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Nitrogen pollution, climate and land use: Why what we eat matters
A new report quantifies for the first time how much our food choices affect pollutant nitrogen emissions, climate change and land-use across Europe. (2014-04-24)
Pollutants from coal-burning stoves strongly associated with miscarriages in Mongolia
Burning coal for domestic heating may contribute to early fetal death according to a new study by experts from the Saban Research Institute of Children's Hospital Los Angeles and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia -- the coldest capital city in the world. (2014-04-23)
Groundbreaking nationwide study finds that people of color live in neighborhoods with more air pollution than whites
A first-of-its-kind study by researchers at the University of Minnesota found that on average nationally, people of color are exposed to 38 percent higher levels of nitrogen dioxide outdoor air pollution compared to white people. (2014-04-15)
Security barriers in US/Mexico national parks affect movement of animals
Security barriers in national parks on the US/Mexican border which aim to deter illegal migrants are affecting the movements of some native animal species while not necessarily restricting the movement of humans, according to new research from the University of Bristol, published today in PLOS ONE. (2014-04-09)
Meeting climate targets may require reducing meat and dairy consumption
Greenhouse gas emissions from food production may threaten the United Nations climate target of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, according to research at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. (2014-03-30)
Air pollution from traffic increases odds of hospital readmission for asthma
Higher exposure to traffic-related air pollution dramatically increases the odds of readmission to the hospital for asthma -- but only for white children, according to a new Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center study. (2014-03-27)
Coal plant closure in China led to improvements in children's health
Decreased exposure to air pollution in utero is linked with improved childhood developmental and higher levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, a key protein for brain development, according to a study of looking at the closure of coal-burning power plant in China led by researchers at the Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health at the Mailman School of Public Health. (2014-03-26)
Clean cooking fuel and improved kitchen ventilation linked to less lung disease
Improving cooking fuels and kitchen ventilation is associated with better lung function and reduced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to research published in this week's PLOS Medicine. (2014-03-25)
Indochina agricultural fires still ongoing
Agricultural fires continue to burn in the Indochina region as evidenced by this Aqua image taken on March 18, 2014. (2014-03-18)
Crop intensification can be a long-term solution to perennial food shortages in Africa
Farmers in Africa can increase their food production if they avoid over dependence on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and practice agricultural intensification -- growing more food on the same amount of land -- using natural and resource-conserving approaches such as agroforestry. (2014-03-18)
Crop intensification and organic fertilizers can be a long-term solution to perennial food shortages in Africa
Farmers in Africa can increase their food production if they avoid over dependence on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and practice agricultural intensification -- growing more food on the same amount of land -- using natural and resource-conserving approaches such as agroforestry. (2014-03-17)
Light pollution impairs rainforest regeneration
Increasing light pollution in tropical habitats could be hampering regeneration of rainforests because of its impact on nocturnal fruit-eating bats. (2014-03-11)
Traffic-related air pollution associated with changes in right ventricular structure and function
Exposure to high levels of traffic-related air pollution is associated with changes in the right ventricle of the heart that may contribute to the known connection between air pollution exposure and heart disease, according to a new study. (2014-03-07)
Agricultural fires across the Indochina landscape
Agricultural fires are still burning in Indochina 10 days after the last NASA web posting about the fires. (2014-03-07)
New technique allows frequent water quality monitoring for suite of pollutants
Researchers have developed a new technique that uses existing technology to allow researchers and natural resource managers to collect significantly more information on water quality to better inform policy decisions. (2014-03-05)
Offshore wind farms could tame hurricanes before they reach land, Stanford-led study says
Computer simulations by professor Mark Z. Jacobson have shown that offshore wind farms with thousands of wind turbines could have sapped the power of three real-life hurricanes, significantly decreasing their winds and accompanying storm surge, and possibly preventing billions of dollars in damages. (2014-02-26)
How much does African dust add to Houston's pollution?
