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Seafloor Study Produces A Copper Bonanza
Geologists drilling into the Pacific floor to study hot-water vents have made an unexpected discovery: a zone of high-grade copper ore deposited below the seafloor. The finding could point the way to similar valuable deposits on dry land, said Robert Zierenberg of the University of California, Davis. (1998-04-01)

Summary Of USGS Presentations And Activities, AAAS, 1998
USGS presentations at the 1998 AAAS Meeting in Philadelphia include everything from seafloor mapping to (1998-02-13)

Underwater Volcano To Get Scientific Visit
Scientists will be paying a visit soon to what they believe is a volcano erupting under water. The scientists will be aboard a scientific ship looking to uncover the volcano's secrets - and maybe the secret to the origins of life on this planet. The eruption, about 300 miles off the northern Oregon coast, is causing intense earthquake activity on the sea floor. (1998-02-08)

Methane Deep In Ocean Crust Could Feed Chemical-Hungry Microorganisms
Tiny bubbles full of brine may be creating a storehouse of nutrients needed by microorganisms living at the seafloor and, possibly, deep within the earth's crust. A UW oceanographer presents evidence at this week's AGU meeting that a significant reservoir of methane may be found in rock beneath the seafloor (1996-12-15)

Scientists Witness Creation of New Hydrothermal Vents on Seafloor
During a recent National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded research expedition aboard the scientific drill ship JOIDES Resolution, two new hot springs were created on the seafloor. This event reactivated an ancient hydrothermal system which produced extensive mineral deposits on or just below the ocean floor (1996-10-04)

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