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Use of laser light yields versatile manipulation of a quantum bit
By using light, researchers at UC Santa Barbara have manipulated the quantum state of a single atomic-sized defect in diamond -- the nitrogen-vacancy center -- in a method that not only allows for more unified control than conventional processes, but is more versatile, and opens up the possibility of exploring new solid-state quantum systems. (2013-05-01)
Is antimatter anti-gravity?
UC Berkeley scientists and colleagues with the ALPHA collaboration at CERN are working on an experiment to directly measure gravity's effect on antihydrogen in freefall, and have some very rough initial results. (2013-04-30)
Researchers tackle collapsing bridges with new technology
In this month's issue of Physics World, an international group of researchers propose a new technology that could divert vibrations away from load-bearing elements of bridges to avoid catastrophic collapses. (2013-04-30)
Movement of pyrrole molecules defy 'classical' physics
Quantum laws loom ever larger in physical world as new research finds quantum phenomena in effect on a molecular level. (2013-04-26)
Tel Aviv University researcher honored for work on gauge and gravity theories
Prof. Shimon Yankielowcz of Tel Aviv University has been awarded the 2013 Weizmann Prize in Exact Sciences for his contributions to quantum gauge and super-symmetric field theories. (2013-04-25)
Scientists provide 'new spin' on emerging quantum technologies
An international team of scientists has shed new light on a fundamental area of physics which could have important implications for future electronic devices and the transfer of information at the quantum level. (2013-04-23)
New research findings open door to zinc-oxide-based UV lasers, LED devices
Researchers from North Carolina State University have solved a long-standing materials science problem, making it possible to create new semiconductor devices using zinc oxide -- including efficient ultraviolet lasers and LED devices for use in sensors and drinking water treatment, as well as new ferromagnetic devices. (2013-04-23)
APS commends President Obama's plan for 'regional centers' to train STEM teachers
The American Physical Society commends the inclusion of regional centers within the STEM Innovation Network in President Obama's Fiscal Year 2014 budget to develop highly trained STEM teachers who will prepare students to meet the demands of an increasingly technical workforce. (2013-04-17)
CIC nanoGUNE launches Simune, an atomic-scale simulations service for companies
CIC nanoGUNE launches a new service called Simune with the aim of supporting a large variety of companies and institutions in their R+D processes. (2013-04-16)
'Spooky action at a distance' aboard the ISS
Albert Einstein famously described quantum entanglement as (2013-04-08)
Osmosis is not driven by water dilution
Osmosis -- the flow of a solvent across a semipermeable membrane from a region of lower to higher solute concentration -- is a well-developed concept in physics and biophysics. (2013-04-04)
Shape from sound: New methods to probe the universe
A new mathematical tool reported in the journal Physical Review Letters should allow scientists to use (2013-04-03)
First data released from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
The first published results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), a major physics experiment operating on the International Space Station, were announced today by the AMS collaboration spokesman, Nobel Laureate Samuel Ting. (2013-04-03)
Physicist Neal Lane receives 2013 Vannevar Bush Award
The National Science Board announced today that physicist Neal Lane, a former Presidential Science Adviser and former National Science Foundation director, is the 2013 recipient of its Vannevar Bush Award. (2013-03-26)
Laser empties atoms from the inside out
An international team of plasma physicists has used one of the world's most powerful lasers to create highly unusual plasma composed of hollow atoms. (2013-03-25)
Relieving chronic pain
A new, implantable device for treating chronic pain passes an important safety test. (2013-03-25)
Measuring the magnetism of antimatter
In a breakthrough that could one day yield important clues about the nature of matter itself, a team of Harvard scientists have succeeding in measuring the magnetic charge of single particles of matter and antimatter more accurately than ever before. (2013-03-25)
Mathematical butterflies provide insight into how insects fly
Researchers have developed sophisticated numerical simulations of a butterfly's forward flight. (2013-03-25)
Electrons are not enough: Cuprate superconductors defy convention
To engineers, it's a tale as old as time: Electrical current is carried through materials by flowing electrons. (2013-03-18)
Major grant to investigate limits of quantum theory
A University of Southampton academic has received a major research grant to help him explore the limitations of quantum theory. (2013-03-14)
Feynman's double-slit experiment brought to life
