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Is childhood obesity a psychological disorder?
A team of researchers, including senior investigator, Bradley Peterson, MD, director of the Institute for the Developing Mind at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, used fMRI to investigate neural responses to food cues in overweight compared with lean adolescents. (2017-08-22)
Brain's self-regulation in teens at risk for obesity
In a small study that scanned the brains of teenagers while exposing them to tempting 'food cues,' researchers report that reduced activity in the brain's 'self-regulation' system may be an important early predictor of adult obesity. (2017-08-22)
A good read: AI evaluates quality of short stories
The idea that artificial intelligence will someday be able to understand and even generate narratives has inspired and motivated researchers for years. (2017-08-21)
Computer approaches human skill for first time in mapping brain
A WSU research team for the first time has developed a computer algorithm that is nearly as accurate as people are at mapping brain neural networks -- a breakthrough that could speed up the image analysis that researchers use to understand brain circuitry. (2017-08-17)
No direct flights for memory retrieval
According to new research from the RIKEN-MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics, experiencing something and remembering it later is not a neural 'direct flight.' The pathway in the brain's hippocampus that underlies long-term memory formation contains at least one 'stopover' that is important specifically for retrieving episodic, personally experienced memories. (2017-08-17)
Scientists identify central neural circuit for itch sensation
A recent study carried out by Dr. Sun Yangang's lab at the Institute of Neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered a central neural circuit that is critical for transmitting the itch signal. (2017-08-17)
AI implications: Engineer's model lays groundwork for machine-learning device
In what could be a small step for science potentially leading to a breakthrough, an engineer at Washington University in St. (2017-08-17)
Navigation and spatial memory: New brain region identified to be involved
Researchers at NERF (VIB-imec-KU Leuven) have now uncovered striking neural activity patterns in a brain area called the retrosplenial cortex that may assist with spatial memory and navigation. (2017-08-16)
Will ketamine treat your depression? Check your activity monitor
During a depressive episode, people often report having reduced energy, feeling slowed down and having reduced interest in activities. (2017-08-15)
New device for refined neural recording in mice could transform dementia research
NC3Rs funding for interdisciplinary research which combines electrical engineering and neurophysiology has resulted in a new product for brain recordings in mice that avoids many of the welfare concerns associated with existing approaches. (2017-08-15)
UCI study uncovers possible roots of schizophrenia
An abundance of an amino acid called methionine, which is common in meat, cheese and beans, may provide new clues to the fetal brain development that can manifest in schizophrenia, University of California, Irvine pharmacology researchers report in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. (2017-08-15)
Higher income individuals more physically active, yet more sedentary
New research finds that higher income individuals are more likely to be 'weekend warriors,' getting most of their activity on only a few days a week. (2017-08-11)
Consistent backswing crucial in helping sportspeople produce optimum results
Research by the University of Plymouth and the Technical University of Munich, published in Scientific Reports, has shown that golfers and tennis players who perfect a consistent backswing when learning the sport can achieve results quicker than those who don't. (2017-08-10)
Researchers link genes and motor skills development
Genes for many may be widely associated with determining certain traits and characteristics. (2017-08-10)
Ah yes, I remember you
In monkeys, researchers have identified two new areas of the brain that facilitate the recognition of familiar faces. (2017-08-10)
How the brain recognizes familiar faces
Scientists have located two areas in the brain that help us recognize familiar faces. (2017-08-10)
Are learning and unlearning bedfellows?
