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Internet-based study to examine pain in childbirth
Women in the throes of childbirth have tried everything from drugs to lying on tennis balls to lessen labor pain. (2001-10-16)
Meditation training lessens symptoms of chronic illnesses
Daily functioning as well as both psychological and physical symptoms improved in patients participating in a meditation training program. (2001-08-30)
NYU researchers look at yoga's impact on epilepsy
In a quiet, dark gym, yoga instructor Ramona Shih tells her students to focus on breathing deeply. (2001-07-25)
Meditation may cut stress, improving mental and physical health
An intensive program that teaches meditation skills may help people reduce the psychological and physical effects of high stress, according to a new study. (2001-07-05)
Tai chi can reduce arthritis pain, pilot study finds
Tai Chi, a gentle form of exercise long practiced in China, can significantly reduce arthritic pain in the elderly. (2001-05-13)
Dalai Lama visit highlights emotion research events
The Dalai Lama will spend two days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing his deep interest in the science of emotion by meeting with scientists who will be examining how practices such as meditation influence brain function, emotions and physical health. (2001-04-17)
The fabled myrrh may fight cholesterol
The extract from a tree in the fabled myrrh family of plants is being investigated by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine for properties that may lower cholesterol. (2000-10-23)
Penn researchers find cancer patients do not report use of unconventional medical therapies unless specifically asked
A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center finds that 40 percent of cancer patients use unconventional medical therapies (UMTs) and do not disclose this information to their physicians unless specifically prompted by direct questions. (2000-05-22)
Stress reduction through the Transcendental Meditation program may reduce atherosclerosis and risk of heart attack and stroke
Learning to relax and reduce stress through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique may reduce atherosclerosis--and risk of heart attack and stroke--according to findings published today in the American Heart Association journal Stroke. (2000-03-02)
University Of Wisconsin to launch center to study how emotions affect health
University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists will study how the emotions affect health at a new center funded by the National Institutes of Health. (1999-09-27)
Meditation decreases blood pressure
Transcendental Meditation decreases blood pressure by reducing constriction of the blood vessels and thereby decreases the risk of heart disease, new research shows. (1999-08-02)
At-Home Or In-Class, Wellness Lessons Aid Chronically Ill
A home-based wellness program that combines videotaped instruction in relaxation, exercise, and nutrition is just as effective in helping older adults cope with chronic illnesses as providing the program in a classroom setting. (1999-02-02)
Women With Cancer Want More Control
Women with cancer want increased control and better information about their treatment options, concludes new research by David Hess, professor of anthropology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. (1999-01-13)
Meditation Speeds Treatment Of Psoriasis
Psoriasis patients who practiced meditation-based relaxation while undergoing ultraviolet (UV) light treatments experienced quicker clearing of their skin lesions than did patients who received UV treatments alone, according to results of a small randomized controlled trial by Dr. (1998-09-23)
Page 11 of 11 | 414 Results
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