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Team tests 150-ton magnet in Japan
A 150-ton magnet key to an international experiment for fusion energy research has passed its initial operating test, MIT engineers and colleagues from the United States and Japan report. (2000-05-02)

Why, in Superbowl of statistical mechanics, famous players could never cross goal line: 3-D proof for Ising model impossible, researcher proves
The best-studied model in science to discuss a wide variety of changes in state (neural networking, protein folding, flocking birds, beating heart cells, questions of economics) is the Ising Model. The widely used model has been used in one, two and three dimensions, but only proven in one and two. Now a computational biologist has shown that the model's solution cannot be extended into 3-D, exact solutions can never be found, so the model may ultimately be incorrect. (2000-04-16)

Femtosecond pulses at Berkeley Lab's advanced light source
Strobe-like flashes of synchrotron light lasting less than 300 femtoseconds (300 millionths of a billionth of a second) have been produced for the first time ever off the primary beam of a synchrotron light source. (2000-03-22)

Warmer climates favour the birth of boys
Warmer climates favour the birth of boys, shows a study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Analysis of the birth data between 1990 and 1995 for Mediterranean, Central European, and Scandinavian countries showed that the birth of boys was strongly associated with climate.The greater the latitude, and the colder the climate, the lower was the birth rate for boys. Ambient temperatures may not only affect fertility,but may also influence sex ratios at birth. (2000-03-14)

Physics talks turkey this Thanksgiving
Harold McGee, a writer on food science, has come up with some scientifically-based, and very effective, tips for making sure your turkey rules the roost next Thursday. (1999-11-18)

Magnet therapy: what's the attraction?
A University of Maryland physics professor raises doubts on the practice of using magnets to relieve pain--with some simple experiments you can try at home. (1999-09-08)

New MIT probe gathers data for better polymers
In work that could lead to superior varieties of nylon and other commercially important polymers, MIT engineers have developed the first probe that can detect the motion of molecules in these materials as they are being stretched. (1999-08-26)

Super slurry from Belarus polishes U.S. optics
A high-tech mix used in shock absorbers and clutches in Russian military vehicles has been recast as an award-winning U.S. technology for polishing precision optics, vital components in today's products such as camcorders, CD players, surgical lasers, bar-code scanners, and telescopes, through a collaboration at the University of Rochester. (1999-07-30)

Magnetic Fluids More Complex Than Previously Thought
Free-flowing liquids that (1999-05-26)

UI Laboratory Develops Procedure To Study DNA Replication
A University of Iowa research team has developed a way to isolate replicating deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules that scientists then can use to examine the replication process under controlled conditions. This advance will allow investigators to better understand DNA replication and may lead to improved therapies for treating diseases, including cancer. (1999-03-30)

Nanomagnets Could Store Computer Data
Cornell University researchers are studying the physics of nanomanufactured bar magnets as small as 25 nanometers wide, which could find application as storage devices for computer data. (1999-03-23)

US Team Completes 40-Ton Magnet
A United States engineering team led by MIT has completed a 40-ton magnet that, when combined with a similar magnet in Japan, will serve as a testbed for the researchers' ultimate goal: a magnet weighing 1300 tons that will be key to an international experiment on nuclear fusion. (1999-02-24)

Radically New Type Of Surgery Tested On First Patient
Neurosurgeons have performed the first human magnetic surgery. (1998-12-22)

Energy Secretary Richardson To Install Final Magnet In New Fermilab Accelerator
Energy Secretary Richardson to install final magnet in new Fermilab accelerator on Thursday, September 24, 1998. (1998-09-21)

Magnetic Hearing Aid Could Open New "Window" For Hearing Impaired
Imagine an invisible hearing aid that never squeals with feedback and digitally enhances speech while silencing background noise. Such a device is under development and has been tested in animals with encouraging results. (1998-09-11)

System Combines Capillary Electrophoresis And NMR Spectroscopy
By using micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology, University of Illinois researchers have developed a chip- based analytical system that combines capillary electrophoresis and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Integrated microfluidic-NMR systems could have important applications in a wide variety of combinatorial chemistry areas -- such as drug discovery -- and might facilitate the development of desktop NMR spectrometers. (1998-07-06)

Clusters, Computers And The Human Brain
Weizmann Institute scientists have developed a new 'clustering' algorithm that 'intuitively' groups data into categories and may be used in data-heavy scientific and industrial application. (1998-05-18)

Magnetically-Actuated Microrelay Works At Low Voltages; Switches Large Currents
A new type of magnetically-actuated microrelay that can be batched-produced using established micromachining techniques could have applications in automobile electronics, test equipment and other areas where low actuation voltages are required. (1998-02-09)

Moving DNA Molecules With Magnetic Tweezers
A Johns Hopkins engineer has created (1997-01-10)

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