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Saliva test for cannabis could someday help identify impaired drivers (video)
Those who consume alcohol and drive are often subjected to roadside stops, breathalyzer tests and stiff penalties if their blood alcohol content exceeds certain limits. Currently, no such test exists for cannabis intoxication, although the substance can impair driving. Now, scientists report a convenient saliva test for cannabis levels that might someday be used at roadside stops. The researchers will present their results today at the American Chemical Society Spring 2020 National Meeting & Exposition. (2020-03-30)

Study shows legal marijuana products too strong for pain relief
More than 90% of the legal marijuana products offered in medical dispensaries are much stronger than what clinical studies have shown that doctors recommend for chronic pain relief, according to a study published in the March 26 online edition of the journal PLOS ONE. (2020-03-26)

Drug interactions with cannabinoids: 5 things to know
A practice article provides 5 things to know on how drugs can interact with cannabinoids in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (2020-03-02)

Weight-based bullying linked to increased adolescent alcohol, marijuana us
Adolescents who are bullied about their weight or body shape may be more likely to use alcohol or marijuana than those who are not bullied, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association. (2020-02-25)

Marijuana use among older adults in US
Cannabis use apparently continues to increase among older adults in the U.S. based on findings reported in this research letter. Researchers analyzed national survey data from 2015-2018 for nearly 15,000 adults 65 and older to estimate how common past-year cannabis use was. Previous studies have indicated sharp increases from 2006-2016. Cannabis has been legalized in many states for medical and recreational use.  (2020-02-24)

Community LGBTQ supportiveness may reduce substance use among sexual minority adolescents
A new research study provides novel insights into community-level predictors of lifetime substance use among a sample of 2678 sexual minority adolescents. (2020-02-18)

Heated tobacco devices making inroads among young adults, study finds
Heated tobacco devices -- which heat rather than burn tobacco to create a vapor -- are the next products being pushed by the tobacco industry. A new study finds that the products are making inroads among young adults, with some users saying they have never used other tobacco products. (2020-02-17)

'Quit vaping searches increased during lung-disease outbreak
Researchers found that searches on such terms as ''quit vaping'' increased as much as 3.7-fold during the vaping-related illness outbreak. (2020-02-13)

Is it hemp or marijuana? New scanner gives instant answer
Hemp is technically legal in Texas, but proving that hemp is not marijuana can be a hurdle, requiring testing in a licensed laboratory. Now, a team of Texas A&M AgriLife researchers have created a 'hemp scanner' that could easily fit in a police cruiser and distinguish hemp and marijuana instantly, without damaging any of the product. (2020-02-10)

Medical marijuana laws may affect workers' compensation claims
New research published in Health Economics indicates that after US states passed medical marijuana laws, workers' compensation claims declined. (2020-02-05)

Study paints picture of marijuana use in pregnant women
As marijuana is increasingly being legalized in US states, daily marijuana use among pregnant women is rising, despite evidence that this could harm their babies. Researchers at Washington State University Health Sciences Spokane have published findings from a study that delves deeper into pregnant women's use of marijuana, providing key insights that will help inform patient education efforts. Their study is the first study of its kind conducted in a state where marijuana is legal. (2020-02-04)

Smoke two of these and call me in the morning? Not quite, study finds
Researchers surveyed cannabis users about beliefs on marijuana's effectiveness in treating certain medical conditions. The results reveal a big discrepancy. (2020-01-30)

Siri, help me quit -- what does your smart device say when you ask for help with addiction?
A new study published in Nature Partner Journal's Digital Medicine finds that the leading intelligent virtual assistants fail to understand questions about where to find help for substance misuse. Intelligent virtual assistants were frequently confused providing no response, and in one instance the response was for a recommendation on where to buy drugs. But the study's authors remain optimistic that smart devices could be a game changer for helping the millions now seeking help with addiction and the millions more to come. (2020-01-29)

Adults with pain at greater risk for cannabis use disorder, finds study
A new study from researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons found that non-medical cannabis use -- including frequent or problematic use -- is significantly more common in adults with pain than in those without pain. (2020-01-22)

