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New invisibility cloak hides objects from human view
For the first time, scientists have devised an invisibility cloak material that hides objects from detection using light that is visible to humans. (2011-07-27)
Magnesium Award 2011: Scientist honored for new high performance alloy
The Magnesium Research Award, endowed with 5,000 euro, has been conferred by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht since 2007. (2011-07-25)
Retinal cells thoughts to be the same are not, JHU biologist says
Light-sensing cells in the eye that were thought to be identical and responsible for both setting the body's circadian rhythm and the pupil's reaction to light and darkness are actually two different cells, each responsible for one of those tasks. (2011-07-25)
Inducing non-REM sleep in mice by novel optogenetical control technique
Associate Professor Akihiro YAMANAKA from National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS), succeeded in suppressing only the activity of the orexin neurons in the mice's brains (hypothalamus) when the optical switch was on, using the light-activated protein, halorhodopsin (eNpHR). (2011-07-20)
Social enterprise project brings 'Right Light' to African communities
Entrepreneurial students from the University of Southampton have set up a new project to improve standards of living and future economic opportunities in rural African communities, by replacing kerosene with solar lamps. (2011-07-15)
Light bulb phase-out offers new role for unsung heroes of electronics revolution
With the United States' phase-out of conventional incandescent light bulbs set to start in a few months, an article in the current edition of Chemical & Engineering News describes how the ban on 100-watt bulbs portends a huge new wave of growth for the once lowly light-emitting diode. (2011-07-13)
Newly discovered molecule essential to resetting 'body clocks'
A new study from Queen Mary, University of London exploring the mechanism behind resetting the internal (2011-07-12)
Light propagation controlled in photonic chips -- major breakthrough in telecommunications field
Columbia Engineering researchers have built optical nanostructures that enable them to slow photons down and fully control light dispersion. (2011-07-10)
Sea urchins see with their whole body
Many animals have eyes that are incredibly complex -- others manage without. (2011-06-30)
Mantis shrimp eye could improve high-definition CDs, DVDs
The eye of the peacock mantis shrimp has led an international team of researchers to develop a two-part waveplate that could improve CD, DVD, blu-ray and holographic technology, creating even higher definition and larger storage density. (2011-06-24)
Artificial light quality affects herbivore preference for seedlings
Researchers evaluated the preference of adult sweet potato whitefly to cucumber seedlings grown under fluorescent lamps or metal-halide lamps that provided a spectrum similar to that of natural light. (2011-06-22)
Astronomers discover that galaxies are either asleep or awake
Astronomers have probed into the distant universe and discovered that galaxies display one of two distinct behaviors: they are either awake or asleep, actively forming stars or are not forming any new stars at all. (2011-06-21)
First X-ray lasing of SACLA
RIKEN and the Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute have successfully produced a first beam of X-ray laser light with a wavelength of 1.2 Angstroms. (2011-06-17)
Research creates nanoparticles perfectly formed to tackle cancer
Researchers from the University of Hull have discovered a way to load up nanoparticles with large numbers of light-sensitive molecules to create a more effective form of photodynamic therapy for treating cancer. (2011-06-06)
British and Canadian synchrotrons sign agreement
Making the power of synchrotron light available to more businesses, building new experimental equipment and developing new capabilities are three of the areas for collaboration between Diamond Light Source Ltd. and Canadian Light Source Inc. (2011-05-31)
Exposing ZnO nanorods to visible light removes microbes
The practical use of visible light and zinc oxide nanorods for destroying bacterial water contamination has been successfully demonstrated by researchers at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand. (2011-05-12)
Chemistry researchers receive patent for new scientific measurement instrument
Two Baylor University chemistry professors have invented a new polarimeter, a basic scientific instrument used to measure and interpret the polarization of transverse waves, such as light waves, that could prove useful in determining the purity of pharmaceuticals. (2011-05-10)
Measurement of 'hot' electrons could have solar energy payoff
Basic scientific curiosity paid off in unexpected ways when Rice University researchers investigating the fundamental physics of nanomaterials discovered a new technology that could dramatically improve solar energy panels. (2011-05-05)
Market lighting affects nutrients
