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New guidelines discourage use of brain imaging as a 'lie detector' for chronic pain
A task force consisting of researchers from around the world and led by a scientist at the Krembil Research Institute in Toronto has released a set of recommendations that advise against the use of brain imaging as a test for chronic pain. (2017-09-08)

Undiagnosed spine fractures often cause pain in older men
Fewer than a quarter of new vertebral fractures are clinically diagnosed, yet they often cause symptoms. In a study of older men in the general population now published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, clinically undiagnosed vertebral fractures that were evident on X-rays were associated with higher likelihood of back pain and limited physical activity. (2017-09-07)

Long-term opioid prescription use jumps threefold over 16-year period, study suggests
A new study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that opioid prescription use increased significantly between 1999 and 2014, and that much of that increase stemmed from patients who'd been taking their medication for 90 days or longer. (2017-09-07)

Patient satisfaction with pain management linked to nurse staffing
Hospital patients' satisfaction with pain management is linked to nurse staffing, according to an article authored by nurse researchers from the Connell School of Nursing at Boston College and published in the journal Pain Management Nursing. (2017-09-06)

Side effects of antidepressants used for chronic pain relief
The study, recently published in Frontiers in Neurology, collected all reported adverse effects for these drugs in the clinical literature from the past two decades. The researchers found that almost all antidepressants presented significant side effects. Clinical data also showed that some might better tolerate certain side effects than others, and therefore. These results may help physicians improve treatment outcomes by better matching the health status of chronic pain patients to their antidepressant medication. (2017-09-05)

NYU Bluestone Center discovers that skin color affects skin sensitivity to heat, mechanical stimuli
Researchers at the Bluestone Center for Clinical Research at the New York University College of Dentistry (NYU Dentistry) have identified a novel molecular mechanism which explains why dark-skinned and light-skinned people respond differently to heat and mechanical stimulation. (2017-09-05)

Breast cancer patients on opioids less likely to stick to vital treatment
A new study has found a troubling lack of adherence to a potentially lifesaving treatment regimen among breast cancer patients who take opioids to manage their pain. (2017-09-01)

Millennials prefer healthy habits, less likely to choose opioids to manage pain
Often spending their days hunched over phones, tablets or computers and their free time at spin class or playing sports, millennials are the next generation poised to experience chronic pain. Even at their young age, millennials say acute and chronic pain are already interfering with their quality of life. (2017-08-30)

Study finds pallid bat is unfazed by venom of Arizona bark scorpion
The Arizona bark scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in North America. The pallid bat is believed to be resistant to scorpion venom, but no laboratory studies have been performed to confirm this. Researchers at the University of California, Riverside now report in PLOS ONE that the pallid bat hunts the Arizona bark scorpion but is unaffected by its venom even after it is stung multiple times during the hunt. (2017-08-30)

Breastfeeding reduces risk of endometriosis diagnosis
A new study by investigators at Brigham and Women's Hospital finds that women who breastfed for longer periods of time had significantly lower risk of being diagnosed with endometriosis, offering new insights into a condition that, up until now, has had very few known, modifiable risk factors. The team's findings are published today in The BMJ. (2017-08-30)

Do estrogen therapies affect sexual function in early postmenopause?
Transdermal estrogen therapy delivered through the skin modestly improved sexual function in early postmenopausal women, according to an article published by JAMA Internal Medicine. (2017-08-28)

Study confirms safety of rapid algorithm to rule-out and rule-in myocardial infarction
The safety and efficacy of a rapid algorithm to rule-out and rule-in myocardial infarction has been confirmed in a study presented at ESC Congress today. (2017-08-27)

New therapeutic targets for osteoarthritis pain
An exploration of the latest understanding of the complex mechanisms behind OA pain offers new possibilities and potential treatment targets for osteoarthritis (OA) pain. New areas of research discussed include the use of combination therapies and the development of biomarkers to target effective pain treatment. (2017-08-25)

New report finds growing number of people in Ontario treated for opioid addiction
The rate at which people are being prescribed opioids to treat pain in Ontario has stabilized while the amount of drugs they receive has declined considerably, a new report has found. (2017-08-22)

To reduce postoperative pain, consider sleep -- and caffeine
A new preclinical study found that a brief period of extended wakefulness before surgery enhances pain and prolongs recovery time after surgery. Caffeine administration helped to reduce the harmful effects of sleep loss on subsequent surgical pain. (2017-08-18)

Collagen in cartilage tissues behaves like liquid crystals in a smart phone screen
Cartilage in our joints contains collagen which behaves a bit like the liquid crystals on a smart phone screen, according to researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). (2017-08-17)

Acupuncture, electrotherapy after knee replacement associated with reduced and delayed opioid use
An analysis of drug-free interventions to reduce pain or opioid use after total knee replacement found modest but clinically significant evidence that acupuncture and electrotherapy can potentially reduce and delay opioid use; evidence for other interventions, such as cryotherapy and preoperative exercise, had less support, according to a study published by JAMA Surgery. (2017-08-16)

Scientists discover powerful potential pain reliever
Chemists have discovered a powerful pain reliever that acts on a previously unknown pain pathway. The compound is as effective at relieving neuropathic pain in injured mice as a drug widely used for pain relief called gabapentin. If they can demonstrate that it is safe, effective and nonaddictive in humans -- a process that typically takes years -- the discovery could address one of today's biggest public health challenges: the opioid abuse epidemic. (2017-08-16)

Evidence does not support the use of gabapentinoids for chronic low back pain
Existing evidence on the use of gabapentinoids in chronic low back pain (CLBP) is limited, and demonstrates significant risk of adverse effects with no benefits on pain relief, according to a meta-analysis published in PLOS Medicine by Harsha Shanthanna from McMaster University, Canada, and colleagues. (2017-08-15)