Recreational marijuana availability in Oregon and use among adolescents
New research from the Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation suggests that legalization and greater retail availability of recreational marijuana is positively associated with marijuana use among adolescents. (2020-01-21)

More than 2 million patients with heart disease report use of marijuana
Observational studies have linked marijuana use to a range of cardiovascular risks, including stroke, arrhythmia and diseases that make it hard for the heart muscle to pump properly. The investigators encourage physicians to ask their patients about marijuana use, which can interfere with other medications that a cardiology patient might be prescribed. (2020-01-20)

Research suggests potential link between marijuana and heart risks
As more states legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use and use increases nationwide, cardiologists should advise patients about the potential risks, including effects of marijuana with some commonly prescribed cardiovascular medications, according to a research review published today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. (2020-01-20)

An estimated 2 million people with heart disease have used marijuana, finds study
A new study estimates that more than 2 million Americans with heart disease have used marijuana, but the cardiovascular effects of the drug are not fully understood. (2020-01-20)

Impaired driving -- even once the high wears off
McLean researchers have discovered that recreational marijuana use affects driving ability even when users are not intoxicated. Cannabis users had more accidents, drove at higher speeds, and drove through more red lights than non-users. (2020-01-14)

Study sheds light on link between cannabis, anxiety and stress
A molecule produced by the brain that activates the same receptors as marijuana is protective against stress by reducing anxiety-causing connections between two brain regions, Vanderbilt University Medical Center researchers report. (2020-01-13)

College students use more marijuana in states where it's legal, but they binge drink less
Marijuana use among college students has been trending upward for years, but in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, use has jumped even higher. A study published today in Addiction shows that in states where marijuana was legalized by 2018, both occasional and frequent use among college students has continued to rise beyond the first year of legalization, suggesting an ongoing trend rather than a brief period of experimentation. (2020-01-13)

Marijuana detected in homicide victims nearly doubles
Researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health assessed the time trends in alcohol and marijuana detected in homicide victims and found that the prevalence of marijuana almost doubled, increasing from 22 percent in 2004 to 42 percent in 2016. Alternately, the prevalence of alcohol declined slightly from 40 percent in 2004 to 35 percent in 2016. (2020-01-08)

Marijuana vaping increases among US teens 2018-2019
Marijuana vaping reported by US adolescents increased from 2018 to 2019. This observational study used annual Monitoring the Future surveys from a nationally representative group of eighth, 10th and 12th graders to examine changes in marijuana vaping among adolescents. (2019-12-18)

Marijuana use in e-cigarettes increases among US students 2017-2018
Marijuana use in electronic cigarettes increased among US middle and high school students from 2017 to 2018. This observational study analyzed responses from 38,000 students in the sixth to 12th grades on the National Youth Tobacco Survey. (2019-12-18)

Vaping of marijuana on the rise among teens
Findings from the 2019 Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey demonstrate the appeal of vaping to teens, as seen in the increased prevalence of marijuana use as well as nicotine vaping. Results from the 45th annual MTF survey, a nationally representative sample of eighth, 10th and 12th graders in hundreds of US schools, were announced today by the director of NIDA, part of NIH, along with the University of Michigan scientist who leads the research team. (2019-12-18)

Three quarters of teens who vape report using nicotine, marijuana, or multiple substances
More teens who vape are using addictive or mind-altering substances than previously believed, according to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, published by Elsevier. The data paint a different picture than previous research because of the significantly higher proportion (75%) of teens who vape using nicotine, marijuana, or multiple substances and not just flavoring. These findings add to growing public health concerns about youth vaping. (2019-12-16)

Study reveals increased cannabis use in individuals with depression
New findings published in Addiction reveal the prevalence of cannabis, or marijuana, use in the United States increased from 2005 to 2017 among persons with and without depression and was approximately twice as common among those with depression in 2017. (2019-12-09)

