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Mayo Clinic study shows increased incidence of migraine headaches
A new Mayo Clinic study shows the incidence of migraine headaches in women increased 56 percent during the 1980s while the incidence of migraine headaches in men increased 34 percent during the same period. (1999-10-20)

UI researchers begin to unravel the underlying mechanism of migraines
Anybody who has ever battled through migraines knows just how agonizing they can be; however, nobody has figured out why the painful headaches persist as long as they do. Until now. (1999-06-15)

Migraine Pain: Not Mainly In The Brain
Hopkins researchers think they've found the source of pain in migraines. The research shifts explanations away from traditional ones involving dilating or constricting blood vessels to the back of the head and focuses instead on changes within the meninges, the protective tissue layers covering the brain. (1999-04-21)

Young Women Suffering Migraine Are At Greater Risk Of Stroke
In this week's BMJ researchers warn that young women who have a history of migraine are three and a half times more at risk of ischaemic stroke (stroke caused by a deficiency of blood to the brain due to constriction of or blockage in a blood vessel). (1999-01-01)

INSERM Collective Expertise On Migraine
The results of a Collective Expertise working group on migraine have been released by INSERM, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research. This report has been done at the request of the french mutual MGEN. (1998-12-16)

Anti-Migraine Drugs Might Cause More Pain Than Relief For Those With Heart Disease
As if lowering risk factors for heart attack isn't headache enough, researchers report that migraine sufferers with established heart disease shouldn't take certain anti-migraine medications. (1998-07-06)

Many Chronic Tension Headache Patients Also May Have Mood Or Anxiety Disorders, Study Finds
A new Ohio University study of 245 chronic tension headache sufferers suggests that nearly half of the people who suffer from this illness also may have a mood or anxiety disorder, an important finding for physicians treating patients with the problem. (1998-06-27)

Daily Or Near-Daily Headache Is Surprisingly Common In The General Population
More than four percent of the U.S. population suffers from (1998-06-26)

18 Millionth Chemical Substance Entered In World's Largest Database Of ChemicalInformation
Chemical Abstracts Service added the 18 millionth chemical substance to its database. The substance, identified in a patent application from Merck and Co., is an intermediate compound in the preparation of tachykinin receptor antagonists. (1998-06-22)

Scientists Track Effectiveness Of Migraine Drugs With Ultrasound
A Korean neurologist has found a way to use ultrasound to monitor how well migraine medicine is working and help in preventing the vicious headaches (1997-08-15)

ORNL Finds Common Genetic Cause For Epilepsy, Migraine
Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have completed a study which findings indicate a common genetic cause for migraines and epilepsy (1997-01-20)

Nausea Is Not The Same For Everyone
Does nausea feel the same to everyone? New research at Penn State University suggests that it probably does not. Nausea can be caused by a host of conditions and situations -- pregnancy, motion sickness, chemotherapy, migraines, to name a few. Teh data show that the experience varies widely from one individual to the next (1996-07-30)

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