The precise methodology of Richard Feynman's famous double-slit thought-experiment - a cornerstone of quantum mechanics that showed how electrons behave as both a particle and a wave - has been followed in full for the very first time. (2013-03-13)
Marking anniversary of Fukushima HPS publishes special paper on nuclear radiation
Marking the anniversary of the Mar. 2011 Japan tsunami and resulting damage to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility, the Health Physics Society has published Radiation and Risk: Expert Perspectives online, the first of a series of special publications on radiation and its effects on human and environmental health. (2013-03-11)
Vortex loops could untie knotty physics problems
University of Chicago physicists have succeeded in creating a vortex knot -- a feat akin to tying a smoke ring into a knot. (2013-03-04)
Space race under way to create quantum satellite
In this month's special edition of Physics World, focusing on quantum physics, Thomas Jennewein and Brendon Higgins from the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, Canada, describe how a quantum space race is under way to create the world's first global quantum-communication network. (2013-02-28)
Blueprint for an artificial brain
Senior lecturer Dr. Andy Thomas from Bielefeld University's Faculty of Physics is experimenting with memristors -- electronic microcomponents that imitate natural nerves. (2013-02-26)
Spiderman's webbing would be strong enough to stop a moving train, say physics students
University of Leicester physics students calculate that the strength of Spiderman's webbing is proportional to that of real spiders. (2013-02-25)
Magnetic shielding of ion beam thruster walls
Magnetic shielding may enable ion drives to power new deep space missions. (2013-02-13)
Invisible tool enables new quantum experiments
Physicists around Philipp Haslinger and Markus Arndt at the University of Vienna have now succeeded in constructing a novel matter wave interferometer which enables new quantum studies with a broad class of particles, including atoms, molecules and nanoparticles. (2013-02-11)
Researchers create 'building block' of quanutm networks
A proof-of-concept device that could pave the way for on-chip optical quantum networks has been created by a group of researchers from the US. (2013-02-07)
Researchers explore quantum entanglement
Researchers propose a way in which (2013-02-07)
Does probability come from quantum physics?
Ever since Erwin Schrodinger put his unfortunate cat in a box, his fellow physicists have been using quantum theory to explain and understand the nature of waves and particles. (2013-02-05)
American Physical Society elected physicist Markus Aspelmeyer as a Fellow
Markus Aspelmeyer, Professor of Quantum Information on the Nanoscale at the University of Vienna, has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society for his outstanding contributions to experimental quantum information, quantum optics and quantum foundations. (2013-02-05)
Doubt cast on Sir Bernard Lovell's brainwashing
In this month's edition of Physics World, science writer Richard Corfield casts doubt on the alleged (2013-01-30)
Rutgers physics professors find new order in quantum electronic material
A new type of order, or symmetry, discovered in an exotic material made with uranium may one day lead to enhanced computer displays and data storage systems and more powerful superconducting magnets for medical imaging and levitating high-speed trains. (2013-01-30)
PRISMA PI Gabriele Honecker is a German representative in European string theory network
Junior Professor Dr. Gabriele Honecker of the Institute of Physics at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz takes an active role in the newly established European COST Action (2013-01-29)
Pioneer of physics books
We are on the brink of gaining specific knowledge about one of the most sought-after components of the universe -- antimatter. (2013-01-28)
A special issue of Sprintronics in Science China: Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy
Science China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy invited some Chinese experts and researchers in the field of spintronics to write a series of review articles in this special issue, in order to assist undergraduate, master's and doctoral students, as well as young researchers to understand this fast growing field. (2013-01-23)
ERC grant for quantum physicist Joerg Schmiedmayer
The group of Joerg Schmiedmayer at the Vienna University of Technology is looking for new quantum states between order and disorder. (2013-01-23)
Observations to help astrophysicist understand sun's Alfvén waves
UT Arlington physics professor Zdzislaw E. Musielak has been awarded a three-year, $301,339 National Science Foundation grant to investigate Alfvén waves in the sun. (2013-01-22)
The European Physical Society gives special recognition to physics at 69 Hoza Street
In autumn 2011 the building of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw at 69 Hoża Street, a key location in the history and development of physics in Poland, became first EPS Historic Site. (2013-01-10)
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