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Muscles matter in baseball injuries
A new approach to analyzing baseball-pitching biomechanics may one day give players more personalized feedback and help prevent elbow injuries. In a computer simulation study of baseball pitching, Northwestern University biomedical engineers found that the strength of the elbow muscles of a baseball pitcher likely play a bigger role in injury risk and prevention than previously thought. (2015-04-08)

Services users and their needs to be at the center of health-care services
The use of technology in daily life is getting easier all the time as people accumulate knowledge and skills in information and communications technology. However, the most important thing in developing health care services, for example, is to take into account people's day to day lives and their subjective experience of the utility of using services. (2015-04-02)

TRMM satellite makes direct pass over Super Typhoon Maysak
The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite delivered a remarkable image of Super Typhoon Maysak on March 31. TRMM obtained an image straight over the top of a super typhoon with a double eye-wall, Super Typhoon Maysak, as it roared through the warm waters of the West Pacific south of Guam. (2015-04-02)

Will the Affordable Care Act eliminate health disparities?
Two new BMJ studies from Massachusetts indicate that racial and socioeconomic disparities persist even with nearly universal access to health coverage. In an accompanying editorial, Marshall Chin, M.D., M.P.H., Professor of Healthcare Ethics at the University of Chicago Medicine, offers perspective on why expanding health coverage is a significant step in the right direction, but may not be enough to end disparities. (2015-04-01)

Depression often co-occurs with joint diseases
Those suffering from depressive symptoms have an increased risk for physical diseases, especially for arthrosis and arthritis. These findings were reported by researchers from the University of Basel and the Ruhr-University Bochum. Their results, based on data from 14,300 people living in Switzerland, have been published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Public Health. (2015-04-01)

Soft, energy-efficient robotic wings
Reporting this week in the journal Applied Physics Letters, from AIP Publishing, researchers from the Harbin Institute of Technology in Weihai, China and the University of California, Los Angeles, have discovered a new resonance phenomenon in a dielectric elastomer rotary joint that can make the artificial joint bend up and down, like a flapping wing. (2015-03-31)

For type V AC joint injuries, early surgery may not be the best approach
Early surgery may not be the best treatment option for patients with Type V AC joint injuries, according to new research from Tripler Army Medical Center. The study, presented today at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's Specialty Day, showed military personnel returned to duty faster when surgery was not performed. (2015-03-28)

No need to delay rotator cuff surgery, study shows
Delaying rotator cuff surgery on patients with shoulder stiffness may not be necessary, according to research presented today at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's Specialty Day. (2015-03-28)

Bundled payments: Study finds causes of hospital readmissions following joint replacements
A new study from researchers at NYU Langone's Hospital for Joint Diseases identifies common causes of hospital readmissions following total hip and knee arthoplasty procedures among patients involved in a Bundled Payment Care Initiative. By finding these common causes, researchers believe quality can be increased and hospital costs decreased. (2015-03-27)

Do biofuel policies seek to cut emissions by cutting food?
A study published in the journal Science found that government biofuel policies rely on reductions in food consumption to generate greenhouse gas savings. (2015-03-27)

Black patients more likely to be readmitted after hip, knee replacement surgery
A new study presented today at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons found that black and Hispanic patients were 62 and 50 percent, respectively, more likely to be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days after total joint replacement surgery compared to white patients. (2015-03-26)

Experts unveil 2 ways to identify joint replacement patients at risk for complication
Orthopedic surgeons from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have developed two new prediction tools aimed at identifying total hip and knee replacement patients who are at-risk of developing serious complications after surgery. The investigators unveiled the new models, and study findings on which they are based, on Thursday, March 26, 2015, at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. (2015-03-26)

Joint Committee on the Handling of Security-Relevant Research starts work
The Joint Committee on the Handling of Security-Relevant Research, set up by the Deutsche For-schungsgemeinschaft and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, has started work. (2015-03-26)

