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THE SIGNS study by Duke-NUS researchers identify factors affecting active and productive ageing
Researchers at Duke-NUS Medical School's Centre for Ageing Research and Education (CARE) conducted a longitudinal study between 2016-2017 looking at factors influencing health, well-being, activity and productivity levels in older Singaporeans. This study is termed the 'Transitions in Health, Employment, Social Engagement, and Intergenerational Transfers in Singapore Study' (THE SIGNS Study) that was done in partnership with the Ministry of Health (MOH). (2019-05-09)

Physical and mental health of seniors linked to optimism, wisdom and loneliness
In a new study of older adults living in a senior continuing care facility, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine parse how distinctive factors, such as wisdom, loneliness, income and sleep quality, impact the physical and mental functioning of older persons. (2019-05-08)

Older adults with obesity may have fewer years of healthy life
A study by researchers at Duke-NUS, conducted of older Singaporeans (above 60 years) showed that those with a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) might have the same number of remaining years of life compared to those with a lower BMI, but spend fewer of those years in good health. (2019-05-08)

Everyday stress may boost blood vessel dysfunction in people with depression
Long-term stress has been linked with cardiovascular disease, but for people with depression, researchers say small, everyday stressors may be enough to diminish blood vessel function in otherwise healthy adults. (2019-05-07)

Program involving community volunteers shows promise for reducing health care use by seniors
Incorporating community volunteers into the health care system shows promise in reducing health care usage by older adults and shifting health care from hospitals to primary care, according to new research in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). (2019-05-06)

Heart failure deaths rising in younger adults
Death rates due to heart failure are now increasing, and this increase is most prominent among younger adults under 65, considered premature death, reports a new study. The increase was highest among black men. This study shows for the first time that death rates due to heart failure have been increasing since 2012. The increase is likely due to the obesity and diabetes epidemics. About 6 million people in the US have heart failure. (2019-05-06)

UC Riverside study busts myths about gossip
A new UC Riverside study asserts that women don't engage in 'tear-down' gossip any more than men, and lower income people don't gossip more than their more well-to-do counterparts. It also holds younger people are more likely to gossip negatively than their older counterparts. (2019-05-03)

Regenstrief, IU, Purdue research presented on national stage
Regenstrief Institute faculty members are sharing the institute's groundbreaking research with national leaders in geriatrics at the 2019 annual meeting for the American Geriatrics Society in Portland, Oregon, May 2-4. (2019-05-03)

Medical costs create hardships for more than half of Americans
A new study by American Cancer Society researchers finds more than half of people in the US report problems with affordability, stress, or delaying care because of medical costs (2019-05-02)

Study looks at association of high cholesterol levels, statin use with glaucoma risk
A study of adults 40 and older suggests high cholesterol levels are associated with increased risk for the most common form of glaucoma, while longer use of a cholesterol-lowering statin, compared with never using, was associated with lower risk. Data for this observational study came from more than 136,000 adults who participated in three national study groups and provided information on their statin use and cholesterol levels over 15 years. (2019-05-02)

Aging baby boomers push sky high incidence of shingles of the eye
More Americans are being diagnosed with eye complications of shingles, but older adults can call the shots on whether they are protected from the painful rash that can cost them their eyesight. (2019-05-02)

Fingerprint of sleep habits as warning sign for heart disease
Chronic short sleep is associated with increased risk of clogged arteries, heart disease, and thus increased morbidity and mortality. New research in Experimental Physiology may have figured out why lack of sleep increases susceptibility to heart disease, and allowing doctors to identify the patients who might need to change their habits before they develop disease. (2019-05-02)

The new 'runner's high'? MJ users often mix weed, workouts
A study of cannabis users in states where it's legal found 82 % use the drug before and/or after exercise, with many reporting it increases enjoyment, enhances recovery, and heightens motivation. (2019-04-30)

