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H.pylori bacteria and their human hosts
A mathematical model, based on experimental evidence, of the symbiotic relationship between H.pylori bacterium host. (1999-07-20)
Ant-Fungus Relationship May Provide New Clues About Antibiotics
The discovery of an ancient association between an antibiotic-producing bacterium and fungus-growing ants may provide new insight into the identification, production and use of antibiotics, according to a study in the April 22 issue of Nature. (1999-04-22)
First Evidence Found Of Link Between Gum Disease And High Alcohol Consumption, Low Dietary Antioxidants
Oral biologists from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine have shown for the first time that heavy alcohol consumption or a diet low in antioxidant vitamins can increase the risk of developing gum disease. (1999-03-13)
Couples' Attachment Style May Help Determine Male Violence
The combination of an insecure man with a dismissive woman may make domestic violence more likely in a relationship, new research suggests. (1999-02-01)
Diabetes And Periodontal Disease Connection
George Taylor, University of Michigan professor of Dentistry speaks at the symposium titled (1999-01-22)
First Children "Crowded Out" When Divorced Fathers Have New Kids
Non-custodial fathers are less likely to maintain contact with children from a previous relationship if they have biological children with another partner, a new study shows. (1998-09-30)
Experts Often Disagree About Relationships
In the new book (1998-04-30)
Partner's Criticism Hampers Recovery From Depression
The amount of criticism, hostility or emotional involvement which a person exhibits towards the partner when he or she is suffering from depression, has an unmistakableinfluence on the progress of thelatter's condition. (1998-03-19)
Osteoporosis And Oral Health Closely Linked, UB Analysis Of National Database Shows
Women with osteoporosis are at high risk of developing gum disease and losing their teeth, according to the first large- scale assessment of the relationship between bone metabolism and oral health, conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo. (1998-02-16)
How Do I Love Thee? Instead Of Counting The Ways, 'The Love Test' Offers Couples 32 Scientific Quizzes To Measure Their Relationship
If Paul Simon had been a social scientist instead of a song writer he might have stopped counting those (1998-01-30)
Women With Depressive Symptoms Are At Risk Of Developing Alcohol Problems Over Time
One of the first studies to investigate the relationship between gender, depression and alcohol problems in a large community sample over a number of years has shown that women who have symptoms of depression are at risk of developing alcohol problems. (1997-12-02)
Sleep Apnea Is A Risk Factor For Hypertension
Chronic high blood pressure can be linked to sleep apnea, researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School have found. (1997-08-13)
Childhood Sex Abuse Impacts Adult Relationships
A Cornell clinical psychologist and graduate student find that sexually abused girls have less secure intimate relationships and compromised interpersonal functioning in adulthood. (1997-02-10)
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