prospective Study Finds
A prospective study of surgical treatment for endometriosis has shown that the majority of women who undergo surgery for the condition experience dramatic improvement in pain and discomfort. (1997-09-04)
Menstrual Irregularities May Indicate Genetic Disorder
Five to 10 percent of women suffer from a hormonal disorder that may be inherited and may cause infertility, according to a doctor at Penn State's Milton S. (1997-04-02)
UW Research May Lead To Contraceptive Gel To Prevent Chlamydia--The Most Prevalent Sexually Transmitted Disease
A University of Washington study may point the way to development of a contraceptive gel to prevent transmission of Chlamydia trachomatis, the most common cause of sexually transmitted disease. (1996-12-18)
Environment Plays Important Role In Reproduction- Study Of Wild Baboons Provides Insight For Human Infertility Treatment
A study of reproduction in wild baboons offers a new way of thinking about infertility treatment for American women. (1996-07-29)
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