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Narcissists look like good leaders -- but they aren't
Narcissists rise to the top. That's because other people think their qualities -- confidence, dominance, authority, and self-esteem -- make them good leaders. (2011-08-09)

Popular TV shows teach children fame is most important value, UCLA psychologists report
Fame is the #1 value emphasized by television shows popular with 9-11 year-olds -- a dramatic change in 10 years, UCLA psychologists report in a new study. From 1997 to 2007, being kind/helping others fell from #2 to #13, and tradition dropped from #4 to #15. The study assessed the values of popular television shows from 1967 to 2007, from (2011-07-11)

Young people say sex, paychecks come in second to self-esteem
Young people may crave boosts to their self-esteem a little too much, new research suggests. Researchers found that college students valued boosts to their self-esteem more than any other pleasant activity they were asked about, including sex, favorite foods, drinking alcohol, seeing a best friend or receiving a paycheck. (2011-01-06)

Narcissistic students don't mind cheating their way to the top
College students who exhibit narcissistic tendencies are more likely than fellow students to cheat on exams and assignments, a new study shows. The results suggested that narcissists were motivated to cheat because their academic performance functions as an opportunity to show off to others, and they didn't feel particularly guilty about their actions. (2010-11-30)

To be good, sometimes leaders need to be a little bad
A new study has found that when it comes to leading, some negative personality traits aren't such a bad thing. (2010-10-19)

Personality predicts cheating more than academic struggles, study shows
Students who cheat in high school and college are highly likely to fit the profile for subclinical psychopathy -- a personality disorder defined by erratic lifestyle, manipulation, callousness and antisocial tendencies, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. These problematic students cheat because they feel entitled and disregard morality, the study found. (2010-09-07)

Research shows what you say about others says a lot about you
How positively you see others is linked to how happy, kind-hearted and emotionally stable you are, according to new research by a Wake Forest University psychology professor. In contrast, negative perceptions of others are linked to higher levels of narcissism and antisocial behavior. (2010-08-02)

A man with attitude
Heterosexual women bear the brunt of narcissistic heterosexual men's hostility, while heterosexual men, gay men and lesbian women provoke a softer reaction, according to psychologist Dr. Scott Keiller from Kent State University at Tuscarawas in the US. This is likely to be due to women's unparalleled potential for gratifying, or frustrating, men's narcissism. They are crucial players and even gatekeepers in men's quests for sexual pleasure, patriarchal power and status. (2010-07-28)

Shame on us: Shaming some kids makes them more aggressive
Aren't you ashamed of yourself? All these years, you've been trying to build up your child's self-esteem, and now a growing body of research suggests you may be making a big mistake. A study published in the December issue of Child Development finds that early adolescents with high self-esteem are more likely to react aggressively when they feel ashamed than their peers with lower levels of self-esteem. (2008-12-19)

Narcissistic people most likely to emerge as leaders
When a group is without a leader, you can often count on a narcissist to take charge, a new study suggests. Researchers found that people who score high in narcissism tend to take control of leaderless groups. Narcissism is a trait in which people are self-centered, exaggerate their talents and abilities and lack empathy for others. (2008-10-07)

Study: Facebook profiles can be used to detect narcissism
A new University of Georgia study suggests that online social networking sites such as Facebook might be useful tools for detecting whether someone is a narcissist. (2008-09-22)

Hope among patients with ALS may take a variety of forms
Sustaining hope in the face of a chronic, debilitating illness such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis should be a goal of palliative care and can take many forms, representing a continuum from focusing on the self to concern for others, as described in a paper published in the April issue of Journal of Palliative Medicine, a peer-reviewed publication of Mary Ann Liebert Inc. (2008-03-27)

Do today's young people really think they are so extraordinary?
An article appearing in the February issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, found no evidence that today's young people have inflated impressions of themselves compared to the youth of previous generations. (2008-01-17)

Evil genes made me do it
Have you ever heard of a person who left you wondering, (2007-10-08)

How do I love me? New study presents a twist on the conventional narcissist
Conventional wisdom suggests that narcissists have negative self views which are masked by their grandiose self-concept. However, new research in Psychological Science shows that narcissists actually view themselves the same on the outside as on the inside. (2007-02-27)

Why some people react aggressively without provocation while others don't
Specific personality variables, such as anger or irritability, predict the tendency to either engage in aggressive behavior willingly or to engage in aggressive behavior when provoked. (2006-10-09)

Juliet? Can we talk? Secret relationships go sour quickly, according to new study by psychologists
Secret romantic relationships are hot, right? Movies and television dramas are full of them, and they almost always seem intense, the gateway to a new life filled with promise if not outright ecstasy. If you believe that, two psychologists who are about to publish research on the subject have a word of advice for you on Valentine's Day: Get a life. (2005-02-10)

New study shows narcissism plus social rejection equals aggression
A new study by researchers at San Diego State University and the University of Georgia reveals that people with narcissistic personalities who experience social rejection are more aggressive than those who are not so self-absorbed, a finding that may help explain why some teens resort to violence while others do not. (2003-02-11)

Narcissism can be as much a hindrance as a help to relationships, new UGA study reports
For two decades, self-help books have hammered home a consistent theme for successful romantic relationships: first, you must love yourself. A new study, headed by a psychologist at the University of Georgia, may turn that wisdom on its head, though. It turns out that those with positive self-views bordering on narcissism are usually miserable mates - selfish, manipulative, unfaithful and power hungry. Though they may at first seem charming and interested in a relationship, they soon look for dominance rather than delight. (2002-07-26)

Medical school applicants should be screened for personality disorders to prevent ethical disasters
Medical schools should screen applicants for personality disorders before granting them entry, finds a study in the Journal of Medical Ethics. This would help clarify their ethical stance and help to avoid disasters such as the UK Shipman murders, say the authors. (2001-11-28)

Men prefer economic-based goals; women, socially satisfying pursuits
They are age-old questions: Who am I? Who do I want to be? A new study suggests that both questions - one involving a person's disposition and the other encompassing a person's goals - should be considered when counseling young people on career choices. (2000-11-02)

Studies Find Narcissists Most Aggressive When Criticized
New research on the question of whether low or high self- esteem underlies violent behavior suggests it is neither. Rather, it is (1998-07-16)

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