Chikungunya virus may be coming to a city near you -- learn the facts
The mosquito-borne chikungunya disease is predicted to soon spread to the US The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston's Scott Weaver, globally recognized for his expertise in mosquito-borne diseases, has been studying chikungunya for more than 15 years. Weaver and fellow infectious disease expert Marc Lecuit of the Institut Pasteur have summarized currently available information on this disease in the March 26 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine. (2015-03-26)

Bariatric surgery before joint replacement can improve outcomes in obese patients
Two new studies at Hospital for Special Surgery find that bariatric surgery prior to joint replacement is a cost-effective option to improve outcomes in severely overweight patients. (2015-03-26)

Women fare better than men following total knee, hip replacement
While women may have their first total joint replacement at an older age, they are less likely to have complications related to their surgery or require revision surgery, according to a new study presented today at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. The findings contradict the theory that TJR is underutilized in female patients because they have worse outcomes then men. (2015-03-26)

2015 Joint Assembly: News media registration open; reserve hotel room now
More than 2,000 researchers are expected to present their latest research findings in the Earth and space sciences at the 2015 Joint Assembly being held May 3-7 in Montreal. The meeting will bring together researchers from the American Geophysical Union, Canadian Geophysical Union, Geological Association of Canada, and Mineral Association of Canada. (2015-03-26)

Hip replacement patients may safely drive as early as 2 weeks following surgery
Thanks to improved surgical, pain management and rehabilitation procedures, patients who undergo a total hip replacement may be able to safely drive as early as two weeks following surgery, according to new research presented today at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (2015-03-24)

Study: Hip replacement an excellent option to relieve pain in juvenile arthritis patients
A study at Hospital for Special Surgery finds that hip replacement is an excellent option to alleviate pain and improve function in juvenile arthritis patients under age 35 when conservative treatments fail to provide relief. (2015-03-24)

Men have a higher level of function before and after total knee replacement surgery
While men and women have similar levels of improvement following total knee replacement (TKR) surgery, men have higher levels of function before and after TKR, according to new research presented today at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (2015-03-24)

Marketing, prescribing testosterone and growth hormone for aging is disease mongering
The marketing, prescribing and selling of testosterone and growth hormone as panaceas for aging-associated problems is disease mongering. So assert Thomas Perls, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.P., a geriatrician at Boston Medical Center and professor of Geriatrics and Medicine at Boston University School of Medicine; and David Handelsman, M.B. B.S., FRACP, Ph.D., professor of Reproductive Endocrinology and Andrology, director of the ANZAC Research Institute, University of Sydney and Andrology Department, Concord Hospital. (2015-03-24)

Diabetes, previous joint pain and overall physical health predicts arthritis pain
Diabetes and previous joint pain, along with a patient's overall physical health status, may predicts arthritis pain with nearly 100 percent accuracy, in new research presented today at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (2015-03-24)

Hip-replacement patients may safely drive as early as 2 weeks following surgery
Thanks to improved surgical, pain management and rehabilitation procedures, patients who undergo a total hip replacement may be able to safely drive as early as two weeks following surgery, according to new research presented today at the 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. (2015-03-24)

Study: Patients going home after knee replacement do as well as those going to rehab facility
Hospital for Special Surgery study finds that patients can be safely discharged to their home to receive physical therapy following knee replacement, dispelling the common notion that rehabilitation at an inpatient facility is essential for a successful recovery. (2015-03-24)

QUT first Australian university to sign research deal with China's largest province
QUT Vice-Chancellor professor Peter Coaldrake today signed a landmark Agreement on Research Collaboration with China's Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the first of its kind by an Australian university. (2015-03-23)

First stem cell-based approach to treat type 2 diabetes effective in mice
A combination of human stem cell transplantation and antidiabetic drugs proved to be highly effective at improving body weight and glucose metabolism in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes. The findings, published March 19 by Stem Cell Reports, could set the stage for clinical trials to test the first stem cell-based approach for insulin replacement in patients with type 2 diabetes. (2015-03-19)

