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Scientists ID A Protein With Punch As Infection-Inflammation Fighter
Kansas State University researchers Chris Ross and Frank Blecha are studying reperfusion injury, a condition that's a major contributor to many important disease syndromes including coronary artery disease and stroke. They have discovered a substance, a very small protein called PR-39, that suppresses production of the toxic oxygen metabolites that contribute to the characteristic inflammation-like response of reperfusion injury. (1998-07-07)

Seafood On The Menu For Rheumatoid Arthritis Sufferers
The type of polyunsaturated fat in your diet could be important if you suffer from an inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis. American research suggests that the types of fat found in seafood can have a calming effect on neutrophils, a type of white blood cell which promote inflammation. (1997-12-05)

Smoking Mice Lead To Emphysema Breakthrough
Researchers have discovered that a single enzyme appears to be crucial for the onset of emphysema. Mice genetically engineered to lack the enzyme, macrophage elastase, don't develop the disease even after six months of heavy exposure to cigarette smoke. The study appears in the Sept. 26, 1997, issue of Science. (1997-09-22)

Discovery Of Genetic Pathways May Provide New Ways To Combat Candida Infections
A new study has uncovered the wiring diagram underlying the infectiousness of Candida albicans, a fungus that causes life-threatening infections in chemotherapy and AIDS patients. The study shows that inactivating Candida's ability to switch from a rounded form to filamentous forms renders the organism harmless in mice. (1997-09-04)

Study May Yield Better Heart Valves And Need For Less Anticoagulant
Heart-valve surgery is a medical miracle that extends life, but mechanical valves require anticoagulants to prevent life- threatening blood clots, and tissue valves have shorter life spans. Enter the pig, which may boost the work of both heart researchers and valve manufacturers (1996-12-06)

WSU Scientist Discovers Compounds To Limit Lung Disease
A Wichita State University distinguished professor has developed two new classes of organic compounds that show promise in limiting damage caused by lung disease and possibly other inflammatory diseases. The compounds which were recently patented, are unique because scientists can change the makeup of the compounds, thereby changing their disease-fighting abilities (1996-11-01)

Page 14 of 14 | 526 Results
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