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A little help from below: naturally occurring microbes ready to lend a hand trapping radioactivity underground
Microbes living underground at the Department of Energy's Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory breakdown the compound urea, which means they may be able to help trap a radioactive contaminant found in the groundwater beneath the lab, researchers from INEEL, Idaho State University, and the University of Toronto reported today at the American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco. (1999-12-15)

Help with 'screamingly radioactive' storage tanks: Nonradioactive substitute created to aid nuclear waste clean-up
Synthetic goods are generally modeled on scarce but desirable materials -- diamonds, fine wools, even fruit juices. Jim Krumhansl's offering to the world is a bit different. Krumhansl has created synthetic sludge.Unappetizing, perhaps? You thought there was enough of the real thing? But the unusual product, which harmlessly mimics the deadly sludge found in underground nuclear waste storage tanks, could save U.S. taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in cleanup costs. (1999-08-23)

Researchers Uncover Revolutionary New Physics Discovery
Astrophysicists at Clemson University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Harvard University discovered a new chemical sequence during research into how large carbon molecules might form in exploding stars known as supernovae. The finding is casting doubt on the long-held chemical equilibrium theory and clearing the way for a new field - kinetic chemistry. (1999-02-26)

Prospecting For Helium-3 On The Moon
Future prospectors on the Moon may be assisted by resource maps developed from recent research. They will be seeking Helium-3, an isotope that is rare on Earth and may be the fuel of choice of 21st century fusion reactors. (1998-12-01)

Weapons Can Now Be Scanned To See What Horrors They Conceal
American researchers have developed a portable device that can quickly reveal the contents of a warhead without the danger of anyone having to open it up or move it to a lab. The system will be used in the US's chemical weapons disposal programme. (1998-10-28)

Technology May Help Identify Pancreatic Cancer Surgery Patients
An experimental technique that helps identify colorectal- cancer patients who may best benefit from surgery may also work well on patients with pancreatic cancer, new research shows. (1998-03-26)

Escape From A Nuclear Football
In a paper appearing in the March 2 issue of Physical Review Letters, physicists have measured the rate at which a misshapen nucleus spontaneously releases single protons, offering insights into how the highly deformed shape of a nucleus can influence radioactivity (1998-02-25)

Scientific Report Gives Food Irradiation Two Thumbs Up
Irradiation can effectively eliminate pathogens and reduce spoilage microorganisms while maintaining the wholesomeness and fresh quality of food, according to the Institute of Food Technologists' Scientific Status Summary (1997-12-18)

Researchers Propose Alternative Fusion Reactor To Power The Future
Writing in science, researchers at UC Irvine, University of Florida say their reactor would be highly efficient, environmentally safe. (1997-11-20)

Chernobyl Animals Highly Contaminated But Undeformed
Wildlife near Chernobyl, site of the world's worst nuclear disaster, not only survives, it abounds in the area, now largely abandoned by humans. University of Georgia researchers have found genetic changes but no deformities in several species of fish and rodents examined near Chernobyl in eight expeditions to the area since 1991. (1997-09-12)

Prospects For New Techniques In Breast Cancer Screening Presented At Science Conference
SEATTLE -- A safe and accurate tool for breast cancer screening may be on the horizon, say Rensselaer scientists who are developing an imaging system that uses low-level electrical currents. The prospect was announced today at the 1997 annual meeting ofthe American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). (1997-02-17)

PET Scans Show Link Between Cocaine And Heroin Addictions
Researchers at Johns Hopkins and the National Institute on Drug Abuse have the first direct evidence that the brain's own natural opiate system is deeply involved in cocaine addiction and craving. (1996-11-06)

Proposed Biomass-Fired Power Plant Will Create Electricity While Clearing Contamination in Belarus
Researchers plan to test a way to decontaminate Belarus forests contaminated 10 years ago by the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. In the plan announced by Sandia National Laboratories, contaminated wood would be burned in a pilot biomass power plant to create electricity and capture radionuclides in the ash (1996-10-17)

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