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Successful European DELTA mission concludes with Soyuz landing
The 11-day DELTA mission to the International Space Station (ISS) came to a successful conclusion when the Soyuz TMA-3 command module, carrying Dutch ESA astronaut André Kuipers and the ISS Expedition 8 crew, touched down early this morning near the town of Arkalyk in Kazakhstan at 07:12 local time (02:12 Central European Time) after a return flight of just over three hours. (2004-04-30)

Space solutions for health
ESA today announced the launch of its 'Space Solutions' initiative, a business-to-business provider of know-how and technologies to industries in the wellness market. The launch was announced at an event featuring an address by ESA astronaut André Kuipers, live from the International Space Station. (2004-04-27)

DELTA mission and ESA astronaut dock with ISS
The DELTA mission, with European Space Agency astronaut André Kuipers from the Netherlands, and the ISS Expedition 9 crew, successfully docked with the International Space Station (ISS) today. (2004-04-21)

DELTA mission heading to ISS with Dutch ESA astronaut
The DELTA mission, with European Space Agency astronaut André Kuipers, and the ISS Expedition 9 crew lifted off today in the Soyuz TMA-4 spacecraft on flight 8S to the International Space Station. The launch took place from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 09.19 local time (05.19 Central European Time). (2004-04-19)

Europe and Russia: a 15-year partnership in human spaceflight
Fifteen years of fruitful cooperation in human spaceflight activities between Russia and the European Space Agency have set the stage for even closer cooperation. (2004-03-23)

UCSF/Baylor team uses new method to measure bone loss in astronauts flying long mission
A team of NASA-funded researchers from UCSF and Baylor College of Medicine has used a new method to measure and characterize bone loss caused by prolonged spaceflight. (2004-03-08)

Space: ESA and EU sign cooperation agreement
On the heels of the launch of the White Paper on Space, European space policy took another leap forward as ESA and the EC successfully completed negotiations on a new Framework Agreement, signed today in Brussels. (2003-11-26)

Next ISS flight named DELTA
The Dutch Ministers of Economical Affairs and of Education, Culture and Science have announced the mission name of the next Soyuz flight to the International Space Station, which has Dutch ESA astronaut André Kuipers serving as flight engineer. This mission has been christened 'DELTA'. (2003-11-06)

Cervantes mission concludes with Soyuz TMA-2 landing
ESA astronaut Pedro Duque from Spain landed in the command module of the Soyuz TMA-2 spacecraft near the town of Arkalyk in Kazakhstan at 08:40 local time, 03:40 Central European Time (CET), this morning, thus concluding the successful 10-day Cervantes mission to the International Space Station (ISS). (2003-10-28)

ESA astronaut flies Cervantes mission to ISS
The Cervantes mission, with European Space Agency astronaut Pedro Duque, and the ISS Expedition 8 crew lifted off today in Soyuz TMA-3 on flight 7S to the International Space Station. The launch took place from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 11.38 local time (07.38 Central European Summer Time). (2003-10-18)

Return to space for Spanish ESA astronaut
On 18 October the Soyuz TMA-3 spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 11:37 local time, 07:37 CEST, will be carrying the European Space Agency astronaut Pedro Duque to the International Space Station (ISS) on Soyuz flight 7S, accompanied by the two members of ISS Expedition 8 crew. (2003-10-16)

Euro from Space - a unique ESA initiative to support the ISS Education Programme
Starting on Monday 20 October donations will be accepted to bid for three very special sets of euro banknotes and 15 national sets of euro coins: all were flown on board the International Space Station (ISS) during the Belgian Soyuz mission Odissea in October 2002. (2003-10-09)

NASA completes Orbital Space Plane design review
NASA's Orbital Space Plane (OSP) program is one step closer to becoming the nation's next space vehicle with the successful completion of its Systems Requirements Review. The review evaluated the vehicle's concept design for providing crew rescue and transfer for the International Space Station. In addition, the review set Level 2 requirements, guidelines that further narrow the scope and add a level of detail to the system design. (2003-09-29)

Scientific equipment including the first European student experiment reaches the ISS
Preparations for the Spanish Soyuz mission on the International Space Station (ISS) in October took another step forward with the successful docking of an unmanned Progress spacecraft with the International Space Station on 31 August at 05:41 Central European Time. (2003-09-09)

