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Metamaterials found to work for visible light
For the first time ever, researchers at the US Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory have developed a material with a negative refractive index for visible light. Ames Laboratory senior physicist Costas Soukoulis, working with colleagues in Karlsruhe, Germany, designed a silver-based, mesh-like material that exhibits a refractive index of -0.6 at the red end of the visible spectrum. (2007-01-04)

The mathematics of cloaking
The theorists who first created the mathematics that describe the behavior of the recently announced (2006-12-26)

Science's breakthrough of the year -- The Poincaré Theorem
In 2006, researchers closed a major chapter in mathematics, reaching a consensus that the elusive Poincaré Conjecture, which deals with abstract shapes in three-dimensional space, had finally been solved. Science and its publisher AAAS, the nonprofit society, now salute this development as the Breakthrough of the Year and also give props to nine other of the year's most significant scientific accomplishments. (2006-12-21)

First demonstration of a working invisibility cloak
A team led by scientists at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering has demonstrated the first working (2006-10-19)

Tumor wizardry wards off attacks from the immune system
Like the fictional wizard Harry Potter, some cancerous tumors seem capable of wrapping themselves in an invisibility cloak. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that pancreatic tumors hide from the body's immune surveillance by surrounding themselves with cells that make it hard for the immune system to detect them. (2006-07-13)

Include Indigenous communities in MDGs or watch them die a slow death, experts warn
We are dangerously close to killing off the world's Indigenous populations, and losing forever the invaluable knowledge these communities have about medicines and the ecosystem. (2006-05-25)

Theoretical blueprint for invisibility cloak reported
Using a new design theory, researchers at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering and Imperial College London have developed the blueprint for an invisibility cloak. Once devised, the cloak could have numerous uses, from defense applications to wireless communications, the researchers said. (2006-05-25)

Millennium development goals ignore health of indigenous people worldwide
The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), as they stand today, will allow whole populations of indigenous people to disappear, warn the authors of a paper in The Lancet's series on indigenous health, which begins this week. Indigenous people are 'invisible' in all the benchmarks currently proposed in the MDGs, state the researchers. (2006-05-25)

Sound nutrition for children is an unmet human right
At the annual World Food Prize International Symposium, one expert highlighted global nutrition crises, noting that child malnutrition must be addressed in the development process with intervention programs and policies that target all aspects of the problem from wasting to obesity. (2006-02-09)

Urban youth don't feel respected, cared about or trusted
Less than half the teens surveyed in a Cornell University study feel connected to school or community. And the older the students, the less connected they feel. (2004-03-10)

Migration can lead to new perceptions of women's work, health, and social status
When Leonora found herself working as a maid in the United States, the familiar line between employer and servant blurred. Rather than being pleased by the democratic nature of her new American home, Leonora (a pseudonym) thought of her inclusion into the family as an intrusion into her personal space. (2000-01-26)

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