A University of Houston professor is delving into how the migration of Saharan dust affects the city's air pollution levels, especially during the hottest months of the year. (2014-02-24)
Nitrogen-tracking tools for better crops and less pollution
As every gardner knows, nitrogen is crucial for a plant's growth. (2014-02-18)
Dartmouth-UConn study shows coastal water, not sediment, predicts mercury contamination
A Dartmouth-University of Connecticut study of the northeast United States shows that methylmercury concentrations in estuary waters -- not in sediment as commonly thought -- are the best way to predict mercury contamination in the marine food chain. (2014-02-18)
Ben-Gurion U. researchers reveal that organic agriculture can pollute groundwater
According to the paper intensive organic matter using composted manure prior to planting resulted in significantly higher groundwater pollution rates compared with liquid fertilization techniques. (2014-02-17)
Stanford scientist to unveil 50-state plan to transform US to renewable energy
Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson will present a new roadmap to renewable energy for all 50 US states at the annual meeting of American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago on Feb. (2014-02-15)
MRC funds BREATHE Africa partnership
The Medical Research Council has announced £580,000 of funding to facilitate collaboration between established trial sites and to increase research capacity in Africa focused on the health effects of Household Air Pollution. (2014-02-13)
Scientists discover the mechanism of heart failure in fish exposed to oil spills
Researchers from NOAA Fisheries and Stanford University, working on the Natural Resources Damage Assessment following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, have found that some petroleum compounds act as ion channel blockers in the heart cells of young tuna, disrupting normal cardiac function. (2014-02-13)
Air pollution increases risk for hypertension in pregnant women
Breathing the air outside their homes may be just as toxic to pregnant women -- if not more so -- as breathing in cigarette smoke, increasing a mom-to-be's risk of developing deadly complications such as preeclampsia, according to findings from a new University of Florida study. (2014-02-13)
Grant supports Cedars-Sinai study of possible links between air pollution and brain cancer
Researchers at the Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute and Department of Neurosurgery at Cedars-Sinai will conduct a study to determine if several potentially toxic compounds that exist in polluted air are capable of entering the brain from the bloodstream and causing brain cancer. (2014-02-10)
High pollutant levels in Guánica Bay 'represent serious toxic threat' to corals
Pollutants measured in the sediments of Guánica Bay, Puerto Rico, in a new NOAA study were among the highest concentrations of PCBs, chlordane, chromium and nickel ever measured in the history of NOAA's National Status & Trends monitoring program. (2014-02-10)
Australians discover oldest star
A team led by astronomers at The Australian National University has discovered the oldest known star in the Universe, which formed shortly after the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago. (2014-02-09)
Hardships explain much of hospital asthma readmissions among black children and teens
Black children are twice as likely as white children to be readmitted to the hospital for asthma -- a disparity due in large part to a greater burden of financial and social hardships, according to a new study. (2014-02-03)
Tracking Asian air pollution aids policymakers
New research from a team of scientists, that included Argonne's David Streets, a senior energy and environmental policy scientist, showed that several different air pollutants from China reach the shores of the western United States. (2014-01-30)
Cooperative SO2 and NOx aerosol formation in haze pollution
In January 2013, a long-lasting episode of severe haze occurred in central and eastern China. (2014-01-29)
Asian ozone pollution in Hawaii is tied to climate variability
Asian ozone pollution levels measured in Hawaii fluctuate with decade-long climate variations, according to a new study by researchers based at Princeton University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. (2014-01-27)
Integrating vegetation into sustainable transportation planning may benefit public health
Strategic placement of trees and plants near busy roadways may enhance air quality and positively impact public health. (2014-01-24)
More diseases from air pollution uncovered by improved data material
Good health and personal registers in combination with model calculations of air pollution down to an individual address has helped Danish researchers to become among the very best in the world to detect harmful diseases deriving from polluted air. (2014-01-22)
Particulate air pollution leads to increased heart attack risk
Long-term exposure to particulate matter is associated with an increased risk for heart attack. (2014-01-22)
Long term exposure to air pollution linked to coronary events
Long term exposure to particulate matter in outdoor air is strongly linked to heart attacks and angina, and this association persists at levels of exposure below the current European limits, suggests research conducted at the Department of Epidemiology in Rome, Italy and published on today. (2014-01-21)
Obese children more susceptible to asthma from air pollution
Obese children exposed to high levels of air pollutants were nearly three times as likely to have asthma, compared with non-obese children and lower levels of pollution exposure, report researchers at Columbia University Medical Center. (2014-01-21)
Made in China for us: Air pollution tied to exports
Chinese air pollution blowing across the Pacific is often caused by manufacturing of goods for export to the US and Europe, according to findings by UC Irvine and others. (2014-01-20)
New compounds discovered that are hundreds of times more mutagenic
Researchers have discovered novel compounds produced by certain types of chemical reactions -- such as those found in vehicle exhaust or grilling meat -- that are hundreds of times more mutagenic than their parent compounds which are known carcinogens. (2014-01-06)
MBL scientists to study coastal waterbird habitats through funding for Obama's Climate Action Plan
Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced in December that Interior's eight regional Climate Science Centers (including the Northeast CSC, a consortium that includes the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass.) are awarding nearly $7 million to universities and other partners for research as part of President Obama's Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon pollution, move our economy toward clean energy sources, and prepare our communities for the impacts of climate change. (2014-01-06)
To curb China's haze and air pollution, use water
A new idea to cut back on air pollution: spray water into the atmosphere from sprinklers atop tall buildings and towers, similar to watering a garden. (2014-01-06)
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