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Breast Cancer Screening Exams Produce High Level Of False-Positive Results
Researchers at the University of Washington and Harvard University have determined that at least one woman in two will receive a false-positive result after having annual screening mammograms for a decade, and almost 20 percent of women will undergo a biopsy. (1998-04-15)

Jefferson Researcher Finds New Digital X-Ray Technology May Cut Costs And Improve Patient Care
A new digital X-ray technology may replace the current film X-ray technology while reducing health care costs and improving patient care, says Gary S. Shaber, M.D., research professor of radiology, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and director, Division of General Diagnostic Radiology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. (1997-11-28)

Women With Breast Cancer Fare Better At Multi-Disciplinary Clinics, Henry Ford Hospital Study Shows
Henry Ford Health Hospital researchers have found that women with breast cancer, who are treated at a full-service multi-disciplinary clinic, receive faster diagnosis and treatment and are more satisfied with their care than women treated by scheduling separate appointments with a number of physicians. (1997-06-14)

Learning From Experience: New Pattern Recognition & Detection Helps Radiologists Analyze Digital Mammograms
A new technique for pattern recognition and small object detection has successfully detected microcalcifications in digitized mammograms--and holds promise for discerning other medical pathologies, manufacturing defects, and various objects in commercial, defense and Internet imagery. (1997-06-11)

Managed Care Affecting Generalist And Specialist Physician Income Differently
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago report that primary care physician's income grew more rapidly in states with the highest managed care growth compared to states with the lowest managed care growth. In contrast, specialist incomes, in particular those of radiologists, anesthesiologists, and pathologists grew most rapidly in states with the lowest managed care growth and least rapidly in states with the highest managed care growth. (1997-05-01)

Motion-MRI Gives Patients And Athletes More Accurate Injury Diagnosis
Using dynamic kinematic MRI technology, radiologists at the University of Illinois at Chicago can more accurately diagnose injuries of the knee, ankle and jaw that are not always detected by physical examination, x-rays or conventional static MRIs (1996-11-27)

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