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Media Advisory 5: Fall Meeting - Shoemaker Lecture: Issues Surrounding The Chicxulub Impact
Dr. Susan Kieffer will deliver the Shoemaker Lecture on December 9, during AGU's Fall Meeting. She will discuss the impact at Chicxulub, Mexico, 65 million years ago, which affected the course of life on Earth. (1998-12-01)

Scientific Team Returns From Tsunami Site
The first scientific team to survey and report on last month's catastrophic tsunami at Sissano Lagoon in northwestern Papua New Guinea suggests that tsunamis, or tidal waves, may threaten more coastline regions of the world than previously thought, including much of the West Coast (1998-08-20)

FloodingAnd Growth Aren't The Only Result Of The Annual Spring Melt-Off--Water From Melting Snow Can Trigger Landslides
An air temperature threshold is a powerful indicator for anticipating potentially hazardous landslides during the spring snowmelt season, according to the results of a recent study by the U.S. Geological Survey. (1998-04-14)

In Close Elections, Small-State Voters Have Most Power, Columbia Statistician Tells Presidential Candidates
In close presidential elections, voters in small, politically moderate states such as Vermont and New Mexico are more likely to determine the outcome than voters in large states such as California, Texas or New York, according to a study by a Columbia University statistics professor and his colleagues. (1998-03-16)

USGS Scientists Gear Up For El Nino
From the West Coast to South Florida, the U.S. Geological Survey is gearing up as part of the scientific front line in studying and reducing the impact of El Nino. (1997-11-06)

A 'CAT Scan' Of Mount Rainier Detects Quake Hazards
University of Washington researchers have made the first detailed study of the possible trigger for a massive landslide on Mount Rainier: a large earthquake centered in the volcano's backyard.The study, the first three-dimensional look into the interior of the volcano and its surroundings, leads UW research scientist Seth Moran to speculate that a potential earthquake hazard exists in the southeastern corner of Mount Rainier. (1997-08-19)

Alaska Volcano Could Trigger Tsunami; Scientists Model Impact Of 1883 Wave On Coastal Communities
Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks recently completed a computer visualization model that depicts how a landslide-generated tsunami may impact coastal Alaska communities. Elena Troshina will present the model May 30 at the American Geophysical Union session on coastal hazards in Baltimore, Maryland. The model recreates a tsunami that occurred in 1883 following the eruption and landslide on Mount Saint Augustine, in Alaska's lower Cook Inlet. (1997-05-29)

Behind The Scenes In The Pacific Northwest Flooding
The floods have crested and are beginning to recede in most places in the Pacific Northwest. Nevertheless dozens of U.S. Geological Survey personnel, who were busy over the holidays measuring the high streamflows and keeping river stage monitors operating, are still busy in the field and in their offices. Field crews have been hampered by mudslides, road closures, and extremely dangerous conditions. Many sites cannot be reached. (1997-01-03)

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