Miriam Hospital researchers find topical TXA in total joint replacement lowers blood transfusion use
Orthopedic surgeons from The Miriam Hospital have conducted a cost-benefit analysis of topical tranexamic acid in primary total hip and knee arthroplasty patients that revealed a 12 percent transfusion rate reduction -- from 17.5 percent to 5.5 percent -- with no significant difference in complication rates. (2015-03-19)

NASA's RapidScat sees waning winds of Tropical Depression Bavi
Tropical Cyclone Bavi weakened to a depression and NASA's RapidScat instrument measured its waning winds from space. (2015-03-18)

Joint fluid harbors bacterial clumps after replacement despite pre-surgery antibiotics
Researchers from Thomas Jefferson University and NIH tested for prophylactic antibiotic concentrations in joint fluid samples after joint replacements. (2015-03-17)

Insulin pumps need greater safety review
Not enough is known about the safety and efficacy of insulin pumps, and a comprehensive safety overhaul -- including greater access to data from pump manufacturers and public funding of research on the use of insulin pumps -- is needed to allow health care teams to educate and support those using the devices. (2015-03-16)

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Nathan moving south and strengthening
The MODIS instrument aboard NASA's Terra satellite captured a visible image of Tropical Cyclone Nathan east of the Queensland coast on March 16 at 0:00 UTC. The image showed a rounded circulation with bands of thunderstorms wrapping into the center of circulation. (2015-03-16)

Yale leads test of new device that protects the brain during heart-valve procedure
In the first multicenter trial of its kind, Yale researchers tested a new device that lowers the risk of stroke and cognitive decline in patients undergoing heart-valve replacement. (2015-03-15)

SAPIEN valve, surgery equivalent at 5 years
Five-year data suggest that the SAPIEN transcatheter heart valve is a feasible option for patients with severe aortic stenosis deemed to be at high risk for open-heart surgery, though valve leakage was more common with the first-generation valve evaluated in this study than with surgery, according to research from PARTNER I presented at the American College of Cardiology's 64th Annual Scientific Session. (2015-03-15)

Self-expanding TAVR widens advantage over surgery at 2 years
Two-year data show a continued survival advantage for self-expanding transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) over standard surgery in high-risk patients with severe aortic stenosis, according to research presented at the American College of Cardiology's 64th Annual Scientific Session. (2015-03-15)

Elderly aortic stenosis patients live longer with minimally invasive valve replacement
Elderly patients once considered too frail or tool sick for aortic valve replacement surgery are living longer, with better quality of life, following a minimally invasive surgery, compared to patients who did not undergo surgery, according a study published in The Lancet today. (2015-03-15)

MARC travel awards announced for: The 2015 ASCI/AAP Joint Meeting
FASEB MARC, Maximizing Access to Research Careers, Program has announced the travel award recipients for the 2015 ASCI/AAP Joint Meeting from April 24-26, 2015 in Chicago, Ill. (2015-03-13)

RIKEN CSRS and Nagoya University's WPI-ITbM sign joint research collaboration agreement
The RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science and Nagoya University's Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules have announced that the research centers have entered a collaborative agreement to promote interdisciplinary research, particularly focusing on synthetic chemistry and plant biology. The joint research agreement was signed on January 2015 and is expected to increase the collaboration and accelerate the research between both institutes. (2015-03-12)

JAMA publishes one-year data for transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedure
Study results of one-year data for more than 12,000 patients who had transcatheter aortic valve replacement in the United States show an overall one-year death rate of 23.7 percent and a stroke rate of 4.1 percent, according to a study published in the March 10 issue of JAMA. (2015-03-10)

Study examines outcomes for patients 1 year after transcatheter aortic valve replacement
In an analysis of outcomes of about 12,000 patients who underwent transcatheter aortic valve replacement, death rate after one year was nearly one in four; of those alive at 12 months, almost half had not been rehospitalized and approximately 25 percent had only one hospitalization, according to a study in the March 10 issue of JAMA. (2015-03-10)

More UK regulation of total hip replacement devices needed to prevent unnecessary surgery
A new study from the University of Warwick is calling for more UK compulsory regulation of devices used in hip replacements to reduce the need for further traumatic and expensive surgery. (2015-03-10)

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