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Hopkins Engineering Undergrads' Inventions: Power Tools For Double Amputee, Military Surveillance Robot
Engineering undergraduates at Johns Hopkins University, including a double leg amputee Army veteran, have invented a device to make it possible for a double arm amputee to work with his power tools unassisted. Others in this year's senior engineering design project course have created a snake-like robot for the Army, and still others invented a page-turning device for the handicapped. (1997-05-13)

Contrasting Serpent Problems Challenge CU-Boulder Professor
Two island-dwelling snake species under study by a University of Colorado at Boulder expert present contrasting challenges to researchers attempting to rectify growing ecological problems associated with the reptiles (1997-03-10)

Dams And Rivers: Scientists Take A New Look Downstream
Dams provide many benefits but with those benefits come environmental consequences -- eroding river banks, changes in waterfowl habitat, concerns for safe recreational use, and the loss of river sand bars, according to a new report by the U.S. Geological Survey (1996-12-18)

Executive Robots? New programming Strategy May Help Robots `Think Fast' -- In Space Or On The Ground
Flobot the Robot can already hover on a cushion of air, manipulating objects with magnetic grippers to simulate hands-off satellite repairs in space, and the machine may soon learn to perform such tasks optimally, up to 10 times faster, thanks to a new algorithm described in a current engineering journal. (1996-12-12)

Page 14 of 14 | 524 Results
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