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Local environmental knowledge helps indigenous societies to adapt
A study by ICTA Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona funded by the European Research Council shows that in indigenous societies individuals with greater local environmental knowledge catch more game and enjoy better health. (2016-03-01)

Access to the Internet makes us less willing to say we know things
People are less willing to rely on their knowledge and say they know something when they have access to the Internet, suggesting that our connection to the web is affecting how we think. (2015-12-08)

Expert system for early diagnosis of schizophrenia
The opinion of a qualified professional is unlikely to be replaced by a computer algorithm for the diagnosis of schizophrenia. However, additional medical evidence based on such an algorithm might be useful in early diagnosis, according to work published in the International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications. (2015-11-05)

New DNA research reveals undiscovered white dots on the map
Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have located a previously unknown function in the so-called histones, which allows for an improved understanding of how cells protect and repair DNA damages. This knowledge may eventually result in better treatments for diseases such as cancer. (2015-10-23)

Message to Starbucks: Consumer idea generation is not one-size-fits-all
Listen up, Dell and Starbucks and all companies that turn to consumers for ideas about products and services. There's a better way to pry ideas out of your customers than through the same old standard online platforms. A study in the Journal of Marketing suggests that one-size-fits-all approach may be counterproductive. According to the study, online idea-generation platforms should instead tailor themselves to the industry-specific knowledge of the customer. (2015-09-23)

Methane observatories successfully deployed in the Arctic
Mysteries still abound about methane release from the ocean floor. Two state of the art observatories have been deployed in the Arctic this summer, to try and unveil the secrets of natural release of the climate gas. (2015-09-22)

Searching the Internet inflates estimates of internal knowledge
Actively searching the Internet inflates our sense of the knowledge we actually possess because we fail to recognize the extent to which we rely on external sources for information. (2015-08-12)

BMJ partners with European Society for Medical Oncology
Global healthcare knowledge provider BMJ has partnered with the European Society for Medical Oncology, with the aim of publishing a new open access cancer journal from next year, the company has announced. (2015-07-28)

Study: Sharing knowledge positively impacts innovation in retail
A new study from The University of Texas at Dallas finds that a retail store should share customer service experiences with other units in the same chain to have more innovative behavior in its own store. (2015-07-02)

Knowledge about alternative medicine connected to education, income
SF State research finds that individuals with lower education and income levels are less likely to know about yoga, acupuncture and other complementary treatments. (2015-06-17)

US Army grant will help researcher examine knowledge hoarding in the workplace
Chunke Su, a UT Arlington associate professor of communication, will use a US Army grant to examine when and why workers hide key information from colleagues on the job. (2015-06-12)

Inexperienced investors should take advantage of 'auto-pilot investing'
Michael Guillemette, an assistant professor of personal financial planning at the University of Missouri, says use of target-date is a positive trend which will help inexperienced investors invest safely without risking significant losses based on their lack of knowledge. (2015-06-01)

The flight of the oryx
Qatar's capital city, Doha, is set to emerge as a major knowledge hub, with its educated, high-tech workforce and its international connectivity. However, the lack of a cohesive plan for development and the mobility of that workforce in and out of Qatar could stymie its success on the global stage. (2015-05-21)

Online illusion: Unplugged, we really aren't that smart
The Internet brings the world to our fingertips, but it turns out that getting information online also has a startling effect on our brains: We feel a lot smarter than we really are, according to a Yale-led study published March 30 in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. (2015-03-31)

Less futile end-of-life care observed where palliative care knowledge is greater
The greater a director of nursing's knowledge of palliative care the lower the likelihood that nursing home patients will experience futile, aggressive end-of-life care, according to a new large national study. The association was evident whether or not hospice care was available. (2015-03-20)

New information system on raw materials
Today the JRC launches the Raw Materials Information System (RMIS), a comprehensive online repository of information on policies, activities and data related to the European raw materials sector. The RMIS supports a series of European Commission initiatives which aim to tackle the pressure on valuable resources and their more efficient use to the benefit of EU's economies. (2015-03-16)

Many women with breast cancer have poor knowledge about their condition
A new analysis has found that many women with breast cancer lack knowledge about their illness, with minority patients less likely than white patients to know and report accurate information about their tumors' characteristics. (2015-01-26)

A breakthrough approach to addressing the causes of biodiversity loss
A simplified framework of the interactions between nature and people could potentially change the manner in which biodiversity assessments will be conducted in the future. The framework is the first public product of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services, a body that aims to track the ecological health of the planet and help avert catastrophic change in ecosystems. Known as the 'conceptual framework' of IPBES, publishing Jan. 13 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology. (2015-01-13)

Healthy knowledge management and social networking
Social network analysis could improve knowledge sharing in the health-care sector, according to research results published in the International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise. (2014-10-03)

Increased knowledge of HPV vaccines does not predict a higher rate of vaccination
A year-long study of over 360 adolescents who were considered to be ideal candidates to receive the HPV vaccine showed that neither increased parental or adolescent knowledge about HPV or the vaccine resulted in higher rates of vaccination. That is, those with higher levels of knowledge were not more likely to obtain vaccination for themselves or their daughters. (2014-09-23)