SUCCESS 2002 Student Contest award ceremony
Today, at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, the outcome of the SUCCESS 2002 Student Contest was announced to contestants eagerly waiting to see if their proposed experiment had won a prize in this competition organised every two years by the European Space Agency (ESA). (2003-08-29)

Close encounters with Mars
On 27 August 2003, Mars is less than 56 million kilometres away - approaching closer to our planet than it has done in over 60 000 years. (2003-08-25)

25 years of human spaceflight in Europe
2003 is a year for Europe to commemorate a number of 'firsts' in human spaceflight. 25 years ago Europe made its entry into human spaceflight history when the Czechoslovakian cosmonaut Vladimir Remek took part in a first mission under the Interkosmos cooperation programme between the Soviet Union and other partner countries. (2003-08-25)

ESA fund to give students hands-on experience of International Space Station and space
28 August will be an important day for ESA: not only will the SMART-1 spacecraft be launched into space heading for the Moon, but a launch of a different kind will take place at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne. Leading figures from industry, government, science and education across Europe, representatives of international organisations and European astronauts will be pledging their support and opening the new ISS Education Fund to external participation. (2003-08-06)

Busy weeks ahead for high-flying students
From 16 to 31 July, 32 international student teams of researchers will gather in Bordeaux, France, to fly their experiments in zero-gravity on board a specially adapted Airbus A-300. (2003-07-16)

European Node officially handed to NASA
Six years of hard work came to fruition when ESA formally transferred ownership of Node 2 to NASA on 18 June 2003. This took place in the Space Station Processing Facility of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. (2003-06-26)

Successful design review: ATV gets go-ahead
In early June 2003, the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) programme reached a milestone in successfully passing the Critical Design Review (CDR) during which some 140 international space experts expressed their full confidence in the design of the vehicle after analysing 55,000 pages of technical documentation. (2003-06-17)

Future astronaut diagnostics for the ISS brings advances in technology for telemedicine
On Thursday 5 December 2002 an ESA-coordinated demonstration in medical telediagnostics was carried out on board the French hospital ship Sirocco. (2002-12-06)

Gender issues related to spaceflight: A NASA perspective
Study from the November Edition of the Journal of Applied Physiology explores gender differences in space. (2001-11-30)

Simple control strategy derived for solar-sail spacecraft
This year's anticipated launch of the Planetary Society's (2001-04-01)

UC Davis science newstips Feb 01
Science, Engineering and Technology News Tips University of California, Davis
* Microbiologists plumb the depths
* Gravitational biologists explore effects of life in space
* 'Junk' DNA in the human genome
* Media source: Wind power
* Media source: Computer security and viruses (2001-02-12)

Mars launch in 2014 would offer safety option for astronauts
The best opportunity in the near future to launch the first human mission to Mars will come in 2014 because an alignment of planetary bodies that year provides an ideal escape route back to Earth, in case of an Apollo 13 type of accident. (2000-08-02)

Space plays havoc with your immune system
The stress of spaceflight weakens astronauts' immunity and increases the risk of passing infections to one another. A study by NASA found that levels of Epstein-Barr virus in saliva increased dramatically while astronauts were in space, compared to before or after space missions. (1999-06-09)

NASA Is Spending Half A Million Dollars On Bizarre Antigravity Research
NASA has just awarded half a million dollars to a company to build an antigravity device that could enable rockets to launch into orbit with just a gentle push. NASA hopes to duplicate the controversial experiments of a Russian scientist who claims to have invented a device that blocks the force of gravity. (1999-02-03)

Muscle Growth May Be Limited In The Elderly, New Research Suggests
Older people who begin to exercise following a period of inactivity may find that their muscle development isn't what it used to be. An Ohio University study suggests that aging-related muscle changes may limit the elderly to same amount of muscle growth as that of young people who don't exercise (1997-06-02)

Miniature Ecosystems Return From Space Station MIR
The Autonomouis Biological Systems arrival marks the beginning of the final phase of a four month experiment in which the aquatic miniworlds orbited the planet aboard MIR. They now undergo comprehensive tests of the effects of prolonged space flight onthe plants, animals and microbes in the ecosystems. (1997-01-22)

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