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NRL generates, modulates, and electrically detects pure spin currents in silicon
NRL scientists have generated, modulated and electrically detected a pure spin current in silicon, the semiconductor used most widely in the electronic device industry. (2007-12-03)
Compact, wavelength-on-demand Quantum Cascade Laser chip offers ultra-sensitive chemical sensing
Engineers from Harvard University have demonstrated a highly versatile, compact and portable Quantum Cascade Laser sensor for the fast detection of a large number of chemicals, ranging from infinitesimal traces of gases to liquids, by broad tuning of the emission wavelength. (2007-12-03)
Cooler, faster, cheaper: Clemson researchers advance process to manufacture silicon chips
The next generation of laptops, desk computers, cell phones and other semiconductor devices may get faster and more cost-effective with research from Clemson University. (2007-12-03)
MIT: Thermoelectric materials are 1 key to energy savings
Breathing new life into an old idea, MIT Institute Professor Mildred S. (2007-11-20)
NIST demos industrial-grade nanowire device fabrication
Nanowires have attracted a great deal of interest for their potential to build unique atomic-scale electronics, but manufacturers will need efficient, reliable methods to build them in quantity. (2007-10-26)
Harvard University engineers demonstrate quantum cascade laser nanoantenna
In a major feat of nanotechnology engineering researchers from Harvard University have demonstrated a laser with a wide-range of potential applications in chemistry, biology and medicine. (2007-10-22)
NTU offers new joint master's degree to train engineers for the silicon wafer fabrication industries
Nanyang Technological University has signed an agreement with Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen, Germany and German Institute of Science and Technology Pte Ltd to offer a joint Master of Science degree program in microelectronics. (2007-10-16)
New quantum dot transistor counts individual photons
NIST researchers have deisgned and demonstrated a transistor containing quantum dots that can count individual photons. (2007-10-11)
Semiconductor Industry Association and IEEE-USA urge action on immigration reform
In a joint letter to key Senate and House leaders, the Semiconductor Industry Association and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-USA urged passage of measures to ease the hiring of foreign-born scientists and engineers and other proposals to enhance the global competitiveness of the US high-tech sector. (2007-10-11)
NIST announces 56 new awards for innovative technology research and development
NIST today announced 56 new awards for innovative industrial research and development projects under the agency's Advanced Technology Program. (2007-09-28)
Quantum device traps, detects and manipulates the spin of single electrons
A novel device, developed by a team led by University at Buffalo engineers, simply and conveniently traps, detects and manipulates the single spin of an electron, overcoming some major obstacles that have prevented progress toward spintronics and spin-based quantum computing. (2007-09-27)
Doping technique brings nanomechanical devices into the semiconductor world
With the help of a device capable of depositing metals an atom at a time in the materials used in computer chips, a team of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers has successfully blended modern semiconductor technology and nanomachines. (2007-09-26)
IBM and Imago find a crucial difficulty in semiconductor device scaling
As reported in the Sept. 7, 2007 issue of Science, IBM and Imago used atom probe tomography to observe, for the first time, distributions of individual dopant atoms at defects in semiconductor devices. (2007-09-06)
UA physicists discover 'super crystals' in a semiconductor
University of Arizona physicists have discovered that (2007-08-15)
Web writer wins Acoustical Society Science Writing Award
Don Monroe, a science journalist from New Jersey, and a Time Magazine Person of the Year, has been named the recipient of the Acoustical Society of America's Science Writing Award in Acoustics for Journalists for (2007-08-13)
Nanoparticle technique could lead to improved semiconductors
Devices made from plastic semiconductors, like solar cells and light-emitting diodes, could be improved based on information gained using a new nanoparticle technique developed at the University of Texas at Austin. (2007-08-06)
Unique quantum effect found in silicon nanocrystals
Researchers at the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, collaborating with Innovalight Inc., have shown that a new and important effect called multiple exciton generation occurs efficiently in silicon nanocrystals. (2007-07-25)
Graphene nanoelectronics: Making tomorrow's computers from a pencil trace
A key discovery at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute could help advance the role of graphene as a possible heir to copper and silicon in nanoelectronics. (2007-07-23)
Tightly packed molecules lend unexpected strength to nanothin sheet of material
Scientists at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, have discovered the surprising strength of a sheet of nanoparticles that measures just 50 atoms in thickness. (2007-07-22)
NRL scientists demonstrate efficient electrical spin injection into silicon