We know that sleep helps us integrate knowledge acquired during the day. (2017-08-08)
Machines just revealed the evolution of language
Machine learning scientists at Disney Research have developed a new innovative model that uncovers how the meanings of words change over time. (2017-08-07)
New research offers hope for faster acting antidepressants
For people suffering from depression, a day without treatment can seem like a lifetime. (2017-08-03)
Researchers want to know how early life affects the adult brain
The study found the visual environment that zebrafish grew up in affected their spontaneous brain activity and, in turn, affected their behavior and ability to catch prey. (2017-08-03)
Cognitive hearing aid filters out the noise
Brain activity to determine whether a subject is conversing with a specific speaker would be very useful for the hearing impaired. (2017-08-03)
Neurobiology: Use it or lose it
An Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet (LMU) in Munich study reveals that sound-evoked activity of neurons in the auditory system of the mouse increases the thickness of their myelin sheaths -- and enhances the speed of signal transmission -- both during development and in the adult brain. (2017-08-02)
'Sherlock' and the case of narrative perception
'Chunking' is the means by which individual items or words are grouped together into larger units so that they can be processed or stored as single ideas. (2017-08-02)
Sleep or sex? How the fruit fly decides
Choosing between sex or sleep presents a behavioral quandary for many species, including the fruit fly. (2017-07-28)
A molecule for proper neural wiring in the cerebellum
A molecule produced by insulating glial cells facilitates the functional wiring of brain cells involved in motor coordination. (2017-07-28)
New surgical strategy offers hope for repairing spinal injuries
Repairing spinal injuries is a difficult business. Scientists previously developed a new surgical technique to reconnect sensory neurons to the spinal cord after traumatic spinal injuries. (2017-07-28)
Self-efficacy boosts physical activity in osteoarthritis patients
Osteoarthritis patients that are more confident in their abilities in the morning go on to be more physically active throughout the day, according to a team of Penn State researchers. (2017-07-27)
In mice, fine motor control is actively suppressed
The neural connections that endow humans with great dexterity are also present in mice at birth, but are suppressed shortly afterward, a new study reveals. (2017-07-27)
Lutein may counter cognitive aging, study finds
Spinach and kale are favorites of those looking to stay physically fit, but they also could keep consumers cognitively fit, according to a new study from University of Illinois researchers.The study, which included 60 adults aged 25 to 45, found that middle-aged participants with higher levels of lutein -- a nutrient found in green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, as well as avocados and eggs -- had neural responses that were more on par with younger individuals than with their peers. (2017-07-25)
Mice feel others' pain -- literally
Pain sensitivity associated with alcohol withdrawal may activate the same brain region in both drinking and non-drinking mice, finds a study published in eNeuro. (2017-07-24)
Dog walking could be key to ensuring activity in later life
A new study has shown that regularly walking a dog boosts levels of physical activity in older people, especially during the winter. (2017-07-24)
Link between income inequality and physical activity for women, but not for men
A recent paper published in the Journal of Public Health finds that women from areas with high income inequality are less likely to meet overall physical activity recommendations than men from the same geographical area. (2017-07-23)
Our brains synchronise during a conversation
The rhythms of brainwaves between two people taking part in a conversation begin to match each other. (2017-07-20)
Memory takes time, researchers conclude
How short-term memories become long-term ones has frequently been explored by researchers. (2017-07-19)
Lunatic fringe gene plays key role in the renewable brain
Researchers have developed a novel mouse model that for the first time selectively identifies neural stem cells, the progenitors of new adult brain cells. (2017-07-19)
New study reveals contrasts in how groups of neurons function during decision making
A new study in mice trained to perform a sound identification task in a virtual reality maze reveals contrasts in how groups of neurons in different regions of the brain function during decision making. (2017-07-19)
One minute of running per day associated with better bone health in women
A single minute of exercise each day is linked to better bone health in women, new research shows. (2017-07-18)
Low-dose diazepam can increase social competitiveness
EPFL scientists have discovered how low-dose anxiolytics increase the social competitiveness of high-anxious individuals by boosting the energy output of mitochondria in an area of the mammalian brain that controls motivation and reward. (2017-07-18)
Analytic technique could allow neural networks to run on cellphones
Method for modeling neural networks' power consumption could help make the systems portable. (2017-07-18)
Brain connectivity after 30 may predict psychological problems
Underdevelopment of the brain network underlying inhibition -- the ability to concentrate on a particular stimulus and tune out competing stimuli -- after 30 years of age is associated with self-reported psychological problems, according to a study published in The Journal of Neuroscience. (2017-07-17)
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