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Sandia's Tiny Acoustic Wave Sensors Will Detect Minute Traces Of Dangerous Chemicals
Minute acoustic wave chemical sensors being developed at the U.S. Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories will in the next two years be part of a hand-held chemical detection system, commonly called (1999-03-30)

Gallium Nitride Boosts Transistor Power
Cornell University researchers have reported significant progress in making a new generation of transistors based on gallium nitride, a material that promises to deliver up to a hundred times as much power at microwave frequencies as the semiconductors now used in cellular telephones, military radar and satellite transmitters. (1998-08-19)

Simple Polymer Moves With Electricity
A material originally developed for clear plastic bags may some day be used for artificial muscles, skin and organs that move like the real thing, according to a team of Penn State materials scientists. (1998-06-26)

Highly Polar Ultrathin Film: Growth And Characterization Of Directionally Aligned Polypeptides
Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz in collaboration with the group of Prof. Schouten at the University of Groningen have, for the first time, investigated the electromechanical properties of polypeptides grown directly from a flat surface. The results were recently published in Science (Vol. 279, 2. Jan.). (1998-01-02)

Single Crystals Move More With High Voltage
High voltage causes a family of crystals known as relaxor ferroelectrics to deform 10 times more than any other material currently known, according to a Penn State materials scientist. (1997-05-13)

New Films May One Day Be Used To Repair Tissue, Keep Aircraft Ice-Free
University of Illinois scientists believe that a new class of miniature polymers that ultimately form films should prove useful in many applications, from the repair of human tissue to keeping aircraft wings ice-free (1997-05-02)

Penn State Students Send Experiments Aboard Shuttle
What happens to computer chips in space? At what rate do micro meteors hit the shuttle? More than 100 Penn State Students and alumni will have their eyes on the sky waiting for these answers and more, when NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour takes off on May 19. (1996-05-17)

Page 9 of 9 | 327 Results
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