Evidence on cannabis for chronic pain and PTSD
The scientific evidence is too limited to make firm conclusions about the effectiveness and safety of cannabis and cannabinoid products in treating chronic pain or post traumatic stress syndrome. The results of two systematic evidence reviews from the US Department of Veterans Affairs are published in Annals of Internal Medicine. (2017-08-14)

Ultrasound-triggered liposomes for on-demand, local anesthesia
Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital have found a new way to non-invasively relieve pain at local sites in the body; such systems could one day improve pain management by replacing addictive opioids and short-lasting local anesthetics. (2017-08-10)

Pennsylvania hospital neurosurgeon performs first endoscopic minimally invasive spinal surgery in PA
Neil R. Malhotra, MD, an assistant professor of Neurosurgery and Orthopaedic Surgery and the vice chairman of operations in the department of Neurosurgery, performed the first endoscopic percutaneous lumbar spinal nerve decompression and discectomy in Pennsylvania. (2017-08-10)

Does widespread pain stem from the brain? MRI study investigates
Patients with different chronic pain diagnoses recorded similar brain changes, a new study finds, suggesting a need for new treatment approaches. (2017-08-10)

Study finds patients needed fewer opioid tablets than prescribed after hernia surgery
A study by investigators from Massachusetts General Hospital and Newton-Wellesley Hospital found that patients prescribed opioid medications after inguinal hernia surgery used significantly fewer tablets than prescribed, even though they had received fewer than typically administered for such surgery. (2017-08-09)

Rain increases joint pain? Google suggests otherwise
New research indicates that weather conditions in 45 US cities are indeed associated with Google searches about joint pain. But it might not be the association you'd expect. The findings suggest that people's activity level -- increasing as temperatures rise, to a point -- is likelier than the weather itself to spur online searches about knee and hip pain, the investigators say. (2017-08-09)

Newly discovered pathway for pain processing could lead to new treatments
The discovery of a new biological pathway involved in pain processing offers hope of using existing cancer drugs to replace the use of opioids in chronic pain treatment, according to scientists at McGill University. (2017-08-08)

Dental brace wire found in woman's bowel after 10 years
A dental brace wire was found in a woman's bowel after 10 years. It was only discovered after she was admitted to hospital following two days of worsening stomach pain, explain doctors in the online journal BMJ Case Reports. (2017-08-07)

Prescription opioids often go unused after surgery
More than two-thirds of patients reported unused prescription opioids following surgery, and safe storage and disposal rarely occurred, suggesting an important source for nonmedical use, according to a study published by JAMA Surgery. (2017-08-02)

Study adds to evidence that most prescribed opioid pills go unused
In a review of half a dozen published studies in which patients self-reported use of opioids prescribed to them after surgery, researchers at Johns Hopkins report that a substantial majority of patients used only some or none of the pills, and more than 90 percent failed to dispose of the leftovers in recommended ways. (2017-08-02)

Smart underwear proven to prevent back stress with just a tap
Unlike other back-saving devices, this one is mechanized and was tested with motion capture, force plates and electromyography. (2017-08-01)

Self-efficacy boosts physical activity in osteoarthritis patients
Osteoarthritis patients that are more confident in their abilities in the morning go on to be more physically active throughout the day, according to a team of Penn State researchers. (2017-07-27)

New study recommends alternative pain relief for knee replacement patients
A new study led by researchers at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust and the University of Warwick has recommended an alternative method of pain relief for patients undergoing knee replacement surgery. (2017-07-26)

Mind-body therapies immediately reduce unmanageable pain in hospital patients
After participating in a single, 15-minute session of one of these mind-body therapies, patients reported an immediate decrease in pain levels similar to what one might expect from an opioid painkiller. This study is the first to compare the effects of mindfulness and hypnosis on acute pain in the hospital setting. (2017-07-25)

Study: Yoga helps back pain among veterans
A study that included 150 veterans with chronic low back pain found that those who completed a 12-week yoga program had better scores on a disability questionnaire, improved pain intensity scores, and a decline in opioid use. The findings jibe with those from two past clinical trials involving non-veterans. (2017-07-25)

Risk score may help in the care of patients with suspected appendicitis
A new study indicates that a classification system based on patient symptoms and basic lab tests can reduce the need for diagnostic imaging, hospital admissions, and surgery in patients with suspected appendicitis. (2017-07-24)

Mice feel others' pain -- literally
Pain sensitivity associated with alcohol withdrawal may activate the same brain region in both drinking and non-drinking mice, finds a study published in eNeuro. (2017-07-24)

Patients taking opioids prior to ACL surgery more likely to be on pain medications longer
More than 130,000 Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgeries take place each year with the majority of patients not requiring pain medication after three months post-operatively. However, researchers presenting their work at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine's Annual Meeting today in Toronto, Ontario, Canada found that those patients who were filling opioid prescriptions prior to surgery were 10 times more likely to be filling prescriptions five months after surgery. (2017-07-22)

Opioids and obesity, not 'despair deaths,' raising mortality rates for white Americans
Drug-related deaths among middle-aged white men increased more than 25-fold between 1980 and 2014, with the bulk of that spike occurring since the mid-1990s when addictive prescription opioids became broadly available, according to new CU Boulder research. (2017-07-20)

Study finds obese patients don't need to lose weight before total joint replacement
There's good news from UMass Medical School for overweight people with painfully arthritic hips and knees: A new study finds that obese patients who underwent knee or hip replacement surgery reported virtually the same pain relief and improved function as normal-weight joint replacement patients six months after surgery. (2017-07-19)

Jefferson researchers identify new target for chronic pain
Discovery of a phosphorylation event outside of the cell offers a new avenue for targeting chronic and pathologic pain, a new study reports. (2017-07-19)

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