Number of UK adults on low incomes who face hunger has likely almost doubled since 2004
The proportion of UK adults on low incomes who face hunger because they can't afford to buy enough to eat -- a situation known as 'food insecurity' -- has likely almost doubled in the UK since 2004, suggests an analysis of survey data published online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health. (2019-04-30)

Children with high BMI who don't become obese adults do not appear to be at increased risk of type 2 diabetes
New research being presented at this year's European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Glasgow, UK (April 28-May 1) suggests that having a high BMI in childhood coupled with obesity in adulthood may contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. However, children with a high BMI who did not have obesity as adults do not appear to be at greater risk of type 2 diabetes when they grow up. (2019-04-30)

Five things to know about loneliness in older adults
Loneliness, an emotional state rather than a mental disorder, can substantially affect the health of older adults, as well as use of health care services. A 'Five things to know about ...' practice article in CMAJ summarizes key points to help clinicians understand the effect of loneliness on older patients. (2019-04-29)

Consumption of caffeinated energy drinks rises in the United States
According to a new study appearing in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, published by Elsevier, energy drink consumption in the United States has increased substantially over the past decade among adolescents, young adults, and middle-aged adults. Energy drink consumers had significantly higher total caffeine intake compared with non-consumers and the beverages represented a majority of their total daily caffeine. Use by young adults continues to steadily rise. (2019-04-29)

Co-use of cannabis and tobacco linked to poorer functioning among young adults
As marijuana is legalized in more jurisdictions, one challenge facing US public health officials is the chance that users will use cannabis and tobacco products together, as is common in many nations. A new study finds that among a group of young adults in the US, more than a third reported such co-use and those who did consumed more products and had poorer functioning, such as getting in trouble with the police. (2019-04-29)

Sensor-based technologies are promising to support independent living for older women
A study conducted at the University of Colorado College of Nursing on older women's perception of technology found that more active older adult women prefer wearable sensors for themselves and smart home sensors for their older parents. (2019-04-29)

Why a smell test should become part of a regular doctor visit
A new Michigan State University study suggests that older adults with poor sense of smell may see an almost 50% increase in their risk of dying within 10 years -- surprisingly in healthier individuals. The research is published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. (2019-04-29)

Large genome-wide association study is first to focus on both child and adult asthma
Asthma, a common respiratory disease that causes wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath, is the most prevalent chronic respiratory disease worldwide. A new study, published April 30, 2019 in Lancet Respiratory Medicine, is the first large investigation to examine the differences in genetic risk factors for childhood-onset and adult-onset asthma. (2019-04-26)

Education may be key to a healthier, wealthier US
A first-of-its-kind study estimate the economic value of education for better health and longevity. The University of Colorado Denver study, published in The Milbank Quarterly, finds that the reduced disability and longer lives among the more educated are worth up to twice as much as the value of education for lifetime earnings. (2019-04-26)

Exercise activates memory neural networks in older adults
A new University of Maryland School of Public Health study of healthy older adults shows that just one session of exercise increased activation in the brain circuits associated with memory -- including the hippocampus -- which shrinks with age and is the brain region attacked first in Alzheimer's disease. (2019-04-25)

Healthy aging entails reorganization of function in prefrontal brain areas
Researchers from HSE University and York University have become the first to analyze the results of 82 functional neuroimaging studies on working memory mechanisms in different adult age groups. The meta-analyses showed that across studies the agreement of various areas of the prefrontal cortex decreases with aging, suggesting reorganization of brain function during healthy aging. The results have been published in NeuroImage journal. (2019-04-25)

Injections, exercise promote muscle regrowth after atrophy in mice, study finds
By injecting cells that support blood vessel growth into muscles depleted by inactivity, researchers say they are able to help restore muscle mass lost as a result of immobility. (2019-04-25)

Antibiotic use linked to greater risk of heart attack and stroke in women
Women who take antibiotics over a long period of time are at increased risk of heart attack or stroke, according to research carried out in nearly 36,500 women, published in the European Heart Journal. (2019-04-24)

