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Ames Lab physicist wins European Union's highest science prize
Costas Soukoulis, a senior physicist at the US Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory and an Iowa State University Distinguished Professor of physics and astronomy, coordinates the research team that has won the Descartes Prize for Excellence in Scientific Collaborative Research, the European Union's highest honor in the field of science. (2005-12-08)

Purdue 'metamaterial' could lead to better optics, communications
Engineers at Purdue University are the first researchers to create a material that has a (2005-11-30)

Cheaper mobile phones or GPS and with enhanced performance
In his PhD thesis the Pamplona engineer, Francisco Falcone Lanas, has put forward various structures based on what are known as left-handed metamaterials -- materials that can be used to make smaller mobile phones, aerials or GPS and which have better specifications and performance. This is the first PhD thesis defended on applications of left-handed metamaterials. (2005-11-29)

New radiofrequency device
The prestigious North American scientific publication, Physical Review Letters, has recently published an article about a radiofrequency device that was designed by a team of researchers at the Public University of Navarra, together with teams from the University of Seville and the Barcelona Universidad Autónoma. (2005-06-03)

'T-ray' devices with perfect imaging abilities move a step closer
A team of American and British scientists has demonstrated an artificially made material that can provide a magnetic response to Terahertz frequency radiation, bringing the realisation and development of novel 'T-ray' devices a step closer. (2004-03-04)

Design of composite materials that detect terahertz discovered
A team of physicists and engineers from the University of California, San Diego, the University of California, Los Angeles and Imperial College, London have developed a class of materials that respond magnetically to terahertz radiation, a fundamental finding relevant to many exciting applications in areas including guidance in zero visibility weather conditions, security and biomedical imaging and quality control. (2004-03-04)

Scientists announce first 3-D assembly of magnetic and semiconducting nanoparticles
Scientists from Columbia University, IBM and the University of New Orleans today announced a new, three-dimensional designer material assembled from two different types of particles only billionths of a meter across. (2003-06-25)

University of Toronto study charts new realm of physics
By constructing artificial materials that break long-standing rules of nature, a University of Toronto researcher has developed a flat lens that could significantly enhance the resolution of imaged objects. This, in turn, could lead to smaller and more effective antennas and devices for cell phones, increased space for data storage on CD-ROMs and more complex electronic circuits. (2003-03-19)

Physicists produce 'left-handed' composite materials
Physicists supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) have produced a new class of composite materials with physical properties that scientists theorized might be possible, but had never before been produced. The materials are called (2000-03-20)

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