Heart disease: First Canadian survey shows women unaware of symptoms and risk factors
A new survey, ordered by the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, shows that a majority of Canadian women lack knowledge of heart disease symptoms and risk factors, and that a significant proportion is even unaware of their own risk status. The findings underscore the opportunity for patient education and intervention regarding risk and prevention of heart disease. (2014-07-21)

Environment change threatens indigenous know-how
Traditional medicine provides health care for more than half the world's population, but no one has really looked at how the environment affects traditional medicine. Studying 12 ethnic groups from Nepal we found that plant availability in the local environment has a stronger influence on the make-up of a culture's medicinal floras. This means that the environment plays a huge role in shaping traditional knowledge. This is very important, especially when you think of the risks that these cultures are already facing. (2014-02-12)

Alley to receive National Academy of Sciences award
Richard B. Alley, Evan Pugh Professor of Geosciences, is the recipient of the National Academy of Sciences Arthur L. Day Prize and Lectureship. (2014-01-20)

3 'hands on' nutrition classes -- Enough to impact health behaviors in lower income women
The knowledge and skills required to change poor nutrition and health behavior choices are often unavailable to those living with financial limitations. Competing demands on time and resources may pose obstacles to their achieving better diets. However, two researchers at the University of Minnesota recently completed a study that looked at the effects that three educational sessions might have on knowledge and behaviors of 118 low-income women of ethnically diverse backgrounds. (2013-11-07)

Knowledge about incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse lower among women of color
Knowing what symptoms to look for may help women with pelvic floor disorders improve their chances of successful treatment. But knowledge of these disorders is lacking among most women, and especially among women of color, according to a new study by researchers at Yale School of Medicine. (2013-10-29)

Spatial, written language skills predict math competence
New longitudinal research from Finland has found that children's early spatial skills and knowledge of written letters, rather than oral language skills, predict competence in math. The study included over 1,800 children and has implications for the STEM fields and workforces. (2013-10-22)

New way to improve antibiotic production
New research findings could reduce production times and therefore costs for antibiotic producers. (2013-06-17)

Environment schemes for kids influence parents' behavior
Teaching children about the environment can affect the knowledge and behavior of parents, says research by Imperial scientists in the Seychelles. (2013-02-14)

Novice or expert: How do consumers increase their knowledge about products?
Consumers seek out novel consumption experiences to increase their knowledge about products but do so selectively based on their level of expertise, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. (2012-11-13)

It's all in the details: Why are some consumers willing to pay more for less information?
Some consumers will pay more for a product if they are given detailed information on how it works while others are inclined to pay less when given too much detail, according to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research. (2012-10-22)

Critical care ultrasound training can improve physician trainee knowledge and skills
A dedicated critical care ultrasound training program could help improve physician trainees' knowledge and skills at the bedside. (2012-10-22)

News consumption of political stories not enough to retain political knowledge
Researchers from the University of Missouri found that adolescents who spend more time thinking and talking about the news with their peers and relatives tend to know more about political developments in the country. (2012-09-25)

Wiki where you work?
Do corporate wikis work? Two University of Alberta researchers say they can, providing they fit the corporation's culture and provide for the needs and interests of their users and editors. (2012-08-08)

Study finds non-disclosure of HIV serostatus common among India female sex workers
Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine in partnership with Indian researchers and HIV positive networks groups, have found that in India, non-disclosure of HIV serostatus to sex partners among both HIV-infected female sex workers (FSWs) and HIV-infected clients of FSWs is exceedingly common. These findings currently appear online in the journal AIDS and Behavior. (2012-07-23)

The ultimate social sciences online library is now live
SAGE, the world's leading independent academic and professional publisher today announced the full launch of SAGE Knowledge: The ultimate social sciences online library. (2012-06-21)

A network of knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe
A group of European experts on biodiversity will gather fromMay 21-23, 2012, in Brussels in order to further improve the transfer of biodiversity knowledge from the scientific community into the policy sphere. These experts will take part in a project funded by the European Commission: (2012-05-18)

The teacher is central to successful use of computers in schools
The idea of one computer per student is becoming increasingly common in the Swedish school system. The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, is now conducting several studies on the educational consequences of the so-called 1:1 initiative in a group of Swedish municipalities. 'The teacher is the key to successful use of computers in the classroom,' says Professor Berner Lindström, scientific director of the studies. (2012-05-15)

Medical School implements successful radiation protection program for undergraduate medical students
A medical school in Ireland has successfully implemented a radiation protection program, improving knowledge of radiation protection among medical undergraduates, according to a study in the March issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology. (2012-03-01)

Many young people don't know what constitutes sensible alcohol consumption
A new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review reveals that young people do not possess the knowledge or skills required to adhere to government guidelines for responsible alcohol consumption. This article is part of the March special themed issue of the journal on low-risk drinking guidelines. (2012-02-21)

Babies are born with 'intuitive physics' knowledge, says MU researcher
While it may appear that infants are helpless creatures that only blink, eat, cry and sleep, one University of Missouri researcher says that studies indicate infant brains come equipped with knowledge of (2012-01-24)

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