Medical marijuana cards often sought by existing heavy users
Young adults who seek enrollment in state medical marijuana programs are often those who already use heavily rather than those with mental or physical issues that could be addressed by the drug. (2019-12-04)

Sales of recreational marijuana in Denver found to increase some nonviolent crime
A new study evaluated the effect of recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries on crime in Denver. The study found that street segments with recreational dispensaries saw no changes in violent, disorder, and drug crime, but experienced significantly higher levels of property crime. Street segments adjacent to recreational dispensaries experienced higher levels of drug and disorder crimes, although the increases were not statistically significant for either type of crime. And street segments with and adjacent to medical dispensaries saw no significant changes in crime. (2019-12-04)

Pot while pregnant: UNLV medicine doctors urge caution
Daily marijuana use during pregnancy may lead to an increased risk of low birth weight, low resistance to infection, decreased oxygen levels and other negative fetal health outcomes, according to a new study from a team of UNLV Medicine doctors. (2019-12-02)

Study: Increase in calls to US poison control for natural psychoactive substances
A new study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy and the Central Ohio Poison Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital found there were more than 67,300 calls to US Poison Control Centers regarding exposures to natural psychoactive substances. The study looked at calls from January 2000 through December 2017, which totaled an average of 3,743 exposures each year, or approximately 10 calls every day. (2019-11-26)

Additives result in higher toxins for vape users, Portland State study finds
Portland State University Chemistry Professor Rob Strongin led a research team to study what happens when additives are put into vaping products. Specifically, they studied the chemical reaction that takes place when cannabis is consumed using a vape pen or dab rig. 'What's inhaled is actually different than what's listed in the ingredients,' Strongin said. (2019-11-26)

Is parents' use of marijuana associated with greater likelihood of kids' substance use?
Recent and past use of marijuana by parents was associated with increased risk of marijuana, tobacco and alcohol use by adolescent or young adult children living in the same household in this survey study. Researchers examined data for 24,900 parent-child pairs from National Surveys on Drug Use and Health from 2015-2018. (2019-11-22)

Survey: Most teenagers in legalized states see marijuana marketing on social media
Despite restrictions on paid advertising cannabis on social media, most teenagers reported seeing marijuana marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, according to a public health study authored by University of Massachusetts Amherst injury prevention researcher Jennifer Whitehill. (2019-11-21)

Increased problematic use of marijuana in states where recreational cannabis is legal
Cannabis use disorder among adults and youth increased after legalization of recreational marijuana use, according to a new study from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and NYU School of Medicine. The study is the first to look at the impact of recreational marijuana legalization on both use and cannabis use disorder across multiple age groups. Findings are published online in JAMA Psychiatry. (2019-11-13)

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, problematic use increased among adults and teens
Problematic use of marijuana among adolescents and adults increased after legalization of recreational marijuana use, according to a new study from NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. (2019-11-13)

Use changes after recreational marijuana legalization
How the legalization of recreational marijuana in some states was associated with changes in marijuana use and cannabis use disorder compared to other states from 2008 to 2016 was the focus of this study. Researchers used national survey data from nearly 506,000 participants in age groups from 12 to 17, 18 to 25, and 26 or older. (2019-11-13)

Cannabis may be linked to strokes and heart rhythm disturbances in young people
Young people who reported using cannabis frequently had higher risk of having a stroke, according to a Virginia study. The risk of being hospitalized for arrhythmia was significantly greater among people diagnosed with cannabis use disorder, according to an Oklahoma study. (2019-11-11)

Study provides insights on the effects of cannabidiol on severe form of epilepsy
Results from a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology may help explain why cannabidiol -- a chemical component of marijuana with no psychoactive properties -- reduces the frequency of seizures in patients with a severe form of epilepsy. (2019-11-07)

Study: A mother's warmth, sensitivity can mitigate obesity risk factors in infants
An ongoing longitudinal University at Buffalo study being presented Nov. 5, 2019 in Las Vegas at ObesityWeek is among the first to explore how mother-infant behaviors during feeding and active play (non-feeding situations) affect infants and children in families with low socioeconomic status. (2019-11-05)

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