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Tiny Computers Of Carbon? Nanotubes That Conduct Huge Currents Without Heating Could Be Basis For New Electronics
A report to be published in the June 12 issue of the journal Science moves researchers one step closer to a practical application for electron wave effects in extremely small- scale circuits. A team of Georgia Institute of Technology researchers has observed ballistic conductance at room temperature in multi-walled carbon nanotubes up to five microns long. (1998-06-12)

Atom-Sized Electronic Devices Identified Within Carbon Nanotubes
Scientists with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have confirmed the existence of atom-sized electronic devices on nanotubes, hollow cylinders of pure carbon about 50,000 times more narrow than a human hair in diameter. Physicist Alex Zettl led a study in which nanotubes of pure carbon were shown to function as a two-terminal electronic device known as a diode. (1997-12-15)

Page 19 of 19 | 722 Results
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