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Altered Genes, Altered Metabolism--Longer Life?
Scientists supported by the National Institute on Aging have discovered that a gene, named daf-2, which regulates glucose metabolism in a tiny worm, c. elegans, may also affect or enhance its longevity (1997-08-13)

Malnutrition Impacts Longevity Of Females More Than Males And Shows Gender Differences In Fruit Flies
Diet can change the rate of aging in fruit flies, even reversing the normal longevity advantage of females over males, according to a population study by researchers at the University of California, Davis. The results support earlier findings indicating that life span is not necessarily fixed, as had been presumed for years by many gerontologists (1997-03-18)

A Gene Involved in Regulating Longevity in Worms May Provide a Clue to Human Aging
Discovery of a mutant gene involved in the regulation of longevity of a primitive worm, C. elegans, may provide a clue as to how humans age. Normal development and longevity in the worm C. elegans are regulated by the age-1 gene. Lack of age- 1 activity in adult worms, due to mutations in the age-1 gene, results in a doubling of adult life span. (1996-08-08)

Page 20 of 20 | 763 Results
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