NRL scientists have efficiently injected a current of spin-polarized electrons from a ferromagnetic metal contact into silicon, producing a large electron spin polarization in the silicon. (2007-07-16)
Semiconductor membrane mimics biological behavior of ion channels
A semiconductor membrane designed by researchers at the University of Illinois could offer more flexibility and better electrical performance than biological membranes. (2007-07-12)
Tomorrow's green nanofactories
A new podcast explores how nanotechnology researcher Angela Belcher, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is working with viruses to make them do good things. (2007-07-09)
Electronic 'crowd behavior' revealed in semiconductors
Researchers at JILA have used ultrafast lasers to uncover a previously unseen type of collective electronic behavior in semiconductors, findings which may impact the design of new optoelectronic devices. (2007-07-06)
Silicon nanowires upgrade data-storage technology
Scientists at NIST, along with colleagues at George Mason University and Kwangwoon University in Korea, have fabricated a memory device that combines silicon nanowires with a more traditional type of data-storage. (2007-06-08)
Nanotube flickering reveals single-molecule rendezvous
In this week's issue of Science, French and US researchers describe a new technique that allowed them to zoom in and observe quantum quasiparticles called excitons on individual carbon nanotubes. (2007-06-07)
Carnegie Mellon's Rob Rutenbar wins Pioneer Award
Rob Rutenbar, a professor in electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon, received the IEEE 2007 Industrial Pioneer Award at the Design Automation conference in San Diego June 5, 2007. (2007-06-05)
UC San Diego physicists devise viable design for spin-based electronics
Physicists at the University of California, San Diego have proposed a design for a semiconductor computer circuit based on the spin of electrons. (2007-06-01)
UD researchers put 'spin' in silicon, advance new age of electronics
Electrical engineers from the University of Delaware and Cambridge NanoTech have demonstrated for the first time how the spin properties of electrons in silicon -- the world's most dominant semiconductor, used in electronics ranging from computers to cell phones -- can be measured and controlled. (2007-05-18)
New '1/f noise' discovery promises to improve semiconductor-based sensors
More sensitive sensors and detectors based on semiconductor electronics could result from new findings by researchers from the United States, Norway and Russia. (2007-05-09)
Device uses solar energy to convert carbon dioxide into fuel
Chemists at the University of California, San Diego have demonstrated the feasibility of exploiting sunlight to transform a greenhouse gas into a useful product. (2007-04-17)
Rensselaer Professor Michael Shur elected as 2007 IET Fellow
Michael Shur, the Patricia W. and C. Sheldon Roberts '48 Chaired Professor in Solid State Electronics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has been promoted to fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). (2007-04-11)
Carnegie Mellon researcher wins prestigious career award for NSF
Carnegie Mellon University's C. Fred Higgs III has received the National Science Foundation's most prestigious award for new faculty members, the Faculty Early Career Development award. (2007-04-03)
Flexible electronics could find applications as sensors, artificial muscles
Flexible electronic structures with the potential to bend, expand and manipulate electronic devices are being developed by researchers at the US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (2007-04-02)
Linear arrays of nanotubes offer path to high-performance electronics
Despite the attractive electrical properties and physical features of single-walled carbon nanotubes, incorporating them into scalable integrated circuits has proven to be a challenge because of difficulties in manipulating and positioning these molecular scale objects and in achieving sufficient current outputs. (2007-03-25)
Physicists tailor magnetic pairings in nanoscale semiconductors
In the March 8 issue of Nature, researchers at Stanford, Harvard and Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science reported that they have built a two-channel Kondo system in a semiconductor nanostructure. (2007-03-13)
New analog circuits could impact consumer electronics
Advances in digital electronic circuits have prompted the boost in functions and ever- smaller size of such popular consumer goods as digital cameras. (2007-02-16)
Researchers create new super-thin laser mirror
Engineers at UC Berkeley have created a new high-performance mirror that packs the same 99.9 percent reflective punch as current high-grade mirrors, but in a package that is 20 times thinner and easier to manufacture. (2007-02-13)
Semiconductors for ultra-large integrated circuits and thin film transistors
The conference covers developments in semiconductor technology, in particular, ultra-large scale integrated (ULSI) circuits and thin film transistor (TFT) arrays. (2007-01-31)
Stanford researchers predict a new state of matter in semiconductors
Conventional matter exists in three familiar forms-solid, liquid and gas. (2006-12-14)
Beyond silicon: MIT demonstrates new transistor technology
MIT engineers have demonstrated a technology that could introduce an important new phase of the microelectronics revolution that has already brought us iPods, laptops and much more. (2006-12-08)
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