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Climate change linked to more flowery forests, FSU study shows
New research from a Florida State University scientist has revealed a surprising relationship between surging atmospheric carbon dioxide and flower blooms in a remote tropical forest. (2018-01-19)
Researchers create first global atlas of the bacteria living in your dirt
What lives in your dirt? University of Colorado Boulder researchers are one step closer to finding out after compiling the first global atlas of soil bacterial communities and identifying a group of around 500 key species that are both common and abundant worldwide. (2018-01-18)
New hope for critically endangered Myanmar snub-nosed monkey
Scientists and conservation teams from Fauna & Flora International (FFI), Dali University and the German Primate Center just published a comprehensive conservation status review of one of the world's most threatened primate species, the critically endangered Myanmar snub-nosed monkey (also known affectionately as the 'snubby' by scientists, and as the black snub-nosed monkey in China), Rhinopithecus strykeri. (2018-01-16)
Zoology: Luminescent lizards
Chameleons are known to communicate with conspecifics by altering their surface coloration. (2018-01-15)
Named after Stanley Kubrick, a new species of frog is a 'clockwork orange' of nature
Two new frog species were discovered in the Amazon Basin. (2018-01-15)
Closed marriage: An orchid that never blooms
'When plants give up photosynthesis, this changes their relationship with other organisms, such as the insects who may pollinate them', comments Professor Suetsugu. (2018-01-11)
Spider eat spider: Scientists discover 18 new spider-hunting pelican spiders in Madagascar
Scientists examined and analyzed hundreds of pelican spiders both in the field in Madagascar and through study of pelican spiders preserved in museum collections. (2018-01-11)
Different strains of same bacteria trigger widely varying immune responses
Genetic differences between different strains of the same pathogenic bacterial species appear to result in widely varying immune system responses, according to new research published in PLOS Pathogens. (2018-01-11)
Variation between strains may account for differences in vulnerability to infection
New research shows that subtle differences between bacterial strains may cause dramatic differences in outcome between people infected with the same microbe. (2018-01-11)
Experts raise concerns over raw meat diets for cats and dogs
In the Vet Record today, a team of researchers based in The Netherlands say these diets may be contaminated with bacteria and parasites, and as such may pose a risk to both animal and human health. (2018-01-11)
Worldwide importance of honey bees for natural habitats captured in new report
An unprecedented study integrating data from around the globe has shown that honey bees are the world's most important single species of pollinator in natural ecosystems and a key contributor to natural ecosystem functions. (2018-01-10)
Seven new spider species from Brazil named after 7 famous fictional spider characters
Characters from 'A Song of Ice and Fire,' 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,' 'The Lord of the Rings,' 'The Silmarillion,' H. (2018-01-10)
Frogs reveal mechanism that determines viability of hybrids
Why are some hybrids viable and others not? It is known that this depends on the father species and the mother species. (2018-01-10)
PolyU develops rapid authentication method of Chinese medicines
The Food Safety and Technology Research Centre under the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has developed a new method for rapid authentication of Chinese herbal medicines, including Ganoderma (known as Lingzhi in Chinese), and Gastrodiae Rhizoma (known as Tianma in Chinese). (2018-01-09)
Dead trees are alive with fungi
So far, little research has been conducted on fungi that live on dead trees, although they are vital to the forest ecology by breaking down dead wood and completing the element cycle between plants and soil. (2018-01-09)
Mass extinctions remove species but not ecological variety
Though mass extinctions wiped out staggeringly high numbers of species, they barely touched the overall 'functional' diversity--how each species makes a living, be it filtering phytoplankton or eating small crustaceans, burrowing or clamping onto rocks. (2018-01-09)
Three new species of zoantharians described from coral reefs across the Indo-Pacific
Three new species of zoantharians -- relatives of the better-known hard corals and sea anemones - were discovered by researchers based in southern Japan. (2018-01-04)
Bird recognition
Birds play an important role in a wide variety of ecosystems as both predator and prey, in controlling insect populations, pollinating and seed dispersal for many plants, and in releasing nutrients on to land and sea in the form of guano. (2018-01-03)
Little wasp bodies means little wasp brain regions, study shows
A Drexel study looking at 19 species of paper wasps found that body size may lead to variation in the complex parts of their brains. (2018-01-03)
