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Amid Albanian Turmoil, Archaeologists Unearth Secrets Of The Stone Age
University of Cincinnati and Albanian archaeologists launched a field study about 60 miles south of Tirana in summer 1998. Their quest is to learn more about a Greek colony that flourished at the end of the second century B.C., but the team instead has found an unexpected abundance of artifacts left from another era: the Stone Age, the period associated with the earliest known chipped stone tools plus a possible Neanderthal site. (1998-12-04)

Possible Human Ancestors In Spain 780,000 Years Ago
Joseph Pares based his date for the Gran Dolina fossils on the orientation of magnetic minerals in the rock layer in which the fossils were found. (1998-10-27)

'Modern' Behavior Began 40,000 Years Ago In Africa, Evidence Suggests
Excavations from the Enkapune Ya Muto rock shelter in the central Rift Valley of Kenya offer the best evidence yet that modern human behavior originated in Africa more than 40,000 years ago, and also suggest that by that time our earlier selves sealed social alliances and prevailed over others by giving token gifts, says an archaeologist at the University of Illinois. (1998-07-06)

Earlier Human Speech?
Duke University Medical Center anthropologists have offered anatomical evidence from skulls suggesting that human vocal abilities may have appeared much earlier in time than is suggested by the first archaeological evidence for speech. (1998-04-27)

Page 9 of 9 | 324 Results
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