Few at-risk adults getting the diabetes prevention help they need
Using data from the 2016 National Health Interview Survey, Johns Hopkins researchers report that few American adults eligible for diabetes prevention programs are being referred to, or participating in, these programs. (2019-04-24)

Study: Mediterranean diet deters overeating
Eat as much as you want and not gain weight? Sounds too good to be true. But in a study published in the April 23 issue of the journal Obesity, scientists at Wake Forest School of Medicine found that nonhuman primates on a Mediterranean diet chose not to eat all the food available to them and maintained a normal weight. (2019-04-23)

Mobility may predict elderly heart attack survivors' repeat hospital stays
Standing up from a seated position and walking across a room may help predict which heart attack survivors over age 75 will require repeat hospital stays within a month. (2019-04-23)

Unblocking arteries after heart attack may be lifesaver for older patients
Among heart attack patients 75 years and older, the oldest of those patients were less likely to receive a procedure to open blocked arteries than younger patients. Older patients were more likely to survive heart attacks if they had the procedure, called percutaneous coronary intervention, or PCI. (2019-04-23)

How much time do Americans spend sitting?
Americans spend more time sitting. Total time spent sitting increased about an hour per day to 8.2 hours for adolescents and 6.4 hours for adults in 2007-2016 in this analysis of nationally representative survey data. Data from nearly 52,000 children, adolescents and adults from 2001-2016 were used to examine trends over time in sedentary behaviors among the US population. (2019-04-23)

Despite health warnings, Americans still sit too much
Most Americans continue to sit for prolonged periods despite public health messages that such inactivity increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers, according to a major new study led by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. (2019-04-23)

Low mobility predicts hospital readmission in older heart attack patients
Close to 20% of elderly adults who have suffered a heart attack will be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. Performance on a simple mobility test is the best predictor of whether an elderly heart attack patient will be readmitted, a Yale-led study reports. (2019-04-23)

Transgender adults more likely to report worse health-related quality of life
Transgender adults were more likely to report worse health-related quality of life compared with cisgender adults. This study used data from a large national health survey with an optional sexual orientation and gender identity module, which 36 US states and territories used at least once from 2014 through 2017. (2019-04-22)

Older adults starting dialysis die at higher rates than previously thought
Study found more than half of older adults with end-stage kidney disease died within a year of starting dialysis. Nearly one in four older dialysis patients (23%) succumbed to the disease within a month of starting treatment. Analysis reveals markedly higher death rates than previous reports of dialysis outcomes among older patients. Findings can help patients and clinicians make better-informed decisions to determine optimal course of treatment. (2019-04-22)

People with heart disease at risk when pharmacies close
New research shows that when pharmacies close, people stop taking widely used heart medications -- like statins, beta-blockers and oral anticoagulants -- that have known cardiovascular and survival benefits. (2019-04-19)

Pharmacy closures associated with declines in cardiovascular medication adherence
How pharmacy closures are associated with declines in cardiovascular medication adherence for statins, ╬▓-blockers and oral anticoagulants among adults 50 or older was the focus of this analysis of prescription claims. (2019-04-19)

Young children judge others based on facial features as much as adults do
Just like adults, children by the age of 5 make rapid and consistent character judgements of others based on facial features, such as the tilt of the mouth or the distance between the eyes. Those facial features also shape how children behave toward others, according to research published by the American Psychological Association. (2019-04-18)

Low use of hearing aids among older Hispanic/Latino adults in US
This study examined how common hearing aids were and the factors associated with their use among a group of nearly 1,900 adults (average age 60) of Hispanic/Latino backgrounds with hearing loss. The results reveal low use of hearing aids, with only 87 adults (4.6 percent) reporting use. (2019-04-18)

Brain stimulation shows promise for understanding memory decline in older adults
In a small, pilot study, a non-invasive device that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain was associated with temporary improvements in age-related memory loss in older people, according to a study published in the April 17, 2019, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. (2019-04-17)

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