Call for action to tackle threat to a global biodiversity hotspot
An invasive Australian tree is now posing a serious threat to a global diversity 'hotspot' in the natural forests of Jamaica's Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. (2018-01-02)
A classic Darwinian ecological hypothesis holds up -- with a twist
New University of Colorado Boulder-led research shows that a long-held hypothesis about the factors that govern species ranges largely holds true, but may be the result of a previously underappreciated ecological mechanism. (2017-12-25)
Researchers describe first-ever hybrid bird species from the Amazon
A team of U of T Scarborough researchers have described the first known hybrid bird species to be found in the Amazon rainforest. (2017-12-25)
An integrated assessment of vascular plants species of the Americas
Missouri Botanical Garden researcher Dr. Carmen Ulloa is the lead author of 'An Integrated Assessment of Vascular Plant Species of the Americas,' published today in Science. (2017-12-21)
A detailed map of North and South America's plant diversity
A team of researchers has complied a comprehensive list of all known plants that take root throughout North and South America, shedding light on plant diversity and patterns across the two continents. (2017-12-21)
Study examines conflict between farmers and livestock predators
A new Journal of Wildlife Management study conducted in South Africa has found that black-backed jackals, a similar species to coyotes and dingoes, prefer to eat livestock rather than similar-sized wild prey, which has important consequences for livestock husbandry and the management of predators. (2017-12-20)
Life in marine driftwood: The case of driftwood specialist talitrids
The rare and difficult-to-sample driftwood talitrids, also called driftwood hoppers, are reviewed by David Wildish in the open access journal Zoosystematics and Evolution. (2017-12-20)
New ancient dolphin species Urkudelphis chawpipacha discovered in Ecuador
A new dolphin species likely from the Oligocene was discovered and described in Ecuador, according to a study published Dec. (2017-12-20)
Sardines take us to the sources of biodiversity in the Amazon River
What is the origin of this abundance of species in the Amazon River? (2017-12-20)
Birds learn from each other's 'disgust,' enabling insects to evolve bright colors
A new study of TV-watching great tits reveals how they learn through observation. (2017-12-18)
Flower or flesh? Genetics explain mosquito preference
New research is helping explain why most mosquitoes in one species choose flowers over blood meals. (2017-12-18)
Mysterious new seafloor species sheds light on early animal evolution
Japanese researchers described a new species of the enigmatic marine worm Xenoturbella, named Xenoturbella japonica. (2017-12-17)
Native fish species at risk following water removal from the Colorado River
Agriculture and domestic activities consume much of the Colorado River water that once flowed to the Colorado Delta and Northern Gulf of California. (2017-12-12)
The likelihood for mixed breeding between two songbird species lessens with warmer springs
Global climate warming is considered a major threat to many living organisms but not all consequences of warming need to be harmful to species. (2017-12-11)
Brazilian researchers uncover 6 new species of silky anteater
In a recent study published in Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, a team of Brazilian researchers discovered six new species of silky anteater, a mammal that lives in tropical rain forests of the Amazon region and Central America. (2017-12-11)
How much can 252-million-year-old ecosystems tell us about modern Earth? A lot.
New paleontological research shows that during the late Permian, the equator was dry and desert-like, yet surprisingly a hotspot for biodiversity. (2017-12-11)
Study finds variation within species plays critical role in health of ecosystems
Concerns about biodiversity tend to focus on the loss of species, but a new study suggests that the loss of variation within species can also have important and unexpected consequences on the environment. (2017-12-11)
530-million-year-old fossil has look of world's oldest eye, study suggests
A 530-million-year-old fossil contains what could be the oldest eye ever discovered, a study reveals. (2017-12-07)
Researchers make important bacterial discovery in oral pre-cancer condition
Scientists at the School of Dental Science in Trinity have made an important discovery involving bacteria and a pre-cancerous growth called oral leuoplakia which can precede oral cancer. (2017-12-07)
One wet winter can shake up San Francisco Bay's invasive species
For many Californians, last year's wet winter triggered a case of whiplash. (2017-12-07)
A head start through human intervention
An international research team with participation from Konstanz published a study on the spread of European plant species on other continents. (2017-12-06)
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