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Mammography Usefulness Does Not Change At Age 50
Year-by-year analysis of the rates of cancer detection in women undergoing screening mammography shows a gradual, steady increase in the number of cancers detected in women ages 40 to 79, with no sudden increase at the age of 50, according to a report from the Massachusetts General Hospital. (1998-07-13)
Mammography Provides Equal Benefits To Women In Their 40s: Tips Balance TowardAnnual Screening
Women should get annual mammograms after 40. The benefit of detecting breast cancer early is greater for younger women, who progress more rapidly to more aggressive disease--with worse outcomes--than older women, report researchers from the University of Chicago in the June 1 issue of Cancer. (1998-05-31)
Survey Of Women With Disabilities Finds Many Health-Care Needs Unmet In Traditional Settings
One of the first assessments of the health status of women with disabilities, conducted by University at Buffalo faculty members, has spurred formation of a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary health-care center for women with disabilities, where physicians provide neurologic, gynecologic and preventive care under one roof. (1998-05-12)
Ability To Read Mammograms Varies Widely
The mammogram-reading skills of general radiologists vary enormously. In a test situation, 75 general radiologists detected, on average, 70 percent of breast cancers, about what previous studies would predict. (1998-04-20)
Mammography Quality Law Has National Implications
According to a new analysis, Michigan's strict mammography regulations, enacted in 1989 and beefed up in 1994, improved the quality of mammograms and did not limit access to the cancer-screening procedure. (1998-04-09)
Personal Approach Works To Increase Breast Cancer Screening Rates
Women are more likely to start getting regular mammograms if health information is tailored to their personal concerns, according to a Brown University study of nearly 1,400 women in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. (1998-03-27)
Mammography Messages Need To Be Tailored For Older Women
About half of U.S. deaths from breast cancer each year occur in women who are 65 years of age or older. (1998-01-07)
Women Say Overwhelming Yes To Ultrasound In New Study
A great majority of pregnant women want ultrasounds---so much so, that many are willing to pay out of pocket for it if their insurance company won't cover the procedure, study shows. (1997-12-05)
Benefits Of Annual Mammography Outweigh Radiation Risks Of Cancer
Annual mammography screening beginning at age 40 is safe and highly effective in reducing breast cancer deaths. (1997-12-03)
Numeracy A Problem For Women Making Decisions On Mammography
No matter how the information is presented, poor skills in numerical concepts and basic probability may prevent women from accurately assessing their benefit from mammography screening, according to a study in the current Annals of Internal Medicine. (1997-12-01)
Study Detects Benefits From Effective Breast Self Examination
Three important components of breast self examination (BSE) appear to be associated with a reduced risk of dying from breast cancer, according to results of a University of Toronto study published in the Nov. (1997-10-31)
New X-Ray Technique Might Boost Breast Imaging, Cut Cancer Deaths
By creating significantly sharper, more detailed pictures of breast tissue, mice and other objects, a technical advance in radiography could dramatically improve mammography and other medical and materials imaging, new studies suggest. (1997-10-30)
Deaths From Breast Cancer Decreasing
In the past few years, the number of women dying from breast cancer declined almost five per cent, the largest short-term decrease since 1950, according to a recent paper in Cancer Prevention & Control. (1997-10-07)
Study Demonstrates The Benefits Of Mammography In Women Under 50
Women under 50 benefit from screening mammography as much as women over 50, a University of Chicago study reports. (1997-10-03)
Permanent Implants For Prostate Cancer, Radiation Therapy
Studies covering topics ranging from the quality of life after permanent prostate implants to using radiation therapy to treat soft tissue sarcomas in children will be presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. (1997-09-10)
PAL-2 Computer Promises Dramatic Improvements In Image Processing
A pizza-box size desktop computer as fast as 9,000 Pentium processors soon will dramatically speed and improve everything from airport luggage checks to mammograms, using a mathematical computer shorthand developed at the University of Florida. (1997-08-15)
Menstrual Phase Linked To Ineffective Mammograms
Menstruating women have twice the risk of false-negative mammogram results when breast cancer screening is done during the last two weeks of their menstrual cycle, according to a University of Toronto study in the August 15 issue of Cancer. (1997-08-14)
Study: Black Women Less Often Advised To Undergo Mammography Than Whites
White women develop breast cancer more often than black women do, research has shown, but black women are less likely to survive, in part because the illness is further advanced when detected. (1997-06-13)
Page 21 of 21 | 818 Results
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