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First-Time Discovery: Social Structure Of Ant Colonies Could Have Important Role In Gene Flow And Origin Of Species
A team of researchers from the University of Georgia and the University of Rochester has discovered the first evidence that social behavior apparently dictates genetic flow within a single species of social insects. (1996-10-17)

Duke Primate Center Sets October Expedition To Find 'Juliet'
The Duke University Primate Center has announced an Oct. 2-18 expedition to capture a mate for Romeo, the only diademed sifaka in captivity. The diademed sifaka, a graceful bright- eyed lemur, is considered perhaps the most beautiful of primates, with its silky fur in rich shades of yellow, orange, gray, white and black (1996-09-18)

New Corn Germplasm Lines Fend Off Two Key Nematode Pests
Disaster awaits nematodes that try to feed and house their eggs in the roots of new lines of resistant corn, U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers said. Now available to plant breeders, the resistant plants cause worms hatched from eggs deposited in their roots to die quickly or take longer to mature. (1996-09-16)

Enticed By A Chemical Tease, Female Beetles Are Rewarded With A Nuptial Gift To Protect The Next Generation
Spanish fly aphrodisiac really works for guys -- bugs that is, Cornell researchers report in Proceedings of the NAS (1996-06-25)

Page 25 of 25 | 964 Results
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