Many people reach toward the back of the fresh-produce shelf to find the freshest salad greens with the latest expiration dates. (2011-05-03)
From the beginning, the brain knows the difference between night and day
The brain is apparently programmed from birth to develop the ability to determine sunrise and sunset, according to new research on circadian rhythms that research sheds new light on brain plasticity and may explain some basic human behaviors. (2011-04-28)
Andromeda's coat of many colors
ESA's fleet of space telescopes has captured the nearby Andromeda Galaxy, also known as M31, in different wavelengths. (2011-04-27)
Researchers create terahertz invisibility cloak
Researchers at Northwestern University have created a new kind of cloaking material that can render objects invisible in the terahertz range. (2011-04-27)
Solar power without solar cells: A hidden magnetic effect of light could make it possible
A dramatic and surprising magnetic effect of light discovered by University of Michigan researchers could lead to solar power without traditional semiconductor-based solar cells. (2011-04-19)
Researchers create elastic material that changes color in UV light
Researchers from North Carolina State University have created a range of soft, elastic gels that change color when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light -- and change back when the UV light is removed or the material is heated up. (2011-04-14)
Eyes of rock let chitons see predators
Using eyes made of a calcium carbonate crystal, a simple mollusk may have evolved enough vision to spot potential predators, scientists say. (2011-04-14)
Rainbow-trapping scientist now strives to slow light waves even further
An electrical engineer at the University at Buffalo, who previously demonstrated experimentally the (2011-04-12)
Light, chemistry, action -- a new technique to target skin cancers?
Targeted photodynamic therapy can completely eradicate some models of cancer, according to the latest research by UK and Swiss scientists, published in the current issue of the British Journal of Cancer. (2011-04-11)
Laser beam makes cells 'breathe in' water and potentially anti-cancer drugs
Shining a laser light on cells and then clicking off the light-makes the cells (2011-03-16)
UCI researchers find new light-sensing mechanism in neurons
A UC Irvine research team led by Todd C. Holmes has discovered a second form of phototransduction light sensing in cells that is derived from vitamin B2. (2011-03-03)
Etched quantum dots shape up as single photon emitters, NIST tests show
Like snowflakes or fingerprints, no two quantum dots are identical. (2011-02-23)
UV-transparent coating for image sensors
Image sensors as used in cell phones are partially color-blind. (2011-02-23)
Scientists build world's first anti-laser
More than 50 years after the invention of the laser, scientists at Yale University have built the world's first anti-laser, in which incoming beams of light interfere with one another in such a way as to perfectly cancel each other out. (2011-02-17)
Sharply focused on neurons, light controls a worm's behavior
Physicists and bioengineers have developed an optical instrument allowing them to control the behavior of a worm just by shining a tightly focused beam of light at individual neurons inside the organism. (2011-01-18)
UNC scientists pinpoint link between light signal and circadian rhythms
In a new paper published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Aziz Sancar, M.D., Ph.D., the Sarah Graham Kenan Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics in the UNC School of Medicine, and his colleagues have taken an important step in understanding the underlying molecular signals that influence a broad array of biological processes ranging from the sleep-wake cycle to cancer growth and development. (2010-12-29)
Jefferson Lab laser twinkles in rare color
December is a time for twinkling lights, and scientists at the Department of Energy's Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility are delivering. (2010-12-21)
Iowa State, Ames Lab physicist developing, improving designer optical materials
Costas Soukoulis of Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory writes about the development of optical metamaterials in the latest issue of the journal Science. (2010-12-16)
Unlocking the secrets of a plant's light sensitivity
Plants are very sensitive to light conditions, in part due to a signal that activates special photoreceptors that regulate growth, metabolism, and physiological development. (2010-12-13)
Platinum and blue light combine to combat cancer
When it comes to health care blue lights, are usually most useful on the top of ambulances but now new research led by the University of Warwick has found a way to use blue light to activate what could be a highly potent platinum-based cancer treatment. (2010-12-09)
Iowa State, Ames Lab researchers fabricate more efficient polymer solar cells
Researchers from Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory have developed a process for fabricating more efficient polymer solar cells. (2010-12-02)
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