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Swimming Proficiency Of Marine Mammals Ranks Them Among The World's Elite Animal Athletes
A comparative study of running, swimming, and flying animals reveals the limits of mammalian physiology and highlights the evolutionary hurdle overcome by ancestral marine mammals in making the transition from land to water. (1999-01-19)

USGS Finds Sea Otters At Risk From Killer Whales In A Changing Ocean
Because of a lack of Steller sea lions and harbor seals, large numbers of sea otters are being eaten by hungry killer whales in western Alaska waters, according to findings in the October 16 issue of the journal Science. In (1998-10-15)

Killer Whales Have Begun Preying On Sea Otters, Causing Disruption Of Coastal Ecosystems In Western Alaska
With seals and sea lions in short supply in the North Pacific, killer whales are now feeding on sea otters, causing an abrupt decline in sea otter populations in western Alaska. The decline in sea otters has allowed their primary prey, sea urchins, to multiply and strip coastal kelp forests. (1998-10-15)

Tourists And Scientists Could Be Bringing Deadly Diseases To Antarctica's Wildlife
Dangerous pathogens from human food and sewage are threatening Antarctica's unique wildlife with devastating diseases. Scientists have become so alarmed that they are pressing for international agreement on a set of measures which were proposed at a meeting last week in Hobart, Tasmania. (1998-09-02)

Concerns For Australian Sea Lion
Evidence is mounting that Australia's native sea lion population has levelled off and may be declining. (1998-03-18)

MIT's Mini Respirator Breathes Life Into Mutant Mice
A miniature respirator developed by MIT engineers is breathing life into newborn mice. The machine, essentially a tiny version of the (1998-03-03)

New Laser-Based Process Significantly Reduces Friction
A laser-based process applied to interfacing metallic or ceramic surfaces has been found to reduce friction by as much as twenty percent. The surface-engineering process, developed at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, involves the creation oftiny holes or pores on the touching surfaces of metal or ceramic components. The new process saves on material wear and allows the option of using less costly materials. (1997-06-04)

New Ultrasound Technique Allows Closer Inspection Of Food Containers
University of Illinois food scientists have developed an acoustic technique that provides for much closer inspection of food containers than is currently possible through ordinary visual inspection (1997-04-03)

Ultrasound Creates Metal Powders With Potentially Wide Application
Loud sounds can break things -- a fact University of Illinois chemists are using to their advantage. They're making extremely fine metal powders through a technique called sonochemistry -- the chemical application of high-intensity ultrasound. The powders have potential uses in data storage, audio reproduction and magnetic sealing (1997-02-11)

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